Sunday, 9 September 2012

Getting Inky

Last week I was messing around with Letraset's Alcohol Inks. Have you ever played with these alcohol inks? You get such great results very quickly for interesting backgrounds, and it's a bit addictive.....

You simply dab the ink onto glossy paper (I used Poundland photo paper), for this first one, I let the inks run, and find their own way around the paper..... 

You get a totally different look if you use foil papers............

For this next one, I sprayed rubbing alcohol (available from Poundland, dollar stores and pharmacy counters) onto the finished piece, it removes the colour and  adds a pleasing starry look to the piece.....

and this one is an explosion of colour, I rather like it as a piece of pop art!

and here's a card made with some finished photo paper. Do you see the crackle finish to the flowers? That happened spontaneously when I used a heat gun to the inked photo paper, no other liquids or expensive crackle paints were used....

We have had a lovely weekend, visiting all our family. I love this photo of Kiki and Monty............

Max and Milo didn't really stay still in one place long enough to have a photo taken, but I did get a shot of their artwork - they decided Pops needed a tattoo, so painted one on his arm (luckily it was water soluble paint)

We baby sat them on Saturday. Three year old Milo wasn't impressed....

Who do you want to read your bedtime story Milo? Me or Pops?


Well, Mummy isn't here darling. Me or Pops?


Daddy isn't here is he?

I read mine own story said the tiny tyrant, shutting his bedroom door very firmly
All was quiet for about five minutes, then footsteps on the stairs....

BE QUIET, I trying to read!

Peace for another five minutes, then more footsteps, and a little hand slipped into mine 

I can't read anymore, I tired of reading now, will you read me "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" please Ma?

Awww, instant heart melting grandmotherly moment...

See you tomorrow


  1. Thanks for sharing your ink results. I'm just beginning to learn/explore this avenue. Not sure I'm going to be a huge success with this outlet! Love your grandbaby story--they do know how to melt your heart, don't they?

  2. These inky pages are fab, they turned out really cool! And your finished card is just gorgeous :) Your grandchild sounds like a right cutie :)

    Tanya xx

  3. Thanks for sharing these heartmelting moments!

    Big Hugs

  4. Aaw! how cute kiddies are - but stubborn too. Love the effects you got with the alcohol inks - great on metal too! Pat x

  5. looks like you had lots of inky stuff...loving the crackle effect on your gorgeous flowers and milo is so funny...little poppet who knows what he wants...hugs kath xxx

  6. I love the look of the foil! I't much more muted. Love the card.
    'Be quiet, I trying to read!' That's too funny. I'm sure y'all were making lots of noise! Lovely pic of Kiki and Monty. Sweet children. Aren't we lucky to have them! TFS Hugs, Jess

  7. Loved you inky backgrounds. Grandkids-they can get away with anything, can't they.

  8. Wow! I love the crackle effect, it reminds me of crocodile skin. Now theres an idea for a kids crocodile card or womans handbag..or shoes..Think you've twisted my arm to give them a try lol xx

  9. Out of the mouths of babes. So cute and so true.

  10. What a lovely technique, must try it myself. The colors are awesome.

  11. Oh I do love the things that alcohol inks do! Beautiful results! Love your card.
    What a wonderful tatto!

  12. That's amazing Enfys, I must have a go with some inks I have.

  13. Love the pretty card, and the "kids" are so cute, I love the conversations you have with them. Missing Florida now, will return in a few short weeks..

  14. Wrapped right 'round their little fingers! And why not, they are adorable and come up with some of the greatest lines. Love the alcohol ink experiments, isn't it Fun! How cool the way that the flowers cracked! Will have to try photo paper see if mine will do that. Thanks for the pictures and the story.

  15. aaah, more cute grandchildren moments - love them! Also love your backgrounds and the card is gorgeous! xx

  16. Ooh En these are really lovely effects and to get that crackle effect just with a heat gun is awesome.
    Kids just have a way of melting your heart don't they, gorgeous photo of Kiki and Monty too.
    Kim xXx

  17. Hi Enfys wow those ink results are gorgeous I love the colours they are just brilliant. Your card is stunning to.
    Yes that sounds like little ones they always manage to bring a smile to your face dont they? hugs Shirleyx

  18. I love stories about your family

  19. Love the pretty card, and the "kids" are so cute, I love the conversations you have with them. Missing Florida now, will return in a few short weeks..


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