Thursday, 6 June 2013

Using Prisma Pencils for a change......

When I was lounging around on the sofa after the recent hospital stuff, I had a few withdrawal symptoms from crafting, I didn't dare get out my ProMarkers because the sofa is pale cream and I am a messy worker. So after a bit of thought I dug out my Prisma pencils. Wow, they took a bit of getting used to, I haven't coloured with pencils for ages, and had forgotten how different it is. I used this can-can girl stamp that belongs to my friend Mary in Florida, stamped before I came home. I have no idea who made the stamp, but I can find out if anybody needs to know........

I rather like the sentiment, it would make a great encouragement card

While I am writing this post the TV is droning on in the background and a programme I have never seen before (or ever want to see again) has started. It's called Embarrassing Bodies, and consists of people consulting with good- looking TV doctors about their embarrassing condition, often it seems to be a quite intimate part of their embarrassing body, which is then filmed in enthusiastic close-up by a film crew. Now two things spring to my bemused mind: 

Don't these people know that we have a national health service in the UK, so they can see a doctor free, and take their embarrassing body into a nice little room with no camera crew following them.......

Have they given a bit of advanced thought to this, before letting them film their most intimate parts in technicolour close-up. I mean, how embarrassing would it be to take your embarrassing body into work tomorrow, to be greeted by everyone saying 'ooh, I saw you and your ******** on the telly last night' .......just saying....

See you tomorrow x


  1. I love my Prisma pencils & find shading a lot easier with them than with Promarkers. Great image and sentiment. Pat x

  2. Enfys...........I love the stamp and the saying. I just down right love the entire card...Great job... When does the cruise start...

  3. What a beautiful card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. That stamp is so cute!! I'd like to know who made it so I can try to obtain it. The card fits it perfectly.

  5. This is gorgeous l love the way you have used your Prisma pencils the colouring is stunning x

  6. What a sassy lady! Your colouring is brilliant! I watched that programme once - never again! The lady that was on was saying how her 'intimate problem' was so embarrassing that she couldn't let her husband see her naked! She could however, show the whole tv audience! xx

  7. Hi Enfys, fab card! I'm glad to read that the op went well and I hope you are feeling the benefits. Have a lovely holiday x

  8. I'm getting over-Facebooked!! I keep looking for the "like" button on your site :-))))


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