Wednesday, 22 October 2014


 This was one of the first cards I made with the Explore. Now why I was drawn to this image, I haven't a clue, I don't really 'do' Halloween, but suddenly I was overcome with the desire to use black, purple and all things spooky.... 

I inked the background in chipped sapphire, tumbled glass and plum distress inks, and lightly inked the moon with weathered wood and scattered straw just around the edges.  

I thought the letters looked more spooky somehow if they were covered with glossy accents...

Again, I'm really sorry but in all the excitement I totally forgot to make a note of which cartridges I used - it's so easy with the Explore to wander around until you find something you like and just send it to cut. I promise to make a list as I go along in future

So my eyes are pretty much back to normal, thanks for all the good wishes. I haven't got any craft stuff done though, I spent what seemed like a hundred years in a bank yesterday - we recently changed banks, it will be an easy and painless process they promised. It was, except that a credit card in my name on the old bank account remained stubbornly active. I tried telephoning to try and cancel. 'Please enter the ninth letter or number of your 18 digit security password' the robot voice commanded. What? 18 digits? When did I ever use 18 digits. I made increasingly wild guesses, when the robot said smugly 'you have failed the security check, please contact your bank'
So I tried again, this time the robot wouldn't even let me make a wild guess. So, in very bad humour, I trailed down to the old bank. They didn't exactly fall over with pleasure when they heard that I was no longer their customer, so I had to sit, and sit.....and sit. I called Mike to ask if I really had to do this. Yes, apparently it was essential..... 

Eventually someone saw me, and we went through the paperwork to cancel the card. All this was getting more tedious by the minute until she asked 'how would you like your reward points' Reward! They were going to reward me for closing my account and wasting an afternoon! I sat up a bit straighter from my slumped totally bored position. It seems I have rather a lot of reward points on that card, that I was able to redeem as Marks and Spencer vouchers. Well, that perked me up I can tell you. Christmas is paid for!

The euphoria lasted until I got home and told Mike. He then started calculating how much I must have spent to have got enough vouchers to pay for Christmas. Sometimes it's not such a good idea to be married to an accountant........

See you tomorrow x


  1. Great card Enfys. I like the Glossy Accents on the "BOO". That shiny just gives it just enough 'spooky". The purple is a good color for Halloween.
    Glad your eyes are better today.
    Wish I already had Christmas paid for.

  2. I liked the "Halloween" card. On our mini vacation in the mountains of Tennessee. Will post some pictures. 2 days here and lots of my Christmas shopping started..... I am going to try and be done before Thanksgiving..

  3. Love this spooky creation with lovely color combo!!

  4. Morning, Enys! I too don't normally 'do' Halloween, but seem to be drawn to the fun, spoookiness that you can create and end up with a load of Halloween related projects that lurk around the house in boxes, not really knowing what to do with them! I still like your withcy card with it's inked background and glossy Boo!
    Gald you got some reward for sitting in the bank all afternoon - your story did make me smile, as I'm sure the spending of the M&S vouchers will do for you, despite the bitter pill that you had to swallow knowing how much you must have spent to earn them! Hugs, Lisa x

  5. Fabulous Halloween card Enfy
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  6. Love your "spooky" card, but I don't "do" Halloween much, either! As for the vouchers, enjoy using them! You earned them, and you would have spent the money using the card anyway. It's a gift! Have a fun day. BethAnn M.

  7. This is just gorgeous Enfys fabulous image and stunning

  8. Wow Enfys, I'm surprised they allowed you to redeem your points if the card was that old, but GOOD FOR YOU! At least you were honest with your husband, you should get rewards for that! LOL!

    I love your Halloween card! Love the colors! You are awesome! Thank you!

  9. I don't do Halloween either...but I really like the color combo you made on the really looks like a dark nite out....I need more distress inks....
    Christmas shopping??? oh no!!
    sometimes it doesn't pay to tell our hubbies the savings and deals we made..cause they'll just share with us the savings and deals we didn't really

  10. Love the background colours on your card Enfys. I hope you can convince Mike that all those purchases were made when buying special offers, therefore saving loads of money in the long term. Pat x

  11. Nice project. Enjoyed your story about the bank. Great deal on the vouchers ! At least the spending has worked as a double benefit. :) Now you'll have more to spend on craft supplies ! :)
    Anna N.

  12. Love this spooky card and gorgeous color combo. hugs, Helena

  13. Don't know what it is, but I've been drawn to a couple Halloween things too and I really don't even like the holiday. What's that about?
    Glad your Christmas will be paid for like that. Who'd think?!?! Have fun!

  14. I don't do Halloween either, but that witch is really cute. I've been considering making Halloween cards for the youngest grands. However, they aren't old enough to "get" them. Well one is 4 now, so she may, since her parents have dressed her up since her second one.
    Wow, what a day at the bank! But at least you got Christmas out of the deal! Hugs, Jess

  15. Just tell your Husband how much you have saved him this Christmas and all will be good lol xx

  16. Great card Enfys. Love the silhouette image and the design. Your hubby sounds just like mine lol.

  17. Super spooky card Enfys.
    Glad to hear your eyes are better but sorry to hear about the problems you had with the bank. Tell hubby not to fuss as Christmas is paid for and wasn't as if you went out and spent the qualifying amount all in one hit - enjoy your vouchers.
    Toni xx


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