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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Baubles and Beads.....

 At last I've found a use for some strips of beading that I bought on clearance in Michaels for a few cents.......

I used a Memory Box ornament die, some Christmas script papers bought years ago and some metal sheets....

So I feel quite virtuous, using up bits and pieces from my overstuffed drawers - the downside is that the copper sheet really is metal, and the edges are quite sharp, so I have options:

1. Enclose a pack of plasters (band aids) with the card, ready to mop up the blood from the cut they get when they open the envelope - I could gift wrap them

2. Send it to someone I don't like very much - no, that is mean, and I don't send cards to people I don't like (but I suppose I could make an exception, I could send it to a politician with warm wishes and hope for the best...)

3. Send it to someone in my family with a large 'keep this away from the children' sticker on the front

4. Perfect solution, send it to Mike, it would look very pretty in our sitting room. The downside of that is that we NEVER send each other Christmas cards, I've tried, and he always looks really puzzled and says 'but I am seeing you on Christmas day, you can wish me Merry Christmas then...

Ah well, I have almost three months to think about it. See you tomorrow x


  1. Enfys,
    I need to order a couple of these for the political stupid law makers in this country. I really don't think I could order enough to take care of them all. What a hot mess.. Love the card and it is really pretty.

  2. Beautiful card Enfys and well done you on using up some stash.

    Toni xx

  3. Ohhhhhhh ... I do like this pretty card. I adore the jewels (I am a blingy kinda girl), and they give the card a very festive look. I actually have some tree ornaments that look very similar.

    I understand about the copper metal, that does present a bit of a dilemma, doesn't it? (I've often wondered about those that use bits of cut up soda cans as embellishments, as they must have very sharp edges too.) Here's an idea ... you could send the card to me since I have no small children in my home and already know to handle with care! *wink* Of course, sending it to a politician sounds like a grand idea too ... especially one of our US politicians (they can't seem to get anything right these days). *sigh*

  4. Wow, the baubles look fantastic even though they do need a Government Health Warning! Fab card as always Enfys. Pat x

  5. It's gorgeous! Frame it and use it for a decoration.

  6. Very pretty!! Very funny quandry!

  7. Whatever you do with it, it is a gorgeous card. TFS!

  8. gorgeous!!

    You could put it in a frame and gift it instead of giving it as a card. That way the sharp edges would be behind glass.If not, you could send it to me and I would happily display it on a high shelf and "handle with care" though I do like the idea of sending it to a politician. lol

  9. A lovely card Enfys. The baubles look great and well done on using up some stash too.

  10. Amazing card Enfys! The script at the back is beautiful too.Great post to read. Ruby x

  11. gorgeous Card!!! luv the response from Mike!!


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Enfys x