Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mass Producing...

Does three cards count as mass producing? I was in a bit of a panic when I was piling my Christmas cards into a bag ready to write them this week whilst we are in London, and pile looked a bit pitiful, so I pulled out this Penny Black tree stamp and some Tim Holtz die cut sentiments and did a quick bit of heat embossing - well it felt like mass producing to me, I never make more than one card of any design before I want to move onto the next thing. Anyway, here they are......

Random conversation tonight with five year old Milo when I was putting him to bed.

'are you going to do your knitting now Ma?'

me..........(startled) 'I don't do knitting Milo'

'But you are old, and old people sit in a chair all day and do knitting'

'well maybe I am not quite old enough to sit in a chair all day yet'

'No, you are just medium old, when you are really old you will wear glasses and have a walking stick'

Okay, now I know what I have to look forward to....can't wait! Better look for some wool and a pattern or two to be ready when 'really old' arrives...

See you tomorrow x


  1. Pretty cards Enfys!!
    Wonder how old is old???
    I crochet but maybe I need to invest in some knitting needles soon :)
    Grandbabies are so precious!!

  2. It's a good thing you're writing these comical "words of wisdom" in your blog posts. Maybe someday you'll have enough for an entire book! BTW, I think 3 cards is mass producing. I have a hard time anymore making more than that of any one design. By the time I get to card #3, I've got 3 other designs trying to get my attention in my head.

  3. What fabulous thoughts children have Enfys............ priceless. Sue x

  4. Not mass production unless in a factory. It's just a batch of cards. A very lovely batch of cards.

  5. Beautiful Christmas card's Enfy
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  6. Love the cards. And LOVE the conversations!

  7. Oh so cute, out of the mouth of babes! Love your cards and no I don't think 3 is mass producing. Hope you are enjoying your time in London!

  8. Love the beautiful gold embossing. I don't like to mass produce either but have made 6 cards with the same design, oh well...
    Love the conversation with your grandson. So cute!!!

  9. Love your image and card Enfys.
    My youngest Grandson asked me was I almost 85 yet, good job he was walking to the side of me,my face would have been a picture :)

  10. Reminds me of my mother, who was indeed old. Lol she was 93 when she passed, and knitted many of her years. The last year of two she had memory problems, so didn't use the needles much. But she wouldn't let me put the basket away. So one day I asked her if she wanted to try it. She was afraid she wouldn't remember. I put the piece she had been working on in her hands. I showed her what to do, and she said " Oh yes, I remember!" And went at it for a couple of hours. She dropped several stitches, but when she decided to nap, she did so with a smile on her face.
    I still have that pieces, and will probably keep it until I'm old and have a walking stick! Lol

  11. I know what you mean about mass producing - I can do maybe 3 or 4 similar ones (never quite identical) and then I have to change style.

    Don't you just love kids and what they say! Oh to be in their mind for a short while just to see.....

  12. Oh Dear I have a Walking stick, wear glasses and I knit and guess how old I am? 47 I feel really ancient now lol.

  13. Lovely cards not massed produce they are all different lol at milo love what he comes out with have a nice time in
    London x

  14. Pretty and elegant looking Cards!!

    I knew there were going to be good stories coming....LUV this to remember this one to tell my grandsons cause that tell me I'm old in sign language LOL...I'm medium old...hahaha this sooo cute!!!

  15. You'll never be "really old" when you have grandkids to keep you "really young"! Great quick cards Enfys. Pat x

  16. Yep, looks masses to me. Great quick cards. Good job the blue rinse is out of fashion or he might be booking you in. Hugz


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