Friday, 21 September 2012

Christmas IS coming........

Well, an interesting couple of days here - the laptop continues to be stubborn and   
I can't upload, so the Letraset giveaway will have to wait until next week - worth waiting for though. It's going to be repaired tomorrow, so I will be back in business

In the meantime, here's a Christmas card I made before leaving home, the circle card was cut with Wild Card on the Cricut, I cut another card in white and then snipped a random wavy line so that it looks like sauce on the pudding. The mice were made with circles and ovals from the George cartridge, holly leaves from Christmas Cheer. Mice faces are from Peachy Keen

On a Thursday, I go to meet up with my craft group, and always call them before I leave home to see who wants coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Armed with the list, I go to the drive through. I must stop doing that and go inside, the order is always unrecognizable as the one I gave. A large iced caramel latte, a large hot caramel latte and an iced coffee with cream morphed in a mysterious way into three small hot coffees with no cream. Even when I am face to face with them, as soon as I open my mouth a puzzled look of incomprehension crosses their youthful faces. Now I don't have a strong regional accent, I just speak the Queens English! I found myself yesterday trying to speak in a fake American accent just to make myself understood. I am not sure what part of America I originated from, but it sounded like 'a caarmel cwowffee, iced cwowffee with crem, hod caarmel ladde'. No, they didn't understand that either, sigh, back to speaking very very slowly with a 'watch my lips' look on my face.........


  1. LOL!!! So glad to hear I'm not the only one who has this problem!

  2. Aww.. so adorable card. I love mice :)

  3. Oh En, this is just so cute and easy to make. Yeah! I have all the carts for this so I shall steal your design. Your friend Joan.

  4. En, which number/name stamp set did you use? I went to look and didn't realize Peachy Keen had so many face sets!

  5. That is one adorable card!
    Let me apologize for my ignorant fellow countrymen. I don't understand what it is with people and accents. When I went out to Utah and visited my family there, I had a problem with some of the people, they had a hard time understanding me. Come on!!! I'm only from across the SAME country for crying out loud.
    Here is my suggestion, why not trying to just hand them the list and see if they can get it right if they read it.

  6. Oh Enfys sorry to hear of this l am of the same such an adorable pud and the mice oh so cute!! x

  7. LOL Enfys - you will have to just give them the list. The only accent I ever have problems with is a really strong Northern Irish one.

    Really adorable card xx

  8. Love your Duncan Doughnut stories, I'd say just give them the list, but you might discover that they can't read...sad but true. I've had the same happen to me and I'm born and bred on this side of the pond!!

  9. Oh Enfys! you are so funny when you tell your stories. You may have to resort to writing the order down - hope your handwriting is better than your accent!! Pat x

  10. Lol you want to try speaking with a Northern Irish accent Enfys! I love your card, you are such a genius at getting your little shapes to turn into something brilliant!

  11. En, you never fail me! I always get a huge smile from your posts and often, like today, a belly laugh! The mice are too cute and you continue to amaze with your creative use of every aspect of Cricut cart!
    As for DD: You may want to try an accent like mine....New York! If you ask for cawfee it might work!
    Love ya!
    Sue Brailey

  12. I LOve this card! Very sweet, I will definately steal this one!
    Maybe you should give them a written list. And tell them to mark each cup.
    Or maybe go to a different DD? lol
    Am I the only one who misses your DD Stories? lol
    Big hugs, Jess

  13. This is so adorable, love those little mice
    Lindsay xx

  14. Such an adorable card. I love the mice faces. I think a written coffee list is the way to go. Of course they could mess that up too!

  15. Enfys, I was reading your post through my Email but had to come on here to tell you that you made me really laugh out loud today.
    I just pictured in my head you trying to order and the look on the poor person taking your order.

    By the way I do love your card.
    The mice are adorable.
    Andrea Asher

  16. What a darling card, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Enfys, where do you live in FL? Bill and I now have a place in Bradenton, we might not be far from each other. We'll be down here all winter.
    Sue Painter (scrapspirit)

  17. Idoubt that your English is really the problem! many Americans don't really know their own language...

    Love your card!

  18. This is so beautiful Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  19. Hi En, I can imagine the dissapointment with just a cup of coffee. You were good to try. Can't wait to get to Fla, about a month from now..Norma

  20. Love that you just made your card out of simple shapes, Enfys. How original LOL. Really I think it's great to remember that it's all we need sometimes!

    I remember being in the Virgin Islands (U.S.) and got the same looks when I ordered breakfast, so I tried a caribbean accent. They still didn't understand me and my hubby found it hysterical. Have a spectacular day!


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