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Friday, 31 March 2017

Wrap it Up....

It was my turn to set the challenge over on the Daring Cardmakers blog today, I decided it would be fun to use something that your groceries were wrapped in. So for my card, I made a shaker with a yellow net that held some lemons, and acetate from a punnet of strawberries.......

I added a swarm of little punched bees (Fiskars lever punch) and a sprinkling of bronze sequins and glitter.....Those bees look busy don't they?

If you enjoy challenges, do join in and pop over to see what the design team came up with HERE

The wedding invitation marathon continues, and wedding planning is in full swing. One thing I am learning is that as soon as the W word is mentioned, the price of everything is quadrupled! I called a guy about a wedding car to take my husband and Alex the bride a distance of three miles from our house to the venue. "What sort of car" he asked in a bored voice "two door?" "TWO door?!!!!"
Yes two door would be very suitable for a bride in a long white dress to clamber elegantly into the back seat. Or would she sit in the front next to the driver, while Mike has the luxury of the back seat all to himself. "Four door I think" I replied. "Okay, that will be £450"
£450!!!! for a three mile one way journey?
I don't think so, Uber drivers have nice cars don't they? Could we start a trend and make it wickedly witty for the bride to turn up in a taxi? Whatever we decide, it won't cost £450, that I guarantee.........


  1. Fab card Enfys - enjoyable Challenge you set too! Good luck with the car hire.....Shabneez xxx

  2. We've married off three daughters (2 in the same year!!) so I can sympathise with you 100%. Love the idea for your card, how imaginative you are! xx

  3. Loving your card as I absolutely love shaker cards. The little bees are fantastic. When we got married we asked a friend who had a nice car to drive us.

  4. Very cute card! And for the car put a feeler out for a friend or FAM member who has a great car that they could use. You know a great a great bently or a jag? Then hire a friend to drive it? Well any way, you could re t a car for less than that quote. Good luck. Hugs Jess

  5. I love bees as motifs - though not in life - so this is great as far as I'm concerned. x

  6. Great challenge and I love the extra texture of the net over the acetate, fab card! Your wedding car place is taking the proverbial! I'm sure there'll be someone around doing it as a little "hobby business" for a lot less. Maybe try a vintage car club if you have a local one to see if any of their members can offer something?


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x