Thursday, 23 May 2013

I'm back!

Let's start with a's one I made last week with another card blank from Whichcraft, a center step blank this time. I decided to get Kiki's birthday card safely made, even though her birthday isn't until August. I cut and tore a load of various shades of white core cardstock, then sanded them to show some white. The stamp is a LaLaLand mermaid, and the shells are real shells that I found tucked away. Not quite sure what the bit of burlap is doing, but it looks a bit like a fishing net if you have a good imagination. Overall, I love this, and I think she will too. Having the card blanks already cut and scored makes life so easy - thank you Paula for sending them to me

Next, well, I must say thank you for all the good wishes and emails I have received, they really did cheer me up tremendously, and I appreciate each and every one

I have no intention of boring you with medical type details, but a couple of things did stay with me after my hospital visit......I trained as a RN many moons ago, but it is so different from a patients perspective....

Why do they put you in a strange gown in a sickly shade that makes you look ill even if you are feeling okay? Why does this gown tie at the back, so that if you have a IV in one arm it's impossible to walk without showing the world a not very flattering view of your naked backside? Then when they come to 'do stuff' to you, you have to remove the offending gown because the area of body they want exposed is inevitably the front bit not the back.....just wondering.....

The number of people who turned to me and said in a low, emphatic whisper "I HATE hospitals" - Six. Such a ridiculous statement - as though the rest of the world LOVES them. I felt like saying "Oh really? if I want to cheer myself up I can think of nothing nicer than going to sit in a hospital waiting room for a few hours drinking that really weak coffee from the machine and breathing that special hospital smell of disinfectant. With luck, I may see some really strange back views of patients as well to give me a laugh......" of course, I didn't say it, but it didn't stop me thinking it. 

When did they start giving patients enough information about their condition to get a PhD on the subject? I had information overload, and believe me, most of it, I didn't want to hear. In my day, the patient wasn't told anything at all, the relatives were taken into a little room, given a cup of tea and given the (bad) news. Then the patient spent the rest of their lives wondering why everyone burst into tears when they walked into a room and saw them....there is a middle ground waiting to be discovered I think....

I was walked to the operating theatre, when I got to the ante room a nurse bustled up and said 'you can't wear those' and took off my pink fluffy slippers. She put on a pair of beige socks and said kindly 'you can keep these as a souvenir'. What? So that when I am relaxing on the sofa at home, with my feet up, I can look at my feet, smile fondly, and say 'ah yes, these socks remind me of that lovely visit to...............' Not in the same league as a sombrero hat from Spain or a pink plastic flamingo from Florida is it?

When did doctors and nurses start qualifying at the age of 14? I'm sure they were older when I was in training all those years ago...

So there we go, that's my last word on the subject, fingers crossed that this ablation was a success and I don't have to repeat the whole thing in a few months - still, look on the bright side, I will be prepared this time and make sure I take my souvenir socks in with me and make sure that my backside looks as attractive as possible.....

See you tomorrow when I will have sorted out the ProMarker winner, sorry about the delay, I've been busy being a diva x


  1. So good to read your post and know you are doing well. Your card for Kiki is wonderful - I'm sure she'll love it. I think it's interesting that hospitals around the world seem to follow the same silly rules: backward gowns made from ugly fabric, sterile, uninviting ambience, etc. I'm hoping I don't have to visit one any time soon - my bare backside would make anyone lose their lunch!

  2. I am so glad you are doing better. I have to get some of these cards. I love this card. I promised the neighbor that I would help make invites to her daughters birthday party and she wants to use mermaids. So this gives me some ideas. Hope u continue to improve.

  3. Fabulous card Enfys - I love that bit of 'net' and the shells.

    Glad you are home and recovering well. I hope you are going to look after those socks...I mean...not everyone has a freebie like that LOL

    Toni xx

  4. Arrgghhh!! Just posted my comment and it didn't post it! Glad to hear you're feeling better, those gowns are awful. In no way, shape or form are they ever well designed! Take care, Karen x

  5. Fabulous card and great to see you haven't lost your sense of humour. You did make me laugh. Have a great day, hugs Christine x

  6. So glad you're back. Stay healthy.

  7. Glad you are feeling better. Love your card & post too. As an RN, it brought back a lot of memories. :)

  8. Great to see you back on form Enfys - oh! how I agree about those damned gowns. Love the card you have made for Kiki, fab colours. Pat x

  9. This card is adorable. Don't ya just love the colors? Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  10. What a cute card and great colors. Kiki is lucky to have such a talented Grandma! Boy have I ever missed your postings....WELCOME BACK!!! Stay well and gentle hugs, Barbara in AZ

  11. Just gorgeous, love Jane x

  12. Oh Enfys it is sooo good to hear your humor was not accidentally snipped...I sit here in the hospital looking up and laughing cause your story is soo true!! LUV your granddaughter's Birthday card!!

  13. So nice to see your back Enfys Gorgeous card and l really love this layout xx

  14. Maryellen WebberFriday, May 24, 2013

    Enfys, Your card is so adorable!
    Kiki will love it! Now, just don't
    misplace it until her birthday. :D
    I agree with you about those awful
    gowns. They actually have improved the gowns here in the US.
    There are snaps in the front to gain access to the chest region and
    they do cover the backside better now too. But they still give out those beige sock here with the non
    skid soles on them. Yuck.
    So very glad you are doing better and I hope and pray the ablation worked for you too!

  15. Hilarious and OH SO TRUE comments about hospitals. Hey, maybe you could do something different, and get a tattoo on your bottom...just in case you have to go back for a second go round!! Then you could chuckle to yourself when you knew they saw your backside and were thinking...WOW!!

  16. I'm sure Kiki will love that card. It's adorable and that bit of burlap does go well with the theme.
    I, too, am an RN from way back and I can't believe how much things have changed since I left hospital nursing. I'd never be able to do it now, not without going through nursing school again.
    Sounds like nothing put a damper on your sense of humor, that's a sure thing!

  17. It's nice to see that your sense of humor and the absurd survived your trip to the hospital! Kiki is going to love her card, the burlap does look like a fishing net. Perhaps you should frame the fugly socks next to one of the infamous gowns? LOL!
    So glad you're back,

  18. Kiki's card is so pretty, and I'm sure any girl would love it! So glad that you are feeling a bit better, and you even have a free pair of socks. Stay on the path to recovery, so you won't need to return for another visit. BethAnn M.

  19. Kiki will love her beautiful card. I know she just adores her Grandma art work. I'm so happy you are on the mend. Hospitals are not fun at all. No wonder my blood pressure jumps sky high whenever I go in for anything. Lately they've been squeezing that BP cup so high it feels like my eyeballs are going to pop out!


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