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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


It was a typical Autumn day here in the UK - rain, rain and more rain. My desk seemed a cozy place to be, so I now have some magazine cards safely done and dusted, and when I was clearing up, look what I found - some more of those pesky leaves. I didn't know I'd made so many, and I'm a bit bored with them now, and you probably are too, but after all that cutting and inking and glazing, I am not about to waste them..... 

But look what I found, this coppery fern paper was in a set of ten papers on clearance in Target, way back. I paid 20 cents for the pack, and when I opened it, there was this lovely coppery paper - the type of paper you want to stroke, not use. But after all this time, it seemed perfect for my leaves, and you can't hang on to stuff forever (where would we put all the new stuff?...) You will be glad to hear that I have had a tidy up session, and there are no more leaves, pretty or otherwise, lurking around the crafty cupboard..

It's been quiet here in my little corner of blogland this week, I am missing some of my regular pals who often pop over to comment, I hope everyone is okay. In the meantime, I'll keep burbling on to myself .........

See you tomorrow, with a Letraset giveaway, yes, I am getting inky again, well it beats getting wet!


  1. Hi Enfys! Life has been crazy for me lately but I didn't want you to feel lonely or like you were talking to yourself! I have that lovely coppery leafy paper - I got it years ago at Michael's and I think I'll pull it out and use it - thanks for reminding me that there is always more paper. I hope the weather brightens up for you soon.

  2. I still love the leaves, but I'm like you, when I make something, I don't want to be using it over and over. I think they are lovely though. Love that paper too. You sure got a great deal with that packet, this is beautiful.
    I'm starting to be better about not hoarding paper, but have started using some of my favorites, after all that is what I bought them for, right.

  3. I'm amazed that you found that pretty paper in Target. I rarely find any crafty stuff I care to buy there. Just goes to show - it always pays to look.

  4. So! you are 'leaving the leaves'!! Has been lovely to see them though

  5. Great card and love the Autumn colors. Rain and gray and nasty looking here plus cold....Great job and cannot wait to use the markers.

  6. Inky def. beats wet! Gorgeous paper and a very good use for it. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. GORGEOUS - great leaves and I love the embossed background :-) Lovely card Enfys :-D
    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Another beautiful card Enfys and that paper is fabulous.

    I thought the rain here yesterday was bad but we've had even more this morning - much heavier. I don't like wet Autumns - I much prefer bright, chilly, DRY ones.

    Toni xx

  9. What a beautiful card and I do love the paper! Not tired of the leaves either. Sorry about all the rain. I hope you have a lovely sunny day today.

  10. Good morning Enfys! I'm here and doing fine. I read your blog every day but just haven't commented lately. Your cards are always so awesome. Our fall weather has been so beautiful after the fog burns off. Fall was my husbands favorite time of the year - football time of course!
    Hugs, Mary Ann

  11. Loved the leaves, and the paper is perfect! See, those few last leaves were waiting for you to find that paper, so that they could get together. BethAnn M.

  12. Good Morning from the US,
    Thanks for all your inspiration. I love everything you do. We must have the same taste in paper - saved it too. Now I'll use it to make way for the new.
    Pat K

  13. I love the leaves Enfy's. Fall is my favorite season of the year and I love anything that has to do with it. I have been busy...so much going on this year. I actually started my Christmas cards the day before yesterday. I usually start in August, so I am really behind. I love all your cards and you know I find you to be my greatest inspiration...:)God bless. Smoochie

  14. I took this week as vacation. Had plans for fall break with the grandboys. Since they changed schools after my request was in and the week they were out was already taken by too many people I am just doing some work around the house, moving plants into the green house, fall cleaning, and yelling at the worker outside installing my utility dept.'s new sewer system in my neighborhood. Why is it men can't fix one thing without tearing up at least 5 more. I so needed the bright spot of reading your blog. TFS.

  15. Be happy that you are getting rain Enfys....we have had 3 days of SNOW! Yuck! Love your beautiful, leafy card & what a steal that gorgeous paper was!
    Hugs, Renee

  16. Hi Enfys this is soooooo pretty x

  17. This is lovely Enfys. The paper is so gorgeous and the perfect complement to your leaves.

  18. Such a beautiful Fall card! The paper is so pretty!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x