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Wednesday 20 May 2015

Neon markers winner......

Just sharing with you a project I made for the Fiskarettes board on Facebook, and I am so happy with the way it turned out............

I punched the butterflies out of some scrap papers that were lying around, and I used those little wooden clothes pegs that you find in craft shops for the centers. This one may actually find it's way onto a wall I am so happy with it! 

The winner of the Neon markers is:


Congratulation Mags, email me with your address and they will be on their way to you

Two very special little boys have a birthday this week, Milo was six on Monday - here he is getting ready to morph into Captain America......

and Max (the photos I took of him were too blurry to post) is eight today.
Happy birthday my darlings!

So what did I achieve yesterday? Well we did a few little jobs around the house, then spent about two hours filling in forms for the solicitor (lawyer) dealing with our house sale and purchase. Some of the questions on a form about the sale of this house were hilarious. Will we be leaving light bulbs? Trees? Kitchen units?
I suppose that people COULD take these things unless it was written and signed - can you imagine opening of the door to a new house and seeing that the beautiful kitchen you had fallen in love with had gone, looking out of the window and seeing instead of lushly planted trees and shrubs in the garden a patch of bare earth..............has anyone had any house moving disasters?
So after the form filling was finally done, I sat down to 'put my feet up for just a minute before I move into crafting mode'..................four hours later, I woke up!

See you tomorrow x


  1. There's nothing better than a long, restful nap!! Your butterflies are beautiful. Also, congrats to Mags on her win. I'm sure she'll enjoy those markers.

  2. Congrats to Mags.
    Love your butterflies.
    Your grandson looks really happy there - great photo!

  3. When we moved into this house, the previous occupants had taken every single light bulb with them - we discovered this at 3pm on a December afternoon. Thank goodness there's a corner shop nearby, we must have bought up their entire stock!

  4. Love the butterflies! We had a similar experience to Jane many years ago, luckily the previous owners had forgotten to take the light bulb from the garage so we had one at least until friends could take me out in the snow to buy more. Reason? Hubby in plaster with broken ankle sustained a couple of days before the move and I couldn't drive at that point. Soon learned though and also banned badminton in the runup to future moves :-)


    Di xx

  5. Gorgeous project Enfys. Great use of the clothes pegs. I am also delighted to be the winner of the markers, will get an email to you now.
    I agree that they do ask some silly questions when house selling.

  6. Hope the boys enjoy their birthdays - don't they grow up quickly? Love the butterflies, they'll look great in your new home. Pat x

  7. I had no disasters but funny you mentioned the trees. I REALLY wanted to dig up some of my beloved perennials in my garden before I moved, but my husband said we'd probably get in trouble since we didn't mention it in the contract!!

  8. I love your butterflies, what a great piece for your walls of your new home! Congrats to Mags and Happy Birthday to Max and Milo!

    I worked for years as a consultant for a relocation company. Our customers would transfer employees and we were responsible for selling their homes. Let me tell you I saw it all! We had people remove everything from the house. I'm talking sinks, toliets, bath tubs and so on. All that was left was the shell of the home and I'm talking very expensive homes. It is amazing what people do! So be grateful your attorney is watching out for you with your new home! Best of luck!

  9. Stunning project Enfys! Deserves a place on the wall of your new house for sure. Happy Birthday to the boys!! I remember moving into this house 11 years ago and not a light bulb in sight but they did leave the ugly lamp shades! You really must have needed that nap, luckily you didn't fall asleep in the attic lol.

  10. Congrats to Mags. A snooze in the afternoon is very civilized. Hugz

  11. Awesome project! It can hang on my wall anytime... Happy Birthday to the boys, and take another nap (you obviously needed it)

  12. Congrats to Mags. Happy Birthday boys, we have a lot of birthdays this week - including Kenny's, he was 3 on Sunday.
    Yes we once bought a house where the old batty lady took all the light bulbs and any fittings she could. The only thing left was a beautiful beaded Victorian lampshade because the melamine? light fitting was ceased solid and she or her helpers obviously couldn't get it down!

  13. Lovely butterfly creation Enfys.
    The folk we bought this house from took the light fittings and just put up some bulb holders that they must have had in a cupboard because they were filthy and broken - not a bulb in site. There were also bare wires where they had removed the wall lights in the lounge. We did inform the buyers of our last house that we would be taking the large ornamental shrubs that we had only recently planted - they had told us that they were not gardeners and didn't really want anything other than a lawn so they were quite happy for us to take what they were only going to trash anyways.
    Sounds like you needed that nap.
    Toni xx


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