Thursday, 19 July 2012

Another Day.....

Here's a couple of cards that were made for a past commission for Papercraft Inspirations/Quick Cards. My brief was humorous female birthday cards, these fall into the mildly amusing bracket rather than roll around on the floor laughing category......

Talking of amusing, my darling kids have a very acute sense of (dark) humour. can't think where they get it from. I posted on Facebook about my Gypsy dying on me, and had an email from middle sprog....
'Mum, what's all this about? Is Gypsy your pet name for Dad? Some people are posting condolences' Yes, yes, very funny Edward................

So mojo still missing, the rain is still raining, and now a crown has fallen off my tooth. I go today to have it fixed, £400! Ah well, tomorrow is yet another day.........


  1. Enfys! My friend! Long time no talk! Yet, always inspiring! I have been viewing your work! As always, beautiful! I hope all is well! :o)

  2. Well. I could say that it never rains, but that it pours. However I won't, lol. Keeping my fingers crossed that ya'll get a break from the rain, maybe even a touch of sun. Commiserations on the Gypsy and the tooth. Hang in there!

  3. gorgeous card en...crikey the gypsy...the tooth and the never ending rain...what's the world coming to...hugs kath xxx

  4. gorgeous cards En!! love the little mice with the champagne overflowing!!
    ack on the gypsy hun :( and oh my gosh major ack on the crown hun thats a lot of pennies :(
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Both cards are cool but I specially love the one with the mice! Typical kids! What a pain about your tooth, dentists are never poor!!! xx

  6. Great card, hope the dentist is gentle with you today!

  7. Oh my Heaven's! 400Pounds!!! I thought you had gov't funded medicine in the UK? Or doesn't that cover special stuff or even dentists? Wow That's as bad as over here! Tell the dentist that he must make it painless. Since he's charging so much!
    Lol funny about the Gypsy condolances...and your special name for dad!!!!! lolol now that's funny, Love both cards. I have the same paper that's on the first one! TFS Hugs, Jess

  8. Love your work and enjoy your stories!
    had to look up 'sprog'!
    thanks for increasing my vocabulary!

  9. Yes, I know where Edward gets his sense of humor. I'm so sorry about your rain. It's been gloomy in western Wasington all summer too. Your card is gorgeous.

  10. Oh, first the Gypsy, now the crown. Hope things start working out better soon.
    Love the cards, especially the one from the size 8 friends. Love it! I may just have to lift that idea!


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