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Thursday, 10 October 2013


 Well my little boy image from yesterday hasn't made it on to a card yet. I got sidetracked. I needed one little box for a project, so I went to Hobbycraft (for those of you not from the UK, that's our only big box craft store)

I couldn't just buy one little box could I? I thought I may as well apply a coat of Gesso to all of them while I was about it........ 

I rather like this one, it looks like a book.......

and opens into a box.......I could really go to town on this one

and then I found these, they are stencils intended to be used to sprinkle icing sugar on top of mince pies, but I rather fancy messing around with them and some ink. At the very least, I will keep one back for the mince pies!

So all this faffing around took up most of my day, I really shouldn't get distracted at the moment - here's my to-do crafty list for this month

Two magazine commissions

My submissions for the next stage of the Heartfelt Creations design team (coming along nicely....)

Samples for a TV show

Sort some kits out for a demo evening

Plus all my usual design team stuff

and the tail end of a nasty virus. Sniff

HELP! Right, I need to get my big girl panties on, and get on with it - maybe just a coffee and a little sit down to think about it all first......

See you tomorrow x



  1. Am looking forward to seeing how you alter your boxes. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. I get side tracked a lot... TOMORROW!

  3. Will be fun to see what you do with all the little boxes. You are a busy gal, aren't you?!?! I'm sure you'll get it all done in plenty of time.

  4. Love your purchases.

    Coffee sounds like a great idea LOL

    Toni xx

  5. Wow! What a big list of FANTASTICALLY FUN STUFF to do. Can' wait to see it all.
    Big hugs of encouragement!!! Gimme an "E", gimme a "N"...

  6. Ahhh someone who operates like I do and I wonder why I have so many projects in the middle of being done. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. I'll be ready to see that little boy image when you are ready to share him ... and the box projects as well.

    Till then, I think I'll sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee too! *wink*

  8. Wow! you must have a lot of energy Enfys. Don't forget to take some time out for yourself. Pat x


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x