Sunday, 12 October 2008

Clip Art Card

The challenge on Arty Girlz this week was to use clip art on a card, I have never used clip art before, thought of it as cheating a bit somehow - I know, I can be irrational sometimes. I downloaded this image of turtles and found the perfect sentiment in an inkadinkadoo dollar stamp to set it off. I shadowed around the turtles a little, and added a little shading to the shells, otherwise what you see is a printed image. It's a very simple straightforward little card, but hey, sometimes simple is best!

Sunday is my day to 'phone home' and I always look forward to hearing my kids voices and the news. My daughter in law Annabel made me smile - I sent Kiki a postcard of a little girl sitting on a deckchair on the beach saying "Miss You". Well, the postcard arrived and led to a looong discussion with my little granddaughter peering at the photo "Where are her Mummy and Daddy, is she there all alone?................." "Why is she wearing those glasses, do her eyes hurt?"................."Is she happy mummy?'.............................. "Has she got a dog mummy?"

She now has her photo of her new best friend, the happy little girl with no mummy and daddy or a dog, by her bed. Bless her.


  1. OH Enfys! I love this stamp. The colors are wonderful. The sentiment is super cute. Love everything about it. You are such great inspiration to me. TFS...Hugs, Sonia

  2. Awww, bless her cotton socks!!! lol ;o)

    Great tortoises, En! :o)

    Chris xx

  3. Cute card and love the turtle clip art....did make me smile the story about your are so logical and my grandson Brodie comes out with the strangest questions....but if you don't ask you don't learn

  4. this is adorable and you would never know it was clipart!

  5. Love the card, I love turtles and this if sooo cute

  6. Great card thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.


  7. Followed the link from artgirlz clipart challenge message - wow love your cards - had a nosey at not just this one. Brilliant stuff. Am adding you to my favourites.

    Ann xxx

  8. This turtle card is too cute and I love the colors that you used. The sentiment is perfect for this clipart. I love your cards.

  9. The turtles are absolutely adorable!! This card is too cute!

  10. Oh I love this card Enfys

    Such a cute image!!

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge

    Julie x

  11. love the turtles. these are just darling. thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the story about Kiki's worry - teared up my eyes that she was so concerned!!! What a sweetheart!

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