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Friday, 27 November 2015

Happy Black Friday!

This post was supposed to go out yesterday, to wish all my friends in the USA a very happy Thanksgiving, but for some reason MR Blogger decided to play games and it vanished. So belated turkey day wishes to you all

And a few Autumn makes made with the Fiskars intricate shape leaf punch - I punched the leaves in white then used distress inks to add the Autumn hues

I feel a great sense of longing to be in the USA today - how I loved Black Friday. I made lists, got up at the crack of dawn, and battled the crowds to do my Christmas shopping. I once bought a large cardboard box without knowing what was inside it! Two women were practically fighting over a box, when I spotted another one lying on the floor underneath a 'door buster sign', so I picked it up and paid (about $20) without knowing what was in the box. I figured if it was worth fighting over, it must be worth 20 bucks. Incidentally, inside was a saute pan reduced from $90. Did I need it? No. Was I delighted with it? Yes! Such is the madness power of the Black Friday sales frenzy....it has hit the shores of the UK now, and lots of stores have Black Friday sales, but having experienced the real thing, it just isn't the same, and I won't be turning out of my warm bed early today....but for those of you that do, happy hunting, and if you see a forlorn cardboard box on the floor, buy it, it may be your biggest bargain ever!


  1. A wonderful set Enfys. Black Friday is not for me :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. (Sorry about the deletion of the above post, but it was way too long .. following is an edited version.)

      I love those leaves ... they are gorgeous and you've colored them beautifully, each one is uniquely different (just like the way Mother Nature colors them)! Thank you for thinking of us in the US with your Thanksgiving wishes ... that is so sweet of you. You're right, Black Friday deals can be amazing, but the shopping can get mighty crazy too. This year there has been a full week of Black Friday madness ... starting last Monday and continuing on through this coming Sunday (assuming the treasures you are after are still available). Then, if memory serves me correct, the following Monday will be a Cyber Monday, or maybe it's Blue Monday, with Pink Friday to follow, or something like that. Anyway, there will be more online specials sales coming.. I'm glad the Black Friday sales events are now taking place in the UK too, even if they are on a smaller scale.. If they are successful, then I'm sure you can count on each following year to be bigger and better!

      Have a great week! Hugz xx

  3. I have never been out for the big day. Best bargain I ever got... Four years ago, my youngest grandson was born on black friday! Our thanksgiving was fabulous. Too much food and my sons were both here! Happy happy me! Love that leaf punch, I love punches. Hugs Jess

  4. Such beautiful leafy makes Enfys.
    The nearest I got to "Black Friday" today was trying to get through the queue of traffic surrounding the roundabout heading for the retail park - I was heading in the opposite direction to spend a lovely day with my friend and treating ourselves to a bit of crafting retail therapy - no crushing crowds or fights, just pleasant browsing.
    Toni xx

  5. I love the leaf designs! My 12yr.old son thought Black Friday was a holiday! Maybe for some people, who enjoy the hustle and craziness of the sales. I have been shopping online and it's been great!
    I bought a Circut cartridge for under $20! It's a hard to find one, Teddy Bear Parade! It's a pretty day here for shopping, but I am staying home.

  6. Beautiful leaves! Love the colors. I wish we were still in the fall colors, but snow has fallen three times already! I am fortunate that I live where it doesn't last long, even though I LOVE snow :o) Black Friday? I can barely stand the normal rude shoppers, let alone Black Friday...


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x