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Monday 19 March 2012

Eggs Anyone?

Happy Monday everyone. I am down in London, doing a spot of family catching-up. One of the things I have brought down with me is an egg box. I looked at this tray, and thought 'hmmmm' and instead of throwing it away....

I painted it with cream acrylic paint, just the outside, then added a bit of old paper distress ink to the edges............

Then started to build a little scene. I used the fence from My Community, Clouds and chick from Create a Critter, and grass from Zooballoo. The little vines were from Zooballoo as well, and I added some tiny paper flowers

I filled it with those Kinder eggs that have a little toy inside, this one is for Kiki and Monty to share, so they will be able to have an egg each day during Easter - I have taken a few 'spares' with me as well in case they have friends visiting, or just fancy a chocolate fest if Mummy allows

Someone remarked that I don't seem to have met any crazy people lately, and it's true, my jaunts out into the big wide world outside the crafty cupboard have been quite boring. Some things continue to be a constant source of irritation/amusement though - 

The look on men's faces when their women say 'I just want to pop in here' outside a clothes shop.......

People who stand squarely in the middle of an aisle in the supermarket with a large trolley (shopping cart), gossiping with friends who they haven't met for years who have an equally large trolley. Together they manage to block off the entire aisle and they look at you in irritation when you mutter 'excuse me' and try to reach the teabags on the shelf behind them. One of these days, my trolley is going to turn into a battering ram....

Why is it that when I am parked on the top floor of a car park, and have the lift (elevator) blissfully to myself, all set to sail straight up to the top level, someone always jumps in just as the doors are closing, followed by other people who then press the buttons to stop on every floor. The same people press the button for floor one, take their trolley and look vaguely around and say 'oh I don't think this is our floor' and get back in again, pressing a few more buttons. Happens every time

These same people, who know that they have to put their ticket into a machine and pay before they can leave, stand at the ticket machine with a huge queue behind them, searching  through all their pockets and bags for the missing ticket. It is eventually located in a little zippy pocket in their purse, and we all have to wait while they find change for the machine, usually counted out in very small denomination coins. 'I'm two pence short dear, have you got two pennies...' 

They are of course the same people in front of you in a queue at the coffee shop, the ones who chat gaily to each other while the people in front are served, then when it is their turn, say 'oh, I don't know wait a minute' in a startled way to the server, taking about five minutes to look at the menu and discuss the merits of a skinny latte over a mocha with an extra shot......

Sometimes it's better just to stay at home!

See you tomorrow


  1. MY GOODNESS!! Your posts just make me want to go off!! First of all...your egg crate creation is just over the top!! I always want to be that person..that knows what to do with it..but just can't muster up the creativity!! Koodos to you!!

    As far as the looks on men's faces when their wives want to stop for a minute...I've learned long ago to go by myself when I "really" want to shop!! I'm sorry, I have to confess that I feel the same way when he wants to "just look" at the electronic gadgets in a store!! Men and women should just shop separately no matter what!!!

    Your grocery store comments...I agree...enough said!!

    The parking garage story...I'm just not even going to tackle that!! You make my day!!!

    Thanks Enfys,

  2. Love the little scene you created on the box.

  3. Fabulous box Enfys - such a clever idea! Are you sure you don't shop in exactly the same places as I do? Nope, thought not, it's probably going on Worldwide :) Di xx

  4. The box is lovely Enfys.

    Toni xx

  5. yep can understand all youve said irritating and annoying i hate it ..shopping is not a chore i like
    there is no curtesy or manners ..but yep i fight the urge to shout *shift will yer* but im far to polite..and as patty said i prefer to shop on my own..as my argument with the other half is try looking for a bra...when theres millions on view then you need the size..and have to ferrett through..tons of sizes..to find one that fits...and the car park..dont even get me started on that one lol!!!! have a great day it was a great read with my morning coffee..the egg box is just fabby and clever hugs sassyx

  6. omgosh en that is just completely fabulous hun!! what an awesome idea!! i wonder if I can find an agg box to make mo one...will have to go visit my mum!!! : she always has stuff like that!!
    huge hugs Lou xxxxx

  7. That egg box creation is something else! What a fab way to gift Kinder eggs. Your comments on 'life' are all too true & the way you write always brightens my day. A great start to a Monday morning! have a good week. Pat x

  8. Thanks for making my morning so enjoyable. Yours is the first I read each day and it always seems to make me smile or laugh out loud. Oh..and I do like the egg box, great idea.

  9. The egg crate is awesome! And although I love to visit to see all your great creations I love to hear you tell a story and these were fantastic,

    The lift crowded wirh people who have to stop at every floor...that is universal, yesterday while traveling from NC to PA i was behind an idiot at the toll booth. 75 cent toll and you needed exact change and he was tossing in pennies and dimes. Took FOREVER

  10. I really like what you've made here Enfys, and want to have a go but I don't know where to get acrylic paint from and whether I'd be buying the right thing. Where do you get yours from?

  11. I love what you have done with the egg box Enfys. What a great idea for a perfect Easter gift.
    Clare x

  12. Hi Enfys, love the egg carton idea. I've never seen one that holds 9 eggs!!! Here in Canada they come in 12 or sometimes 6. Kiki and company have the best Mooma! I love to see my husbands face when I go into a scrapstore... his eyes bugg out of his head! Have a great day.

  13. What an adorable little egg carton! Great idea for the little ones. I'llhave to remember that for when my little ones get older. I had to laught at your stories about people blocking the aisle in the groceries. My Don hates Walmart for just that reason. He'll go almost any where else to avoid it. He does the grocery shopping, and he always come out angry! He's getting better, but oh my! Hope you're enjoying your time with the kiddies. Hugs Jess

  14. Maryellen WebberMonday, March 19, 2012

    I love the pretty scene you created for the egg carton! Great
    job! I love your funny stories,
    thanks for making me smile!

  15. So very true. People are not very thoughtful these days.

  16. I'm sorry, forgot to mention the egg carton. Love that, so original and really cute.

  17. Oh I really love that egg carton. I like that you have a big flat surface to use. It would be great for die cuts. I love how you used you're. It really turned out great.
    Love the stories.
    I am with Patty I don't take my hubby shopping.
    The rest of the stories.. Well now every time they are happening around me, I am going to laugh and think of you writing about these silly people and think look what I would have missed if I stayed at home. LOL

  18. What a clever idea for the egg box. I love men and refrigerators, before the door opens they ask where is the jelly, I can't find it. And spoiled food! Did I know I have a green pepper in the veggie drawer? What am I going to do with it? THROW IT OUT, IT IS BROWN! Does he really think I am going to make something with it? Would it ever occur to him to remove it? And the best for last, I don't know why you buy this if you are just going to throw it away. I PUT IT ON MY GROCERY LIST FOR JUST THAT PURPOSE, 1 GREEN PEPPER FOR TRASH.

  19. Love the egg box creation and I am sure it will be a hit with the kids. As for your annoyances they are all so spot on.
    Kim xXx

  20. Very clever - and I LOVE Kinder Eggs. I lived in the UK for 7 years and my now husband wooed me with Kinder Eggs every week. Our colleagues thought we were barking mad - me, a 37-yr old (then) having an entire row of little Kinder Egg trinkets all lined up on my computer terminal. I still get a lump in my thoat thinking back on those days so thank you for the crafty idea and for the Kinder Egg memory!

    (and I love your inclusion of "translations" - I've been back in the states for nearly ten years and still find myself speaking "English" with "trolley", "petrol", posting letters rather than mailing them, etc. - only my English husband and dual-culture daughter know what I am saying)


  21. What a clever thing to do to an egg carton. Wow, next thing you know some big company will market your idea and make trillions of dollars.

    I've experienced every incident you described especially the grocery aisle.

  22. Your egg box is fab, what a brilliant idea!! People can sometimes be so self obsessed they don't think how their actions irritate other people - it makes you want to scream!!!!!!! A good rant is soooo good xx

  23. Oh yeah, this made me smile so much. We definitely must shop in the same places!!
    Fab egg box too

  24. Love your egg box Enfy's. You did such a wonderful job with the creation of this. I used to save egg boxes to dry flowers in...I would have never thought to do something so cute with them...I may look at them differently from now on!!! God bless, Smoochie

  25. How original! Eggs come from the store in egg boxes not baskets. You dressed this with up for so much fun. I am all with you on the grocery store carts. Here in the US I hate those carts they have for kids that look like cars and such. They are huge in size and take up the whole isle themselves. Also As a medical lab tech who does microbiology I know that they are crawling in germs and pass thse little gems around to whatever kiddo that rides in them. I figure they wipe them down once a day but all it takes is one child with a runny nose or such and it is germ infested again.

  26. It is so nice to read your posts and smile so much my DH asks what I am reading....I love the egg crate also. Thanks so much for your daily posts. I look forward to them every night after work.

  27. What a cute and creative idea! I bet the kids just loved it!
    The people that annoy me the most are the ones that stand in line talking on the cell phone and don't pay attention when it's their turn. How rude can they be? Near where my friend lives in Ohio, most of the restaurants like Subway and such have signs that say "When you are finished with your cell phone call, we will assist you." and they enforce it. Wish they did that in my area.

  28. Fabulous, Enfys!

    I love re purposing items, especially when they bring out a giggle in all of us!


  29. What a fantastic box of eggs. Love the scene you have created.

  30. Your egg box is so cool. I wish our eggs (here in the states) came in a nine pack so that I could have a nice square box to work with. I guess I could cut an 18 count in half but then I wouldn't have nice sides on it, anyways...cute project. I bet the kiddos loved it. And I have to say I totally love your 'observations'. They make me laugh and nod my head in agreement. :)

  31. Love the idea. The idea's you come up with are fantastic! My creativity needs a big boost or something of the like....

  32. The egg crate is awesome! And although I love to visit to see all your great creations I love to hear you tell a story and these were fantastic, The lift crowded wirh people who have to stop at every floor...that is universal, yesterday while traveling from NC to PA i was behind an idiot at the toll booth. 75 cent toll and you needed exact change and he was tossing in pennies and dimes. Took FOREVER


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x