Monday, 17 June 2013

Golden Wedding Gift

We went to a lovely Golden Wedding lunch the other day - 50 years! Gulp!

The invitation specified no presents - our friends are hoping to move house soon, and I think the thought of more stuff was just too daunting. So I took my camera, and took loads of photos, then set to work on this.....

The chipboard book is by Bo Bunny, and I covered the pages in the glitziest golden papers I could find, and added quite a lot of bling - well, fifty years deserves a bit of sparkle......look, there's me, in the blue top at the bottom of  one of the pages....

I loved these photos of Jan with her daughter and granddaughter

I love doing these books as gifts, but find that you can't really use the latest scrapbook styles - there just isn't room. The other pages have a collage of all the friends and family that were there at the lunch - it's a lot to fit into one little book.
They loved it, I sent it by mail and they called me as soon as it arrived, Jan was quite tearful (I THINK they were tears of joy, at least, I hope so....) 


  1. What a wonderful idea for a gift. We attended a golden brunch on Sunday and I wished I would have thought of doing something like this!!! The children had planned a "get away" vacation for their parents and we donated to that. (A great idea also) Enjoy your trip and sunshine!

  2. A wonderful keepsake to treasure...hope you're enjoying your life on the ocean wave...ahoy me hearties...hugs kath xxx

  3. A super gift and keepsake all rolled into one.

    Hope you are enjoying life afloat and that you are taking things easy.

    Toni xx

  4. An absolutely beautiful and unique keep sake from a very special celebration. x

  5. Absolutely spectacular! What a beautiful ,thoughtful gift. I'm sure those were tears of joy. TFS,Diania

  6. This is a beautifully touching gift. They will cherish it. TFS.

  7. What a fab idea Enfys - I'll email you when it's my 50th!! :)

  8. What a Precious Gift!!! and you did a marvelous job!!!

  9. Great keepsake, beautiful inspiration for creative mondays and sundays, as my grandma used to say in swedish...

    Alex at


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