Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Some Elegant Edges

Here's one for Papercraft Inspirations magazine - the quick cards section, my brief was birthday cards with gifts. I used the Martha Stewart present punch. It's well worth subscribing to this site, you get loads of ideas, and free downloads each month. The free papers in the magazine are available to print as well

I saw a post on the Cricut message board about the borders from the Elegant Edges cartridge. Someone was having problems cutting them, I decided to cut them all at 1" to give me a reference as to size. The book gives no indication how long they will be, and as you will see, they vary enormously. I have laid them on a sheet of 12 x 12 paper for the photographs, ten cuts to a page, corresponding to the rows on the overlay 

Row one, cut one is at the top, then cut 2 below it and so on

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

Row 5

There are some very pretty borders here, I particularly like the loopy one in row 2,  the scalloped semi circles in row three, and the very first one in row one. None of these cuts have been manipulated in the Gypsy, they are straightforward cuts, all at 1". A couple of them tore quite badly, they were very detailed tiny cuts, but on the whole they cut well, and I got a lot of ideas about using them as I went along

I have been glued to the Olympics, watching sports that I have never seen before, and becoming an instant expert. 'Oh no' I groan 'he should have kept his shoulders down on that forward roll, he will be marked down for that'...... It's all very exciting, I am cheering for team GB of course, but loud cheers for the American and Canadian teams from me as well. The commentators do say some idiotic things though. 'A once in a lifetime opportunity that won't happen very often' burbled one. Well no!
 'She started before she finished, so she will have to start again then finish'  chirped another voice. Eh?

It's almost as much fun listening out for ridiculous remarks as it is watching the sport. I am quite exhausted just from watching and listening, I need to get fit to watch the track and field events!

I'll leave Humphrey singing on here for a few days before taking the link off, personally I am loving hearing the children whenever I pop over.

See you tomorrow with the winner of  July's challenge 


  1. Haven't commented on your last post like I wanted to, but as usual, you have the best way of making the absolutely funniest post about special events and everyday life!!! I too have been sporadically watching the Olympics (while I cook, create, clean). I agree..the commentator's comments

    are so ridiculous sometimes. And I have also been "talking" to the athletes as the compete!

    Fantastic job by the mens GB gymnastic team...enjoyed seeing William & Phillip in the audience!!

    Anyway..the post I wanted to comment on was your Cricut Frenzy and how your Gypsy was resurrected by the TV do you fall into these wonderful repairs???

    By the way..your card on this post was just elegant!! I loved it!!

  2. What a gorgeous card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  3. Gosh those edges do vary a lot in length...I wouldn't have stopped to think about that.

    I've only caught bits of the Games but I thought it was lovely that Princess Anne gave Zara a kiss as she presented the medals - a proud Mum moment.

    Toni xx

  4. Hi Enfys, oh wow what a fabulous card, love all your diecut pressies. And yes Humphrey singing is just gorgeous. hugs Shirleyxxx

  5. Hi Enfys, Gorgeous work again as always, xx

  6. Thanks for posting this! I love this cart and your photos will help me out a lot!

  7. Hi Enfys, good to hear from you. Yes, I am still in Australia. In Perth until Friday and then Brisbane until 13th Aug, then back to Scotland.
    Can't believe I am here during the Olympics though. As far as the coverage of the Games goes in Australia, there is only one team competing - Australia
    Their coverage is so self centred down here it's sickening.....
    Having lived here for 12 years I was finally glad to be back in the UK for the BBC coverage of the Games, and then what happens - I'm back in Oz. Isn't life funny....
    Thank God I have my lap top with me (not like LA - hee hee, learnt that lesson) so I can watch some of the events on that.
    Love reading your comments on your posts (I do visit on a regular basis)and your cards are always great.
    Your Grandies are growing like weeds - life is good.
    Thanks for coming by to visit Enfys - 'talk' again soon... Hugs Jane xx

  8. What gorgeous card Enfys and in such beautiful colours, love the designs of the edges
    Great games and we get to see the lot in Bahrain fantastic.

    Hugs Linda

  9. Hi Enfys, I love listening to the choir... voices of angels. It is so exciting for Humphrey. I know what you mean about becoming experts of the Olympics. I watch it in the middle of the night... I think my husband is about to go sleep in the guest room soon.

  10. thank you for cutting those edges and showing us! for some reason, looking at the little keypad (or gypsy) is not quite the same as seeing it in paper! :)

    Love your card!

  11. Fabulous Enfys!! I pinned it so I can find it quickly!

  12. I am going to have to bookmark this so I can refer to it and I am sure it will make use my EE cartridge more. Tell Humphrey to keep up the good work TFS

  13. Hello love. As far as I am concerned you should keep Humphrey on there forever. Who could get tired of hearing those little angles. Great commentary in your usual wonderful humor. Hugs Joan

  14. Oh I forgot. Regarding the edges the chart is great. I love design studio as you can see how each cut will look and the exact size. It was worth the investment. Joan

  15. Hey En, I can't hear Humphrey? I don't see a link either? What do I have to do to hear his song?
    Love this card. Very cut idea with tha pressies. Thanks a bunch Hugs, Jess

  16. Thanks for putting up that gorgeous music. Just beautiful!
    I've been watching the Olympics when I can and loving it. I'm cheering for the same teams, but of course for me USA is my #1 choice. Since I live about 15 minutes from Canada, I'm pretty partial to them too. And of course the UK is a big deal, as it is one of my favorite places to visit. I was so excited when GB men won a medel in gymnastics, you'd have thought it was the USA. LOL!
    And how about that women's USA gymnastics team and Michael Phelps and those swimmers. It's all very exciting.

  17. Great card. Love all the paper on the gifts. I have to dig that punch out.

    Also, thanks for posting those boarder cuts. I can't believe how much their lengths vary.

  18. beautiful voice!!!!! I'll keep returning..just so I can hear him again...yes we do get involved as though we are experts...don't we??
    thanks for taking the time and showing us the border cute..great to know...OH! I'll be back

  19. I so love that card! Think I must seek out the punch would be really useful. I have been watching sport I have never watched before too and loving it! I am going to listen more closely to the commentators now - I need a good laugh! xx

  20. What a great idea to cut out each of the borders as a reference. I would have a lot of wasted paper if it wasn't for my Gypsy. These borders are a great example why.
    Thanks for sharing.


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