Saturday, 14 July 2012

Happy Baby Naming Day.....

All the posts I scheduled to cover my travelling days have gone missing, so here's a sneaky peek at one of my cards published in this month's Papercraft Inspirations magazine - loads of inspiration this month, just as it says on the box! The Freebie with the magazine this month, is a very useful set of printed shrink plastic, can't wait to play with that

Look out for this new book as well, there are lots and lots of my cards in there, it was fun to see them all again.......

including this one, it's another baby card, made with punched hippos.....

Well, we are home, and I seem to have lost the sunshine I packed. It's poured with rain since we got home.
The journey was, as always, tedious and boring, but not without a bit of light relief. In the airports, they all seem to vary a little, the security lines are longer each time we fly. This time, in Newark, they have introduced a new instruction, to add to the barked 'take your belt off' 'empty your pockets' 'place your laptop in a separate container' -  'those over 75 years of age need not take off their shoes'...........WHAT? Is there something we don't know? Do people who do nasty evil things on planes retire at 75? Who on earth decided that anyone over 75 was incapable of hiding heaven knows what in their sturdy walking boots? Bizarre. So shoes off, pockets empty, belts off, we march through a little tunnel and the bracelet that didn't cause a problem in Tampa sets off a series of alarms.

A serious breakfast conversation between Max age 5, Milo age 3 and their Mummy. They were talking about important jobs, and she was telling them about doctors, lawyers, firemen, policemen etc, then asked them what they wanted to be:
Max: Anything with lots of fighting
Milo: Ballerina
Right, that's them sorted hooligan and Billy Elliot!

See you tomorrow 


  1. I had the best laugh I have had in a longtime - still giggling as I type - at Max and Milo's conversation and the ballerina comment together with the "lots of fighting" comment! I would have loved to see Mummy's expression at that point! I hope she doesn't take it too seriously - kids are just kids and make some incredibly funny comments sometimes. I just love the way their little minds work in such different ways than ours as adults. You do have an incredible sense of humor!

    I wanted to ask - I love the baby naming day card, so beautiful. Could you explain the tradition for those of us in the US, what the day entails typically? Sounds wonderful to me.


    Janette S.

    P.S. Still laughing!!!

  2. Oh Enfys, how frustrating when you have taken the time to organise stuff and then it doesn't happen.

    Toni xx

  3. Oh, it's great to have you back with your funny posts Enfys! I love both cards but especially the hippos - perhaps I can empathise with them coz of their size... Pat x

  4. You gotta' love the kids!!! Max and Milo sound so much like my grandsons - enjoy them 'cause they are growing up so fast!

    Glad you had a safe trip - and I loved the "over 75" security issue - I'm not there yet, but even at that age I could figure out how to hide something!! LOL!


  5. I love both cards but I think I love reading about Max and Milo's conversation just as much! Always enjoy a good laugh!

  6. LOL, cute about the boys. I love kids. Glad your trip went without serious incident. I don't know about the over 75's. But I have bad feet,(Neuropathy, nerve damage,due to bad back) so if, or when I fly again, it will be hard for me to take off and put on my shoes. I think I'll have to go around in my stocking feet until I get to baggage claim. lol- They'll get over it...I think. lol Cute cards, I'm going to look for the book. TFS Hugs, Jess

  7. great to have you back on this side of the pond...hugs kath xxx

  8. Its quite insulting really to the over 75s if you think about it!! I always love what the little people say xx


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