Saturday, 18 October 2014

Planning a planner....

So I keep seeing these blog posts all about using planners - now bear in mind that these blog posts are mainly by the superstars of the crafting world, those inspirational women/men who are juggling a high powered career in corporate law and, in their spare time, running a blog that is seen by millions, or those who have small children, what seems like a domestic zoo of pet animals, are governors of their children's schools and run a blog that is seen by millions.....or the superstar professional crafters who inspire all of us and work for dozens of companies and run blogs that are read on a daily basis by millions.....

Clearly, I don't fit into any of the above categories - my kids are grown, my grandchildren live the other end of the country, I'm retired and just bumble along doing a bit of crafting and chatting....

But I had to have a planner. I NEEDED a planner. I didn't see how I could have lived this long without a I bought one. The best deal I could find was one called 'Mum's planner'.... 

So in addition to the 'day to a page' thing, where I can write an hour by hour list of how I am going to spend my days, then transfer it to the next day because I didn't get anything done, there are all sorts of useful pages at the back, masses of them..... like this one....

or this? I mean, really....they only give you a couple of pages for this, their assumption being that sad organized people who use their planners don't have many friends!...

Now this next one could be useful, in fact I have already filled two pages...


This next one could be useful too, I could make lists of all the things I want to take, then when I am on my sunbed I could make lists of all the things I forgot...

Now this next one...well, are there really people out there who need to write down the names of their family. I mean, don't they know? Are there really mothers out there looking in a puzzled way at a scruffy little boy - 'who IS that kid? I wonder what his name is, oh yes, I've got it written down in my planner.......'

After watching all these videos I got quite carried away and even thought of doing a colour coded sticker system - red for Letraset posts, green for magazine deadlines and so on. But then reality dawned, and I knew that I would spend more time trying to remember the meaning of the coloured stickers, so I will stick with writing everything down, then making those satisfying little check marks when I have finished the task. Apparently you can get erasable pens too, now that sounds like a plan, so I am hunting for those. 

Oh yes, this planner is going to change my life (until sometime between January 17th and 29th when I know I will mislay it, buried under a pile of paper pads, never to be seen again, or at least not before December 31st 2015) 

So no card from me today, I have been too busy planning, but here are a couple of great thank you cards that arrived yesterday. This first one is from Pat, I would love to know what software you used to make this really personal card Pat.....thank you so much

and this lovely one, all the way from Florida. Thank you so much Jan, such a pretty card, we all want to know what die you used for that gorgeous lattice inset....

See you tomorrow x


  1. I adore your honesty - admitting that you're bound to lose - and therefore stop using - this planner, I just know it's something *I* would do too :)

  2. Oh a planner??? honestly I have many planners that I have tossed EMPTY!! new and untouched :(
    I tried and could not plan my life on paper even if my life depended on it (so sad lol) but I do make a grocery list... but taking it with me to the market is another story (so sad)
    but my phone has a app for notes with reminders so that's one step closer to planning lol Please do let me know when you find the secret to a planner

  3. Just wanted you all to know the Lattice insert is from Spellbinders Shapeabilities called Fancy Lattice. The size is 4 x 6, which can be used so many ways as background, strips etc. Just another die cut which falls in as MUST HAVE. Glad you liked the card and it arrived safely. Thanks again.

    Jan - jdaisy9402

  4. sounds like a plan or maybe not...have a great weekend...hugs kath xxx

  5. The best laid plans of mice and men ~~~ and we are neither mice nor men!

  6. Having watched all those videos I knew I'd spend more time on my planner than doing the things that really needed doing!
    I'll stick with post-its on my fridge;-)

  7. I do make a Christmas planner each year but it is more about the making than the using LOL
    Toni xx

  8. Love the cards.
    The Fancy Lattice Die looks beautiful.The flowers are gorgeous.
    Gr Elly

  9. No planners here - but I do have notebooks for everything - a blogging notebook, what I've made each month book (so I can claim my UKS team points), weekly menu plans, Christmas book with all my christmas card and present lists scribbled in it. Mr P has got use to the pile of notebooks that sit on the dining room table.

  10. I make lists, and write an appointment on the calendar. Other than that, no official planner! The cards are lovely. BethAnn M.

  11. I love your insight on planners! I have a good size calendar I carry with me, large enough to keep track of everyone's appointments, etc. The cards you received are beautiful! Happy planning!

  12. Enfys, you are spot on! I do love to watch those videos and have every intention of making planners - BUT, I don't!! The cards are beautiful - TFS!


  13. That planning lark looks like hard work to me. Just go with the flow and see what transpires is my philosophy! Glad you liked the card. I printed the centre strip using Publisher. The two stamps are Thanks So Much by Stampin Up which I stamped with Faded Jeans & the "Thank You" is a clear stamp, make unknown that I stamped using Festive Berries. Pat x

  14. Just simply love your stories. They are so true to least mine!

  15. My Husband has a diary and I do not, guess who misses appointments? I think I will stay unplanned it seems to work for me lol

  16. You are too funny! I used to have a planner that I carried with me everywhere when my kids were little and I needed to be organized. Of course I was in PTA and a ton of other things at the time, but now I wouldn't remember to look at it. LOL! I don't have much of anything to write in it either, I just fly by the seat of my pants these days.

  17. Love your post about your planner. I'm afraid I'd probably lose mine before Jan. :)
    Anna N.

  18. Have never tried to make a planner before. Each Xmas I get planners, organisers, calendars and diaries and have since childhood. I'm so boring that I actually ask for them...and use them, and yes, I asked for them as young as being 10! Other people ask for exciting gifts, but not me. Practical Polly.
    I do have fun though - got new craft stash for my birthday recently. I'm just not exactly a wild person, so no surprise there I don't get invited to parties.


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