Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Positively the last Christmas cards....

Now these are definitely, positively, absolutely the last Christmas cards I will be showing you this year. This first one was done with last year's Hero arts tree stamp, Lawn fawn stitched hills dies and a smattering of texture paste

and this one is a Penny Black stamp, the greeting is a really old dollar bin find.....

So the tree is down from the loft and is sitting naked in the hall while I pluck up enough energy to tackle the Christmas tree lights - I know from many many years experience that when they go on the tree they will suddenly develop a mind of their own and refuse to light up/develop great tangles/fall in unruly loops off the tree. I must admit the festive spirit abandoned me a bit yesterday, as I was crawling on hands and knees in the loft sorting through abandoned suitcases and my daughters childhood teddy bears looking for the baubles, I found myself thinking 'crikey, in next to no time, I am going to be doing all this again in reverse. Bah humbug'

But then, I switched on the radio and it was playing a children's choir singing Joy to the World - and all of a sudden, there it was again, that warm fuzzy Christmas glow, so I think I will go and have a mince pie and a coffee before I battle with those lights....

See you tomorrow x


  1. Luv your least you have a naked tree standing tree is still in the box but the box made it to the room closer to the living
    Fabulous brown trees and cute PB stamped sad Christmas cards come and go so quickly..luv looking at them...Christmas music does put one in the spirit....

  2. Always Love to see all your Christmas creation!!!
    The brown trees are looking awesome and beautiful textured BG on both of cards, The Penny Black mage is so cute, Love it!

  3. Ahhhh, I know exactly what you mean by your bah humbug moment. I've had more than one of them myself this month. But then I go and put my Elvis Christmas album on and sing along at the top of my lungs. It soothes the soul and brings back the holiday glow.

  4. I love your card, love the way you did the trees! That's why you have a blog and I don't! You've got so many creative ideas, ideas that don't even cross my mind! Thank you for sharing and enjoying decorating!

  5. Lovely cards En. I keep telling myself I don't need any more Christmas stamps. Then I see one I wish I had, like your trees. Then the voices in my head, start in again. 😀 they argue all the time. LOL
    Good luck with the lights. I store mine wrapped around rolled up newspaper. With the plug hanging out. So t plug them in before then come off the rolls. Makes my life a lot easier. Big hugs, Jess

  6. Nothing like a good Christmas carol to restore the spirit! Loved those pretty trees, and the way you "made a scene". Enjoy the decorating. Maybe, the elves will help with the lights.

  7. Hey, Enfys, get yourselof a prelit tree. So much easeir and theyb llast longer. All you have to do is put on nornaments. Easiy peas7.

    Dianne Bell -

  8. Love the pretty tree cards and the cute Penny Black stamp. My tree is not up yet, still need to do some cleaning first. I must get the Christmas music on and get busy!

  9. Love the cards ad that greeting is so cute. Good luck with the tree, I bet it will look lovely when it is all done. Pat x

  10. Love that tree stamp. While taking your break, adding a little "Christmas cheer" to the coffee might help.
    Donna K U

  11. Lovely cards Enfys.
    Hope you didn't have too much trouble with the tree.
    Toni xx

  12. These are great. I have totally lost the xmas plot. Ah well, the real joy of christmas is there's always next year ROFL. Hugz


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