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Monday, 9 January 2012

Oh dear......

No card from me today, I have been far too busy sorting and shopping. I needed to go to Poundland among other places, and look what I found, some plastic document cases - see what I did with them later in the week. The packing tape was essential, I send off so many parcels, and I always get my foam pads from there, a bargain at £1

My 1 1/2" circle punch has broken, so I needed to replace that - unfortunately, not in Poundland

and here is my crafty cupboard BEFORE I started organising it. Hmmm.....

I finally got around to labelling all my distress ink pads - yes I know they should be neatly typed, but Martha Stewart isn't going to come around for tea any day soon, and as long as I can read them without trawling through the entire pile, which is what I have been doing, it works for me

Random thoughts from my shopping trip:

Why do Poundland sell condoms and pregnancy testing kits right next to the baby supplies, and on the same subject, would you really trust condoms and pregnancy testing kits from Poundland, and it's a bit unnerving that they sell one for prevention, and one for results right next to each other.....My advice is to stick to the cheap foam pads, go to Boots the chemist for your other supplies

Why are walking shoes called walking shoes? What are other shoes for? Tap dancing? Climbing? Running a marathon?

See you tomorrow, when order will be restored to the CC (crafty cupboard) and for the first time in my entire life I will be able to reach for exactly what I want when I need it.........   


  1. I love Poundland! I always buy my foam pads there too. I bought some CD racks I have used on my desk which I showed off yesterday, I have some of those document holders too but not from Poundland :-(

  2. Ah bless you, what a busy woman you've been. Must be the time of year as I am reorganising the old crafty cupboard as I can't find anything. You're right the foam pads are fab from poundland, must pay them a visit soon to top up.Hope you're fine Mrs.Love Debbie x

  3. Oh wow Enfys youve really got me thinking about condoms and pregnancy tests, not that I need them now, but maybe I will go to Boots for foam tape you never know they might just have some.
    Love your new goodies and are waiting to see what yovue got in store for them, I use them for my Grand dies and masks. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  4. oh theres nothing like a poundland womble!!!
    and your craft desk looks lovely hun...just like mine!! :)
    huge hugs Lou xxxx

  5. Love your ponderings Enfys, I too wonder why. Cant wait to see what you make.

  6. Foam pads from Poundland are fab - I've tried Poundworld & the 99p store ones and they aren't anywhere near as good.

    Toni xx

  7. Well when you are don organizing you can come to my place and start.....
    I couldn't help but wonder, since I don't run, walk or dance would that mean I would be wearing sitting shoes? hmmm you reall started me thinking...

  8. Great organisational skills Enfys, but I can see you are just as mucky as the rest of us lol. Dying to know what you do with the plastic storage! I buy my sticky squares there too, excellent value, also use their uhu glue:) I had the exact same reaction as you when I saw the condoms, would you trust them??

  9. Since I live in the US I have never seen a Poundland, but it sounds like my kind of place. Maybe like our Dollar Stores? They sell pregnancy and ovulation kits there too. Really, trust checking for pregnancy when the kit costs $1.00. Don't think so!
    I keep organizing and reorganizing and I never seem to be able to keep it that way. I have a whole room, but my systems aren't very efficient. In my dreams, I would have a much larger, more organized room and know where everything is. You noticed I said in my dreams, ain't never gonna happen!

  10. Hi Enfys,I seriously need to tidy my craftroom too.I love poundland too, made me chuckle about the condoms and pregnancy tests they cant be anygood surely.
    I,m looking forward to seeing what you do with the document folders??
    Trish (-:

  11. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the US...so I have no idea what Poundland is and would love to discuss the rest of your "random thoughts" from your shopping trip!!!


  12. Foam pads for a pound? Sounds like my kind of store. To bad we don't have it in the US, none of my dollar stores have foam pads. As for the organization...must say it looks rather familiar as it is now! As for being able to reach for anything you want right off and find it...well...have to say my first reaction is dream on! Even when I organize, then I can't remember where I put it and reach for where it used to be!

  13. I think you should come and organize my space when your done. Hubby is in Mylasia for the month. Think of all the crafting fun we could have. I have tons of wine! it would be a hoot!

  14. Great tip for the pads I will have to have a look. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the document files, I think we are all in tidy mode just now, I am having a go myself, but it's going so slowly.

  15. Your desk looks like mine right now. We only have Dollar Tree stores so I haven't been to a Poundland. Sounds like my kind of store though. Your thoughts are worth thinking about. Hummm, an excuse not to clean.

  16. Love the idea of making the stamp pads. I'm always, always shuffling through them to find the one I want, over and over again >.< I'll have to do this!


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x