Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas Party Invites for Papercraft Inspirations Magazine....

So way back in the summer, when the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming, I was asked to make some Christmas party invitations for Papercraft Inspirations. They have appeared in this month's issue, on sale now. Two of them made the cover (except that you can't see them because they are covered up by the free gift!). This one was my favourite make, although it didn't make the cover. I loved the look of the black and white with just that little pop of red....

 I went for an eye test yesterday and saw a new optician.  All was well until he put some drops in my eyes. I still have blurry vision 24 hours later. I had some shopping to do and felt as if I should have been wearing sunglasses and maybe a white stick - it was that bad. I stumbled and squinted my way around town, and when I got home, all plans for crafting had to be put on the back burner as I couldn't see what I was doing. It really makes you appreciate the gift of sight when, temporarily, everything goes out of focus. So I feel as if I have been grounded - no crafting, and driving would be a bit dodgy to say the least. Still, look on the bright side, as I dashed out to the optician, I noticed a huge ginormous spider lurking by the front door.  Normally I would have conducted an eagle-eyed search for this monster as soon as I got back home, but he is probably sitting on the wall behind me laughing, as I squint at the computer screen to write this.

Hopefully I will see you all a lot more clearly tomorrow! x


  1. Love the invites. I too like the white on black with the pop of the red heart.
    Hope you eyes are as good as new when you wake up n the morning!!

  2. Love the combo of black & white with a tiny red heart! Great news too!
    Hope for a good & bright vision, for more beautiful crafting work soon!

  3. Love the card Enfys.
    Hope your eyes are behaving today - take care.
    Toni xx

  4. Love the colour combo. Hope your eyes are not causing you any more problems today.

  5. I like how the Christmas party invite turned out. Can't wait to see the magazine. I recently had drops put in like you and I really appreciate my eyesight as well.
    Hope your eyes are back to normal now.

  6. When they dilate my eyes, I can't see anything but bright light. Very cute card,En. Looking forward for the mag. Hugs Jess

  7. Love your invite Enfys.
    I had my Daughter with me or I would have got on the wrong bus she said when I had my last eye test with eye drops:)
    Hope yours are back to normal today

  8. Hope today is a better day for your vision!

    Loved your card and can't wait to see the others that made the magazine! Congrats to you!

  9. Beautiful card and l hope your vision is better x

  10. You poor thing. Yes, we do take all these things for granted, don't we?
    Hope you'll be seeing properly again by morning.
    Love all the cards and videos you've been sending us. Never get round to thanking you though :-(.
    So: thanks Enfys!!
    Love, Carin

  11. Gorgeous party invite. Love the black and white with the splash of red. Hope your eyes are feeling better and the vision has returned okay.

  12. This is a fabulous card...need to go check J's or M's for the magazine
    Those drops are really something...huh?
    I'm surprised they did not mention to you to wear very dark sunglasses for the day??? glad your seeing better...yes I'm behind reading my emails again

  13. Wow Christmas party invitations ideas are unique. I also like to make such types of beautiful cards for my events in New York. The black and white colour with just only a single red pop of red makes it unique from other cards. I am really glad that I visited your blog.


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