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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Life never goes according to plan......

Here's a couple of cards made with a simple little snowflake punch - the wreath snowflakes were punched out of navy glitter card, white glitter and silver mirri card, so it's really glittery and pretty in real life.....

and this second one used some stuff I found by Woodware that puffs up when heated - I've tried other brands and they all turn a bit yellow, but this stayed white

We went to a lovely Christening service in a small Worcestershire village, I was so taken with the floral arrangements I had to take photos to show you......

and the reason for the title of this post? Unfortunately our daughter in law's dad has been very ill, and we had to do a totally unplanned dash down to Surrey last week to help out with the children. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem at all, but at the back of my mind was the knowledge that we had invited thirty or so friends round for a Sunday lunchtime housewarming party. Gulp. But all things can be overcome, I did a bit of cooking down there while the boys were at school, and we drove back late on Friday with the car full of food! It all went well, and the food that I cheated with and mixed in with the homemade stuff was fine. So now the party debris is all cleared away, and I am trying to keep on top of things in case we have to help out again. 

A marathon wrapping session is on the cards for today. A job I rather dislike - I get into the swing of it, lose the scissors about twenty times, the pen on hand to write the labels gets buried somewhere, the tape runs out at regular intervals, and why did I think six rolls of wrapping paper would be enough......The first few parcels look quite fancy, with elaborate bows and sprigs of berries artfully tucked into the bows. The last ones look as if they have been wrapped by a three year old - do you think newspaper could become the new wrapping fashion, I do hope so..........


  1. I love reading your posts.
    Does sound like you have been rather a busy girl.
    Time spent with the Grandbabies is time well spent.
    I do hope your DIL father is doing well.
    The cards look great!!!

  2. The cards are really pretty! I especially love the first one with all the sparkle and shine. Hope your in-law is feeling better soon. Enjoy the wrapping marathon. I have yet to begin that phase but will be doing it this weekend, along with the tree. Busy, happy, Christmastime!

  3. I have missed your posts, I am sorry to hear about your DILs father being
    ill. Love the beautiful snowflake cards. You amaze me with your ingenuity,cooking while you were babysitting your grandchildren! Sending you wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

  4. Oh it does sound like you are keeping busy ... perhaps too busy? These two cards are lovely, and something quick for those last minute Christmas cards (like I am still making). Each year I promise myself I will get things done ahead of time, but as you said, unexpected life events have a way of hitting you at the wrong time (is there ever a good time for an emergency?). I hope your DIL's Father is doing better. I know she must be very concerned for him. It's always difficult to deal with an illness of someone you love, but somehow, it seems doubly difficult during the holidays. Sending positive thoughts and my best to all of you. HUGZ xx

  5. Pretty cards. I have always loved snowflakes...
    I see what you mean about the floral arrangement. It's amazing.
    Bad things and difficulties always happen together, don't they? Fingers crossed.

  6. I agree, the flower arrangements are lovely, wish I had a talent like that. Sigh!!!

  7. Lovely snowflake cards Enfys and the floral arrangements are amazing. I hope your DIL's father improve soon. Pat x

  8. Lovely card, and those flower arrangements are gorgeous! They made me think of my aunt Sue. She belonged to our local garden club, as I was growing up. She was so very talented with arranging flowers. I'm not half bad at it either. But I give all the credit to my dear aunt. She was a great teacher. Wow, you had a wild week! I hope the illness is passing. I'll say a prayer. Hugs, Jess

  9. Pretty cards Enfys and lovely photos of the flower arrangements.
    Hope things improve for your DILs father.
    I think news paper would make a perfect wrapping - add a bit of glitter and who would know LOL
    Toni xx

  10. Your cards are darling! As for helping out family? Well, that's what we do, and they are blessed to have it -- hope all is well with her father, and that you recover quickly!

  11. Love your snowflake wreath - might have to borrow this idea for next year because it looks flat enough that it would only need normal postage and not require that I rob a bank.

    The flower arrangements are gorgeous. My friend in England belongs to a flower club so I have had the pleasure of seeing beautiful arrangements over the years and have wished that they did clubs here in Canada. I am sure there are some but none near me.

    You wrap presents like I do with gorgeous ones at the start and not so hot ones as time goes on. I managed to do much better this year but only because I cut way back on gift buying.

    Your kids are fortunate that you are close enough to help out with the kids and I am sure they appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.



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Enfys x