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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Where did they go?

Well I have no idea what Mr Blogger was up to - where did those sweet peas go? No idea - and as the photos are on my computer back in the UK, they will have to remain a mystery. I have to say that when we finally untangled what seemed like a hundred cords to hook this laptop up, remember passwords that have been long forgotten, that all your comments on the missing post were highly entertaining!

So here's one I made earlier - for Kanban, using one of their Urban Belles stamps. I cut a scallop rectangle using a Nellie Snellen die, and decided it was a shame to throw away the negative part, so I trimmed it into a frame, and matted it with some Kanban embossed cardstock. The top right corner looked a bit bare, so I punched a square, tore it in half, and tied it with string before popping it on with foam pads

Promarkers used:
Skin blush, soft peach and sunkissed pink
Hair Ivory, tan caramel and cocoa
Sweater tan and caramel
Jeans denim blue, pastel blue and cornflower

Well, we are here, safe and sound, more or less unpacked and quite a stress free journey - until the last little hop from Newark to Tampa. Mike and I were seated separately, I was in a middle seat, the occupants of the aisle and window seats obviously knew each other and were chatting animatedly when I got there. I asked if they would like me to move to aisle or window so that they could sit together, they looked at me as if I was mad, and continued their business meeting right across me - I swear that I could have presented a seminar on their product after thirty minutes of this. What to do? Complain to the cabin crew? Stuff their ipads down their throats? No, I pinned a bright, intelligent, alert look on my face, and when aisle man leaned over to compare some detail with window woman, I leaned forward too, turning my head to him with a bright interested intelligent smile.....when window woman responded, the megawatt attention was turned to her....after five minutes of me doing more head swiveling than a spectator at a tennis match, with my bright intelligent look still pasted to my face, they gave up - I think they were tired of leaning backwards and forwards to address each other, or they may have been a bit alarmed that they were sitting next to a madwoman. I felt wonderfully smug, but didn't dare drop off to sleep, I think the knives were out for me.........  


  1. Enfys,
    I finally got my card done for the April Challenge. I cannot wait to post it. Glad you and Mike are back in Fla. I need you to e-mail me your address. I love the card and the images are so great. I ordered 2 cd's from Polka Doodles and Nikky called me and we talked a little. I love the accent.
    E-Mail: davidbayles@sprintmail.com

  2. Glad you have arrived safely...and love your card.

  3. Glad you arrived safely. Your plane story made me laugh. Fab card.

  4. Hi enfy your plane story really made me laugh, could you picture it angxxx

  5. Fab card Enfys.

    Glad your journey was pretty straight forward - had to giggle about the 2 on the plane.

    Toni xx

  6. Enfys you're brilliant - how to deal with ignorant people eh? Colouring on your card is brilliant as usual. Hope you and Mike are having a great time. Pat x

  7. Maryellen WebberFriday, April 27, 2012

    I love today's card and was amused by your airplane story. How rude of those 2 for not letting you move your seat so they could continue their chat. Glad you and Mike made it safely to FL!

  8. Great airplane story, you really need to start thinking about a book, like Erma Bombeck. Love your card and glad you are safe and sound.

  9. Hi Enfys,love your card. I wish I could have seen you on the plane... I would have laughed. I don't know how to tell you this, but I found out what happened to your sweat peas. Go see your email.

  10. What a great way to use left over stash. Super card.

  11. Welcome back!! What a terrific card I always mean to keep the blanks but never do. Super airline story. Love to Mike. Joan

  12. Oh I have missed you! lol I don't think I could have pulled that off with a straight face! I probly would have said something I'd be sorry for later!
    Happy to hear you're settled in, for the most part. And waiting for the next coffee shop story! Love the card. TFS
    Hugs, Jess

  13. Glad you had a safe trip. I love stories about rude people being put in their place. Way to go! Your card is so cute.

  14. Glad your here safe. What a horrible position to be in for your flight, but I love the way you handled it ;- ) Great card too, BTW! Welcome back to the States!!!

  15. You crack me up every day! And as one who lived in the UK for many years as well as Tampa, I can so relate to your stories!


  16. I wouldn't have wanted to throw away that frame either. So pretty. Love the image too. Your airline story was too funny. What ever happened to polite society? I love the way you handled it though. So funny!

  17. Your card is beautiful! Love that image too and how you made her come to life. Glad you made it back to the states safely.

  18. Don't ya just wonder sometimes....
    about Blogger and what it's doing?
    about people and what they are thinking?
    about those sweet peas?
    about what story you will have to tell us next?
    I know I do!!!
    Glad you have arrived safe and sound.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x