Monday, 27 October 2014

Quick Christmas Cards....

A couple of quickly made Christmas cards from me today - I have been a bit busy to do any crafting this weekend. This first one uses a Tim Holtz stencil, some inking through the stencil and the addition of some liquid pearls and wink of stella clear glitter. The sentiment was cut on my Explore

 and this next one uses one of this year's Christmas stamps by Woodware, I paper pieced the 25 out of a pattern paper....

and the background was embossed with a snowflake embossing folder...

Now if you don't want to see me indulge in a bit of grandmotherly chatter, click away now.....So the boys and I had our adventure - a trip to Drayton Manor, where it soon became apparent that if there was anything to climb, up they went....

Max insisted he wanted to go on this ride, Milo was too small to ride, and of course I couldn't leave him. So off went the intrepid Max, he looked very small all by himself......

and it was fun when it first started swinging.....

Not so great when it swung almost vertical. That was a long couple of minutes!

We ended up in the 3D cinema - Milo fell asleep, and I was very tempted. 'I was watching with one eye, and sleeping with the other' he informed me....

I have a question, I have been sorting out my stamps, and I have a load to sell at bargain prices. Most of them are last season's designs, and for design team and magazine work I have to use the latest stuff. They are all rubber cling or clear stamps, and all British makes - Lily of the valley, Woodware and so on. If I did a used stamp sale on here, would there be any interest? I would post worldwde, postage at cost, and it shouldn't cost too much to mail unmounted stamps. Let me know, and I will take photos


  1. Post pictures. Love the cards and the grandkids are so cute...

  2. Gorgeous cards!! the photos are fab looks like the kids enjoyed themselves!!
    I am always looking round for stamp sellers so yes good idea!

  3. Fabulous cards Enfys. Looks as if you had a fun day out with the boys. I too would be interested in your stamp sale. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Great quick cards Enfys I love Tim's festive stencil and I have used it in lots of my cards too. Max is a real brave boy going on that ride...eek I would have to think twice. Do put your stamps up for sale there is always interest x

  5. Love the cards Enfys and the photos of the boys look such fun. Although I remember queuing for a ride like that with my cousins took ages for the queue to go down by which time we chickened out LOL

    Sounds like a good idea to post photos of your stamps for sale.

    Toni xx

  6. Great cards.
    Sounds like a lovely day out.
    Yes please to listing the stamps x

  7. Yes please to the stamps and you all looked like you had a lovely day xxx

  8. It would be so lovely to purchase british brands stamps. Very difficult to obtain here in Canada. I keep drooooooling over British sites that have stamps for sale! You and your boys must have had a lot of fun.
    Best. Chantal.

  9. Hi Enfys,

    Please post all the stamps. I'd buy them all but unfortunately we're leaving for San Diego with our daughter and two grandson's, so I won't have access to email. Boo Hoo!!! Love your cards.

    Pat from AZ

  10. Sounds like a great time was had by all, and I'm sure you would have no problem selling your used stamps....
    Can't wait to see the pics..
    Hugs Kath..xx..

  11. Great idea En, everyone is having clean out sales. I hope I'll be able to play along. Cute cards, love the '25'. Those boys are getting so tall! And handsome too. Thanks for sharing them with us. Hugs, Jess

  12. The stamp sale sounds great. I use mostly clear stamps not rubber ones but I would be very interested.

    Dianne Bell -

  13. Love your cards, you are beginning to put me in the holiday spirit!

    Looks like you had a wonderful day with the boys, full of lots of memories!

  14. Cards are great Enfys and just what we need - quick to make Christmas cards. Yes please to the stamps, you have used so many in the past that I have loved so I'll just get my purse out ready! Great photos of your time at Drayton Manor. Pat x

  15. Good idea to recycle the stamps - I would certainly give them a look! Great day with your boys - you are a great grandmere (I think that's French?) - anyway you are!


  16. Fab cards and looks like you had a fun day out with the boys - I did get giddy just seeing your photos of the ride LOL

    I am sure you will get plenty of interest for the stamps here!!

  17. Your Grandson just reminded me of when I went on the Pirate ship years ago it made me feel ill.
    I think the idea of selling your stamps is a good idea too.

  18. Maryellen WebberMonday, October 27, 2014

    Love the Christmas card and the photos of your grandsons. I would be very interested in seeing the stamps you wish sell.

  19. Love the idea of being able to purchase used stamps from you. This is a wonderful opportunity for us. Thank you for sharing.

    Also the Christmas cards are very beautiful with so many great ideas that I could put into action.
    Lastly, I love to see the kids having so much fun.

  20. Interest on stamp sales for sure. Will keep my eyes on your blog to see what you have to offer for sale.

  21. Looks like lots of fun judging by your gorgeous photos and your cards are stunning too!

  22. Your cards very beautiful. Thanks for sharing of photos of your grandsons with us, they are so lovely. I would be interested in your sale of stamps.
    Have a good day. hugs, Helena

  23. Love the card with the big numbers. Very interested in stamps. Please post pictures. Can't wait. Hugz

  24. fabulous cards!!!
    late reader :( I would luv to see the stamps .....someone's old is the next person's new!!
    looks like you had a grand day with your grandsons..he was a brave soul..that ride even looks scary from afar...luv seeing family pics..thanks for sharing...

  25. Hi En! Love these cards!!
    I'm sorry I am so behind but I would love it if you posted your stamps for sale!!

    Thanks so much! I really like your quick and easy holiday cards and need to get going on fundraiser cards and these are perfect!

    Thanks so much!


  26. What lovely cards and I have the stamps, which I used last year.
    Just love a stamp sale, would love to help you rehome some :)

  27. These Cards are just mind blowing. Thanks for the sharing.


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