Wednesday, 15 October 2014

More Explore Snowflakes..

I seem to be a bit fixated on snowflakes at the moment, so I cut some more out of blue cardstock, and when I was done, I decided to try using the negative space as a stencil with some texture paste...

I sprinkled them with glitter while the paste was still wet....

added a die cut frame, a silver sentiment and a white seam binding bow....

and I had to do something with all those blue snowflakes, so I glittered them and heat embossed the base card with some Frantage Shabby White embossing powder  - this is a chunky powder that you don't use with an embossing pad, just sprinkle it where you want and heat from underneath so that it doesn't blow around all over the the way, these cards were the makes on the missing, lamented video...

So one disadvantage of living in the UK is that nobody seems quite sure what to call it, so when you are online and have to use that drop down menu to find your country, you whizz down looking for United Kingdom. Not there! How can it not be there when Ubekhistan is (no emails please, I'm quite sure that's not how you spell it). Okay, scroll back up to G for Great Britain - nope, Ghana is there, Greece, but my little island has gone missing. Try E for, hello the end it was lurking around in the B's - Britain. Don't they know we are Great? Happens again and again. The other thing they do is put it right at the top, always under the USA, just those two countries USA, United Kingdom, everything else then goes to alphabetical order. Confused...

See you tomorrow, when it's my turn to post over on the Letraset blog, and my day to cause chaos in the charity shop. Last time I was there an old chap came in and insisted I take a pen and paper to write down the name of a very good urologist he had been to see, not that I need a urologist, but I suppose it might come in handy one day....


  1. Make a few more of these. I so love snowflakes. After you get about10 made put them in an envelope and mail to Sandy Bayles. Just kidding what a great job. I love butterflies and snowflakes.....

  2. Your snowflakes are all so lovely Enfys. Your comment on the online drop down box made me laugh into my breakfast this true! X

  3. Beautiful cards Enfys - I really must have a play with frontage as it gives such a lovely effect.
    Toni xx

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  5. gorgeous snowflake makes and do I need the name of the urologist...just in case...hugs kath xxsx

  6. Beautiful cards, love the snowflakes.
    Gr Elly

  7. I have never commented on any of the blogs I follow (at least, I don't remember having done so before, so fun to age!) If I lived in Great Britain, I would definitely want the name of the Urologist. Your work is lovely! I must confess that your blog has me hooked because of your adventures at the charity shop. Your blog is the first thing I look for when I'm on the internet.
    Keep up the good work on your creations and at the charity shop.
    Best, Chantal.

  8. Those cards are so lovely, I keep forgetting that I have one jar of frantage and must must use it this year as it looks so pretty.

    Have fun at the charity shop, I always look forward to your stories about it

  9. Two beautiful cards Enfys.
    Don't know why I keep missing your posts lately.

  10. Good Morning Enfys! I have to say you ALWAYS start my day off with a smile.

    First off, your cards are just stunning, you always have that additional touch. Great attention to detail!

    Okay the drop down menu, I guess I've never looked at the list that closely. But you are right, I don't understand why United States is at the top of the list.

    Love your charity shop stories! More importantly, thank you for starting my mornings off in a great way!

  11. Enfys,
    Your cards are fantastic as usual. I need to get some of the embossing powder. I love the way it looks. Your charity shop adventures are so funny.

    Pat from AZ

  12. Your snowflake cards are beautiful!
    You have me inspired. I enjoy your charity shop adventures, they bring such a smile to my face.

  13. I love snowflakes on cards, just not so keen when it's on the roads & I have to drive somewhere. Perhaps you should have given the elderly guy details of Tena in return for the urologist's name! Both of your cards are gorgeous, especially the first one. Pat x

  14. Luv luv the texture snowflakes!!
    video request: how you use the embossing powder and is it available in the USA? what thickness of paper did
    you use for the stencil??
    sorry about all the questions...I'm very interested
    Looking at the request for the urologist...maybe your the

  15. Lol! Well, at least you know where you live! Interesting that the old fella had a phone no. May be he thought if he lost it, he could come back and ask you for it? Lol
    Love the snowflakes. Hugs Jess

  16. Beautiful card Enfys. Great idea to use the negative space as a stencil.


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