Sunday, 25 March 2012

Flowers for a Flower Club

 I was asked by my sister if I would do a cardmaking session at her flower club, it's only a small club, about fifteen ladies, only one was a cardmaker. So it was a bit of a challenge to come up with some designs for them to make that were easy, but that they would get satisfaction from the finished articles. I thought since it was a flower arranging club, that all the cards should be floral. Here's what I came up with:

A crumpled punched flower.......

A bit of colouring......

and some stamping.......this was the one that caused most problems. There was an old dear of ninety-odd there, she liked the stick on paper flowers, so sat happily sticking about twenty assorted blooms on her card - there were more flowers on it than the Chelsea Flower Show, I had to hide them in the end so that there were some left for the others!

They all seemed to enjoy it, and a few of them said they wanted to take up the hobby

I had a good time at the Craft Show - I took some photos of the goodies I found, but haven't had time to edit them yet. I came home with rather a lot of junk crafty stuff, heaven knows where I will find a home for it.

A couple of gems from my gem of a grandson, four-soon-to-be-five Max

Daddy, can we have a wishing well in the garden
No, they are in special places. Do you remember we saw one on holiday?
What are they for?
Well, you wish that someone who is poorly will be better, or that countries will stop fighting each other.....
Oh............I wished I could be a secret agent

(obviously philanthropic thoughts haven't entered the four year old mind yet...)

The next night, there was another conversation at bedtime
Daddy, at Christmas I heard Rudolph!
Wow! Children never hear Rudolph because Santa knows when you are asleep
Well, I was asleep, pretending to be awake

Work that one out! 


  1. Great job on coming up with cards for the flower club. It's always a MAJOR challenge to come up with good looking cards that can be made by those with NO experience in paper crafting. Gotta love kids and the things that they say!

  2. Lovely simple card for the flower club. The kiddies stories are so cute, I have a 5yr old grandson, that comes up with some super ones too.

  3. Love the cards you came up with for the flower ladies! Simple enough to make, but pretty impressive. I always love when I introduce someone to a hobby and they love it.
    That little guy is a hoot! I love hearing the stories about your grands!

  4. Oh wow Em these are just amazing, kiddies stories are so cute too!:)xx

  5. Lovely cards. I guess the old dear just loved flowers;) Max is such a cutie, so creative just like his Gran. TFS

  6. I can see why the flower club would have enjoyed your cardmaking session with them ... each one is so fun and creative, and so useful for them as well.

    OMG ... your little Max is such a delight ... it's so fun to hear of the wonderful thoughts of a 5 year old ... their minds are amazing! It kind of gives you a new perspective on life, doesn't it!


  7. What great cards En and well done on your cardmaking class, I bet you had great fun and all your ladies enjoyed themselves.
    Max x

  8. Great cards you designed for the flower club. I cracked up reading about your grandson. You can tell he is always thinking. Love the way his mind works.

  9. Out of the mouths of babes comes so much knowledge, doesn't it. You gave those ladies so much fun. Some of them probably didn't know they could arrange paper flowers as well.

  10. What a wonderful thing for you to do for the flower club!

    Little ones have such imaginations! I love to sit and talk with the wee ones, Enfys!


  11. Out of the mouths of babes. Priceless!!!

    Dianne Bell -

  12. I sleep at work and pretend I'm awake all the time! Love the cards

  13. I so love Max's comments! Your cards are fab too - it sounds like you had fun xx

  14. Fabulous cards, bet the ladies had fun. Love your Max stories, wonder what he will grow up to be?


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