Sunday, 22 July 2012


Ever heard of Safmat? It's a transparent printable film that you can apply to almost anything, the only limitation is your imagination.............. go and see how I made this candle HERE

Ever wonder what the inside of a Gypsy looks like? I thought I had nothing to lose, it's broken anyway, and got the back off mine.............

and found this little thing rolling about inside. Now all I need is a chap with a soldering iron and a knowledge of circuit boards. Well, it's worth a try! 

Our daughter is home for the weekend, so lots of chat, shopping and fun, but I'll be back tomorrow with a giveaway


  1. Hope you manage to get the Gypsy fixed.

    Fab idea for using the safmat - I use it a lot for scrapbooking but had never thought to use it for candles or cardmaking.

    Karen x

  2. Oh dear Enfys, its a shame I didnt live a bit closer Im sure my hubby might have been able to help you. Love your candle. hugs Shirleyxx

  3. Good luck with that circuit board! Got to go check out that safmat.
    Judy in Wisconsin

  4. oooh en its beautiful! you are so clever.
    Scott has a soldering iron....:)
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. l so love your candle and hopefully there will be someone out there to fix your Gypsy take care and enjoy your time with your daughter:)x

  6. Love both the candle you did, they certainly make lovely gifts.
    I hope you find a man with a plan soon.
    Kim xXx

  7. wow your candle is stunning huni and i do hope you get some help to fix your Gypsy xx

  8. Love your candle, En.... and boy are you adventurous, looking at the inside of your Gypsy. Isn't technology fabulous?... just look at all that tiny stuff that makes a Gypsy sing. Well....SOME gypsys, that is. Did you get a new one?

  9. That Safmat is cool stuff and I love the candle you made. It looks so easy to use and very versatile. Good luck with Gypsy! Looks scary to me! Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments xx

  10. You are one brave chic to prop open that Gypsy! Hope you get it working soon - do tell us when you do.

    I've never heard of safmat before bit will be looking into it. Love the candle you made.

  11. So sorry about your Gypsy Enfys. Looking at it's innards is like trying to read a foreign language to me.

    BTW ... is that blue thing the battery? If so, can you possibly read a batter number on it? If I can posssibly find it available anywhere, I'd sure like to pick up a spare (just in case).



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