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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Vienna...a waltz around the market.....

Home again - and as usual I carried my camera around with me snapping away at whatever took my fancy - which often involved food, so if you are hungry, look away now......

I seem to have a fascination for imposing doors......

 and door handles! I know, a bit odd....

but I do love fairy tale churches that look as though they have been spun from sugar....

in the markets, I adored the stalls that had ornaments of just one colour, this dazzling display of silvery white looked stunning.....

then there was all the patisserie's - delectable....

I loved the bold lanterns hanging from the bare trees...

in one store they had an area set up where children, wearing little bakers aprons and hats, were busy making their own Christmas cookies.....

but the master baker was on hand to show them how it was done....

The Danube river was a bit of a letdown. It is very prone to flooding so it has been shored up on all sides with concrete, taking away a bit of the romance - 

Here I am standing by what we thought was the Blue Danube, but turned out to be a man-made storm drain! 

Seeing inside the world famous opera house was impossible if you didn't have tickets for a performance. We briefly flirted with the idea of maybe selling our grandchildren or taking out a mortgage to pay for a ticket, but that wasn't going to work, so we just walked all around the building, gazing at the very splendid chandeliers glittering inside

If any of you make gingerbread at Christmas, just look at this display - all freshly baked.....

and the icing decoration was an art form.....

and if you ever wondered where pretzels originated......

and finally, each of these ornaments was handmade- or so he said!

So I hope you've enjoyed a little jaunt around the streets of Vienna with me this morning.

See you tomorrow x


  1. wowEn...I am so jealous.....what a wonderfu place. One where I have always wanted to see.

    what did you buy? PLs send an email !!!! XXX

  2. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  3. Oh.....That must have been such fun!!
    Everything looks beautiful and those cookies and ornaments are something else.
    You must have has lots of fun!!
    Thanks for sharing a great day.

  4. Oh Enfys......your stroll was breath taking!!! and oh so funny us, americans (or at least I) would have believed you if you said it was the Blue Danube....lol......it would have been nice if they would at least let you walk inside the opera house..for just a small down pymt of just sitting with Milo for a half hour, would be fair..lol.....and the PASTRIES oh how delicious.......thank you for sharing a small part of your time with us.....I luv'd it!!

  5. Wonderful photos Enfys. The stalls in the market look fabulous. A friend sent me a Jacqui Lawson e-advent calendar which is a market scene and as each day arrives another stall opens showing all the delightful items - nearest I'm likely to get to your super trip LOL.
    Toni xx

  6. Thanks for the little jaunt, looks fabulous. Love Jane x


  7. What fun! I'd love to go there, too! I'm sure it really puts you in the Christmas mood. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  8. Wonderful ohotos Enfys. I've never been to Vienna but I guess this is the best time of year to visit. The markets look absolutely fabulous. Pat x

  9. Oh my! What wonderful things to see. Now I have to add Vienna to my bucket list. Thanks for that. Lol The cathedral is breathtaking! Our written history (as you know) only goes back to the 1700's. But Europe has buildings and written history much older. I really am in awe of the ancient history of places like Vienna. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of it. Hugs, Jess

  10. Love the beautiful photos Enfys! I would love to see Vienna someday. I am a huge fan of The Sound of Music. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  11. Thank you for sharing Enfys! It's probably the closest I'll ever get to Vienna. Your pictures are amazing, so much charm and love the history. Thank you!

  12. the pictures are absolutely beautiful. ..you have captured them as well as a professional could....keep up the great work both with the camera and your handcrafted talent......I miss you and your humor so much.......I truly hope you have wonderful and happy holiday season.......thank you for sharing.

  13. Enjoying a Christmas Market in Austria or Germany is on my Bucket List. Thank you for the tour!

  14. I love the German and Austrian Christmas Markets. We did a Rhine River Christmas cruise this year and loved it. We did Vienna a few years ago and I loved looking at your photos and revisiting it. Thank you.

  15. Oooh what a lovely finsh to your wonderful blog and photos thank you for sharing your time away with your fellow bloggers x

  16. Oh Enfys, thanx for all the lovely photos ... they make me feel dreamy and wishing I was there to experience it all too. Love the chapels ... the buildngs are amazing. And, WOW, the details on those gingerbread cookies is really something special. I cannot begin to imagine the time and patience it would take to make them ... no wonder they are so pricey. But my favorite pic of all is the one of you standing by the man-made storm drain. You look fabulous!

  17. Love the photos. The architecture is amazing...and so is the icing. You don't get that in Asda.

  18. Wow that is some beautiful eye candy! Those gingerbread cookies were awesome. How could you eat that art work.

  19. Oh how gorgeous. I've never wanted to go but you have changed my mind. Love all the edibles. Hugz

  20. Thanks for that little trip. Very beautiful!

  21. Beautiful photos, Enfys. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x