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Monday, 28 October 2013

Happy Birthday Cake...

Here's a peek at one of the cards I have in this month's Papercraft Inspirations Magazine, on sale now - the theme was birthday cakes, and I made this one using up scraps of ribbon 

and you are right, the top corner is a bit bashed in, I send the cards to the magazine to be photographed, then they get sent back to me, obviously this one didn't like all that travelling...

Since I last chatted to you I have had two nasty crafting accidents - who would have thought that making cards could be classed as an extreme sport! Firstly, my dear beloved decided to vacuum the room where I craft - the poor guy was probably fed up with picking his way over all the rubbish, risking getting a stray glitter letter X or a foam pad sticking to his shoes...anyway, I wandered into the newly cleaned room and didn't notice that my chair was partially balanced on a plastic box, so I sat down and BINGO, in slow motion, down I went, straight onto the floor with a spine jarring thud. My poor coccyx is still feeling the pain, and I spent a couple of shaky hours on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching Judge Judy (I love that woman, straight to the point.. ). Then I gave myself a brisk talking-to and went back to the desk to finish the sheet music project (yes I found it, for some reason it was with the printer paper, never mind)............the project involved hot glue, so out came the little glue gun, and I promptly glued my fingers together. It's not nice to peel glue off your skin and see the skin coming away with the glue. Ouchie!
So I decided I needed a break from the craft desk before I did something really stupid with a paper cutter or craft knife. 

For those of you not in the UK, we are expecting a really nasty storm to hit overnight, the type of storm that we only get once every few years. The TV and papers have been full of it for days, so just in case we get a power cut I thought I should look out a torch, I know we have one somewhere. Couldn't find it anywhere, but I did find a lot of those little LED tealights from Christmas, so if the power does go, we can sit around singing Christmas carols, or have a seance or something...If you ARE in the UK, stay safe my friends..

See you tomorrow x


  1. Oh Dear!! you don't need nasties like that!!

  2. I'm up early, listening to the wind - and I'd not thought about checking that I have a torch handy. Thanks for the timely reminder! Hope you have an accident free day today.

  3. You certainly had an "ouch!" day - hope you are not feeling any nasty after effects.

    It is pretty blowy here but things don't seem too bad - fingers crossed transport will be up & running again soon.

    Keep safe.

    Toni xx

  4. Lovely idea.
    Beautiful cakecard.
    Gr Elly

  5. Wow Enfys this is so pretty x

  6. I really really like the birthday cake card. Hope the storm passed you by. Sorry about the craft mishaps! And I love Judge Judy too!

  7. Cute card..great idea for leftover ribbons!! Your are so freaking funny with all your accidents!! I know it's not really funny for you, just the way you tell about them! Be safe!

  8. Oh my, I hope that all of your crafting injuries heal up quickly. I saw on the news this morning that you're getting hit with the storm now. Good luck and be safe.

  9. What an unusual birthday cake card. One of a kind! I like it.
    Oh my, what a tumble you had. Your toosh must have taken quite a beating in the fall. Those unexpected falls really hurt. Take it easy for awhile, okay?
    We are having a beautiful October so far. Hope you weather the storm okay and don't lose power. I get so bored when the power goes off. At least I have a Kindle now so I can read books.

  10. Poor you! Hope this is the end of your accidents. Up here in the north east we've been extremely lucky and have missed all the bad weather. I hope those of you who aren't that lucky will soon be back to normal. Pat x

  11. Hope you are feeling a bit better after your craft-room mishaps! We here in Phila are having a beautiful fall day, so we will send good weather wishes that the UK will have a nice day tomorrow. BethAnn M.

  12. What would we do without your wonderful sense of humor? Be careful when you find that blow torch, I can see it now how things would go! Ha!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x