Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pretty Little Prints.......

The latest genius idea from Craftwork Cards is 8 x 8 sheets of embossed frames, all nesting inside each other, pop out and use whichever size you want. For this card, I took the very largest frame, ran double tape around the edges and backed it with one of the new 'pretty little prints' papers....they are actually the weight of a light cardstock, which is why I was able to use them for this card, and as always, all the colours blend perfectly. I realised afterwards that this particular embossed card  could double for Christmas, but hey, it looks good with flowers as well.... 

I added a spray of flowers and leaves, punched from two of the co-ordinating papers, and added a bit of bling................

Here's what the card looks like opened - pretty on the back as well as the front! I cut the smaller frame in half, as I can find plenty of uses for a half frame! I am working on more cards with this kit, so watch this space

If you are at CHA (lucky things) be sure to pop and see  Richard, Sue and Julie on the Craftwork Cards stand. I hear it looks very pretty!

Disaster has struck! My Gypsy has died. I tried to connect it to my Cricut, and the little connector just wasn't there, a shake and a peer showed it rattling about inside the machine. It really is a bit of a blow for me, I use the Cricut a lot, quite often just for cutting cards, borders, scalloped rectangles etc, and about 90% of my cartridges are back in the USA. Luckily I bought about a dozen of my newest ones home with me, but it's irritating. I guess a loooong phone call to Cricut support will be the next thing to cope with.

The sun shone today. Breaking news - it was out for about an hour, unfortunately I was tied up (not in a 50 shades of grey way you understand, just busy) and missed it. By the time I went to Sainsburys it was gone, never to reappear - well, not today anyway

Sigh, tomorrow is another day. See you then x


  1. So sorry about the Gypsy...I have one and dont use it any. Sad...I love the card of course I love purple....Hope the weather improves for you. We had brown grass now turning green but cannot mow for the rain..............

  2. Dear Enfys,

    You will get a good giggle about this - I decided to check on your blog today and immediately got another case of the laughing-out-louds with the memory of that precious story of your grandsons telling what they wanted to be - something with fighting and the little one saying a ballerina! I guess not having little ones in my life right now I miss their point of view on life - so genuine and fun! There is nothing like having a little one in your life. I feel some volunteer time in a preschool coming up.

    I love your card today, so beautiful and delicate!


    Janette Schulte

  3. Great idea with the frames & the paper is scrumptious. Pat x

  4. Hi Enfys I hope you sort out your Gypsy, at the moment mine wont connect to the program on my computer, not sure why.
    Love your card design, it looks gorgeous. hugs Shirleyxx

  5. Your card is so adorable! Love all the color combos. Hope you get a Gypsy replacement soon. Big hugs!

  6. Tomorrow is another day... Shall I call you Scarlett? lol Lovely card! I think it would do wellfor Christmas too.
    How did the cord get inside your cricut? My Gypsy died last year and PC replaced it!!! Hooray for the best customer service in the world!
    Good luck my friend. Hugs Jess

  7. Oops, I reread your post and I see what you mean, it wasn't the cord,it was the little connector thingy on the cricut. I hope you have no trouble getting it fixed! Hugs, Jess

  8. Such a pretty card Enfys.

    Hope you get your Gypsy sorted.

    Toni xx

  9. Hang in there Enfys, the sun will come back and shine just for you! Hope you are not on the line too long with PC. Love your card.

  10. I love your pretty card today. I think you must've found your mojo after all. Sorry to hear about your Gypsy! Good thing you have a few cartridges to tide you over. Good luck with customer service!

  11. Gorgeous card! Hope your Gypsy gets sorted xx

  12. Hi Enfys, Oh l do hope you can get it fixed or will it be a new one?!! greeat card and a lovely layout too:)x

  13. Oh no not the Gypsy, hope you have better luck with PC than I did I was hanging on for nearly 30 minutes only to be cut off when they finally answered.
    Love the card, the frames and colours are gorgeous.
    Kim xXx

  14. What a lovely card! I love the colors and the shape and well, just everything. And those little gingham leaves.....precious!
    Sorry to hear about the Gypsy, hope they can tell you that it will be fixed pretty quick.

  15. Beauty of a card and wonderful paper.


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Enfys x