Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I haven't taken part in WOYWW for a while because I haven't had much spare time to go around all the blogs, but I am fairly organized this week, so here goes... WOYWW? for those not in the know, it's What's on your workdesk Wednesday, a chance to have a crafty peek at the desks of crafters from all over the world. Here's mine, looking a bit messy (you should see my hands!) as I have been playing with alcohol inks. Love the effects you can get, lost count of the clothes I have had to throw out after using them. My green craft mat has become bent somehow, so has great ridges in it. I have had to take it off the table as it was impossible to work on it. Sigh, that white desk isn't going to stay white for long...........

and since what I have been doing is a bit of a secret, here's a card I made for this month's Papercraft Inspirations magazine, follow the link, they have an amazing offer if you sign up, and you get all sorts of freebies every month......


Random thought of the day, why do weeds grow quicker and stronger than flowers? I mean, you nurture flowers with all sorts of plant food, watering, deadheading etc. Weeds? No attention and they grow by six inches a day. Now if someone could tap into the weed gene pool, we would all save a heck of a lot of money on fertilizers


  1. Good to see you back on WOYWW :D. LOVE your card! I'm impressed your table is still white with all those inks, I know mine would be a kaleidoscope lol. #20

  2. Welcome back, Enfys, and congratulations on a beautiful card! Really pretty.

    Nice busy productive desk this week too.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #10

  3. Welcome back and what a beautiful card you have created. I often wonder about weeds, they are true survivors. I think they have learnt to cope and adapt to whatever life throws their way.
    Sandra @32

  4. Welcome back! Your card is beautiful. About weeds - you are right - what is up with that?!?

    My blog candy is posted so check it out!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #37

  5. oh en thats such a beautiful card en, i love the little gated fence
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  6. beautiful card! happy woyww jenx 60

  7. Lovely to see you back & what a pretty card you have for us today. I don't think I would EVER buy a white desk for my craft room, it's asking for trouble!! Pat x

  8. So sweet! I love that card, with the little flowers poking out thru the fence. I was thinking as I clicked that I hadn't seen you in a while! Welcome back :)

    MA (2)

  9. I love your beautiful card, the gate just waiting to be pushed open and then me to walk in.

  10. Glad you are back... I would have ink everywhere. Really love the card you have made. #22

  11. Nice to see your desk again Enfys and it’s looking as busy as ever. The card you’ve made looks so fresh and bright.
    I agree with you about the weeds. The other thing that always amazes me that their ability to look like the flowers they are growing near in an attempt not to be pulled out…..little blighters.
    Happy Crafting!

  12. welcome back! LOVE the card have a great day

  13. A weed is just a flower by another name. :)

    Your card is lovely

    The bears @#88

  14. This is beautiful Enfys worth the wait xx

  15. I'm about to start playing with alcohol inks for the very first time, so thank you for the timely warning about messiness and clothes!! Such a pretty card... happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  16. I love the inks too. But they are messy! I use a glass mat, it's really easy to clean up. Paper towls, a little water spritz and all gone.
    Lovely card as always En. I just love the look of the little dies!
    TFS Hugs, Jess

  17. Welcome back. I just recently returned too. Just bought several alcohol inks too and love them...need to play with them some more though. Very pretty card you made there too!!Gita #109

  18. Lovely card Enfys - beautiful colours.

    If you have ink all over your hands, "Head & Shoulders" works very well at getting off (mind you, makes you wonder what it does to your hair LOL).

    Toni xx

  19. If you find out about the back and make them stop would you?! Great to see you...did you warp your lovely big mat with the heat gun? I must say your desk looks like a sparkly white lab for now!!

  20. here's another thought about the weed husband goes and grabs up flowers from roadsides and replants them in his wildflower garden where they flourish...the first year. After that they don't do as well enmass but they do bloom all summer instead of just a big spring bloom. Whats up with that? If you lay your mat out in the sun it will lay back flat again. Here in OK it only took a couple of hours for mine to reshape. I have to do it often because of hitting it frequently with the heat tool warps it!! Love the card! Vickie #38

  21. You are so right about weeds. Remember though that the defination of a weed is any plant that is not where you want it to be. Also remember one year of weeds = 7 years of seeds.

  22. Oh how adorable! I love your card so much. ♥
    And you're SO right about the weeds! lol

    Kisses from Egypt. xx
    Roudi # 129

  23. Thank you so much, Enfys! So excited and went cover to cover looking for your designs and they'll all so beautiful! Next time will take my time paging through looking at all the detail of everyone'.s card

  24. I am so with you on the whole weed thing. They even seem to grow in the middle of Winter when everything else just stays put.
    Love the card.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  25. Lovely card, really enjoying all the die cuts used.
    As for your mat and seeing that heat gun there on your desk I am guessing you have done what I did and got it a little too close, my warped and ended up in the bin.
    Kim xXx

  26. Welcome back to WOYWW. I'm getting around a little late this week! Love love love your card. It's so delicate!

    Amy E. #4

  27. I missed last week but managed it this week. Your card is gorgeous! I hope you had fun with your inks and didn't ruin any more clothes! Maybe an apron is called for? xx


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