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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Here We Go....

A couple of cards to kick start the new year, both made with the same stamp by Kanban, but with a totally different look. I am a fan of stamps which don't need a lot of colouring (as well as those that take hours of course...) for those quick cards, and really you can't go wrong with this little cow. I just added a bit of grey shadowing here and there. 

A couple of newsy bits for you. As you know I have been on the team for Scrappy-go-Lucky for a couple of years now. Mandy, the owner has become a good friend, but she has decided to concentrate her business in Australia at the moment (a new studio and distribution center) and has discontinued the UK and USA stores at present, so sadly I will no longer be on the design team as such, although I will be popping over there on a regular basis to see what those talented Aussie girls are up to. They have started a weekly challenge on the blog, hop over there to see what it's all about, and of course, if you live in Australia, there is no better place to shop than SGL!

The good news is that Mandy, Diane (Capadia) and I are all meeting up in Frankfurt for a craft fair at the end of this month, so I will be able to bring you all the latest and greatest news and crafty gossip from there.

Secondly, Nikky Hall of Polkadoodles (always an ideas gal) has come up with the brilliant idea of a challenge blog for kids under 16. It's called Diddydoodles, and if your child or grandchild loves crafting with you, do get them to join in the fun - hop over and see what the children have done, amazing stuff.

New year resolutions? Yes, I seem to have made hundreds in the run up to new year, most of them I forgot about today until I realised I had broken most of them by midday (cue for a shoulder shrug, ah well, there's always next year.....) The trouble with resolutions is they are so boring aren't they? They always seem to involve less of what is bad for us, but we enjoy, and more of the stuff that takes gritted teeth to like even a little.

I do have one that involves more - more hair. Let me explain, I have had short hair since I was a teenager, every so often I have the urge to have hair that I can toss with a shake of my head, so I have been trying to grow out the layers. I fancy a choppy bob, I have a picture of just the right style, and in my saner moments, I look objectively at it, and see that the model concerned is rather young - I have tins in my pantry older than her. However, I have suffered it for about 6 months now and I am still fairly determined, although I have very thick hair and it seems to be taking on a life of it's own. One consolation, if they run out of soldiers in bearskin hats for the Olympics in July, I can dye my hair black, they would probably hire me...........

See you tomorrow with more news and stuff


  1. Happy New Year, Enfys!

    I, too, have been growing my hair out for a style I had in my younger years, but is still in style now. I've always worn my hair long so I can pull it up out of my face in a twist. I had it cut short a year ago and didn't like it much at all. Guess we stick with what we know! I don't want to fuss with it, like you I'd like it cut so I can shake it out and go. My problem is the gray doesn't work the way my blond did!

    Time for cards, I don't want to think about hair right now! he he he!

    Blessings for love, joy and happiness!

  2. Hi En

    I hope all is well with you.

    Loving your makes .. .. both are lovely but the pink version is my favourite.

    Good luck with your change of hair style. These things always seem to take a lifetime!!

    Wishing you a really happy 2012. I hope it is a good year for you.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Happy New Year's to you Enfys. Thanks for the smile to start the year off right...I'm picturing you at the Olympics...

  4. cute cards! I'm sorry you won't be on there design team anylonger. thank you for popping in to see me awhile back! wishing you a happy and healthy new year!!!

  5. Mine has almost always been long and grows quite well, but is thin. I would love to have thick hair. My problem is that it is turning white again (it was white when I was young then finally turned blonde, so I feel as if I'm going back to my youth). Not sure the mirror agrees with me. Good luck.

  6. Mine has almost always been long and grows quite well, but is thin. I would love to have thick hair. My problem is that it is turning white again (it was white when I was young then finally turned blonde, so I feel as if I'm going back to my youth). Not sure the mirror agrees with me. Good luck.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Happy New Year Enfys! I hope 2012 brings you abundant blessings!

    What adorable cards these are, love that with a change of color, and embellishments, they become very different looks.

    I know you will be missed on the SGL Design Team, your projects are always such a delight to see. Hopefully Mandy will be expanding the business beyond Australia in the not too distant future and we will find you back on the DT again!

    How funny what you've mentioned about a resolution to have MORE hair. For the first time in my life, that is my resolution too. I have had long hair FOREVER. Very long, well below my knees, but this past year, it received a rather DRAMATIC trim ... if you can call Between 3 and 4 FEET a trim! It is now just barely to my shoulders. and I find myself at a total loss on how to style it. I AM SUCH A MESS! So more hair is my aim too. No, it will never again be as long as it was, I am way too old for that now ... but at least enough to, as you said, "toss with a shake of my head". Of course I have visions that it will fall into the most delightful and youthful style that compliments me beautifully. Ha! Well, a girl can dream, right?


  9. Cute cards. Great idea about the childrens challenge blog! I'm sending the info to a friend who has a very talented son. As to the hair. After last summer's illness and long hospital stay, my hair began falling out! I cut it short so it would be easier to deal with. It's still dropping like confetti, but not as much. I keep hoping it'll stop falling, and start growing back.
    They (you know "they") say it will...eventually. But all my pix since Thanksgiving show me looking very scruffy. I've never been very vain, HOWEVER, this really bugs me! lol Ahhh well this too shall pass. As I move away from the mirror, I can't wait to see your new style. Hugs Jess

  10. Stunning cards Enfys and it seems your going to be a busy girl in the next few months, and good luck with the hair. I also want to wish you a Very Happy New Year to you and your family. hugs Shirleyxx

  11. sweet little cow!!! how much little colour can change it... like both your cards!!!


  12. All kinds of news from you today. I discovered the other day that Mandy had discontinued the US store. My friend was looking for a particular cartridge and I thought I'd check her US store and low and behold it was not there. I'm sure you'll miss being on that DT. If you are looking for another one to fill that 'empty' spot, let me know, I do know a team that could possibly use a fabulous addition like you.
    Hair styles are a tough thing. I found one that I thought would be perfect for me, but I couldn't stand the in between stuff and gave it up. Why does it grow so fast when we don't have time to run in for a trim, but so slow when we want a new style.

    Love the cow cards, especailly the thank you one, soooo cute!

    Can't wait tosee what you have in store for 2012.

  13. Very cheerful cards Enfys, definitely made me smile. Shame about the design team but you will be snapped up by someone else I am sure!! I would love to grow my hair but its so thin. I always joke I will be like rab c nesbitt and have that little bit that I can swirl to cover my lack of hair at the front lol.

  14. Those cows are so cute, I love your creations Enfys.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  15. Your hair style is always so cute. I can't picture you in longer hair. Can't wait to see your picture. I've been cutting my own hair for about 30 years and it looks it! LOL! Happy New Year!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x