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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Shoes from Gypsy and some Christmas Puds

This card, using my favourite of the moment, kraft card, was made using the Christmas rectangles, a new release from Lily-Boo, pop over and take a look, there are the sweetest little fat robins in the set as well. The papers I used are by Mambi, the holly leaves were cut from the paper, so this really was a quick little card to add to my Christmas pile

This next one was made with the first cuts I made with my new Gypsy, the shoes are from Gypsy wanderings, cut at 3". The border punch is one of the new deep border punches by Martha (I use so much of her stuff, that I feel I know the woman well enough now to call her by her first name.................). The sentiment is from the shoe set by MFT stamps

The shoes were 'cuttlebugged' to give them some texture
A lot of you have said that you are waiting for my Gypsy review, and to see what I come up with. I will try to explain where I am coming from with this gadget, and hope it makes sense. I own, but have never used, Design Studio, all my Cricut cards are made by the 'cut and glue' method. To be totally honest, as I don't have time to scrapbook much, and so don't need welded phrases and titles, I have never seen the benefit, or had the time, to spend ages designing, say, a branch with a bird on it, when I can just go ahead and cut the branch and stick the bird on with a glue dot. This method has served me well for the past four years. Another reason for NOT using design studio was lack of space in my crafting areas, I just didn't have the space to conveniently hook up the Cricut to a computer for cutting.

As you know, I live in two places, the UK and Florida, three months in each place, so four times a year, all my cartridges (I have about 35) and all the overlays, and some of the handbooks, get loaded into my hand luggage (I can't check them in, too worried the bags will get lost) and off we all go across the Atlantic again. The gypsy is obviously made for me, just for easy access and storage of cartridges.

However, I am a creature of habit, and at the moment, I am finding the whole thing of design studio (because that's what the gypsy is, a small, portable design studio) a bit of a chore. It is so much easier to load the cartridge and mat into the machine, press cut, and away you go. Instead of which, even for a straightforward cut, you have to manipulate the image on a virtual mat and so on. I need to use it regularly, and I know that this will become second nature to me in a very short time, the catch 22 here being that I am reluctant to upload any cartridges into the machine until I am totally confident that I will get to that 'second nature' stage.

So if you are waiting for 'cut files' of complicated, or even non-complicated design from me, I don't think that will ever happen, I really think that I will just be cutting and glueing in the same old way forever. I quite fancy flipping images to make shaped cards, but that's the height of my ambition...... Those of you who know my work, know that I tend to use the Cricut in conjunction with other mediums, like stamps, rather than as an entity in itself.

Having said all this,( so that you understand how totally non-techy I am), the Gypsy is light, comfortable to hold, I love having access to all the cartridges in one place, and being able to see what is on the cartridges I don't own, so that my next purchase will be much more informed than in the past. I found the whole starting-up installation of the Gypsy sync
programme and the updating of the cricut machine quick, easy and painless. It has a facility to flip the screen for left-handers (me) which is great. The battery life seems good. It will be great not to have to load cartridges and search out the overlays, although the time saved by this will be negated by the time spent on the virtual image before cutting. The screen size is about the size of a nintendo DS screen, and I have been able to cope with that okay. It is small enough to hook up to my Cricut machine without compromising my crafting space. A downside is that I found it impossible to see the screen in bright sunlight, even though I adjusted the settings and brightness.

Will I keep it? I'm pretty sure I will. Would I buy it if I lived in one place and didn't want to design complicated cuts? No. Would I buy it if I still worked and wanted to do some crafting in my lunch hour? Probably. Would I buy it if I went to a lot of crops? Possibly
So, as requested, that's my assessment so far, but please bear in mind that everyone's crafting needs/habits/ambitions are different, so you will have to weigh up the options according to your own needs.


  1. Very good review on the gypsy Enfys... and I love love those red shoes.. very cute. (as always)

  2. Love the cards En. Those new rectangles from Lily-Boos are killer aren't they? And your shoes are so glam! They look like red alligator. Thanks also for your take on the gypsy. I don't do a lot of complicated, welded images either but I find that with the gypsy I can easily lay out several cuts on the mat, put down the different color papers and cut it all out at one time.

  3. What wonderful cards Enfys!! I love the texture you put on those shoes. Thanks for sharing your opinion on the Gypsy......I can't afford one, but if I could, I don't know if I would get one or not.

    Amy ♥

  4. Thanks for sharing your designs and your input on the Gypsy. I have CDS and the Gypsy and am loving both. If you have a moment, I'd love for you to visit my blog.

    Your blog is great...love your work!!!


  5. I love, love, love your shoes!!! I don't own a Cricut, although I'm thinking about it. So was interested to read your review of possible extras. Heck I didn't own a Cuttlebug till this summer and now I've gone nuts for the Nesties! It's always just been me and my stamps, stamps, and more stamps!!!

  6. These cards are just wonderful! Love love the shoes. That embossing folder is just perfect for the texture on those shoes! Your review of the gypsy is great! I can't afford one right now, and keep going back & forth on if I really want one. I like to see the views of those of you that have one. Love the Christmas Pud card! Great color!

  7. wow lovely cards I love those shoes I cant wait to get my Gypsy it has been shipped.Thankyou for sharing your opinion of the gypsy I am hoping you can deleated parts of an image like you can on ds.
    By the way your little grandchildren are growing up fast they are all so cute xx

  8. Thank you Enfys for the that right up on the Gypsy, I also bought one yesterday while at the NEC and Im still trying to handle it, its obviously got to be easier than the Design Studio which I do have, but as Ive just change my computer, Ive lost one of them as you carnt transfer the licence, and I dont wish to have to buy another cd just to get another one.
    Anyway I love the shoes will have to have alook on my gypsy to find them, youve definitely given me inspiration to give it a go. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  9. Love the shoes En! I've decided no Gypsy for now (maybe Copics first-hope Santa is listening-LOL!) but you're assessment is great. Happy Sunday...Kris

  10. Well En, at least you got a new pair of shoes out of it! LOL Darling cards. I've yet to own the new gadget and probably won't, at least for awhile. At first the capabilities weren't there, and as I am also a creatiure of habit I'm perfectly happy with my DS. No work, and few crops. At least you have something to play with on the plane back and forth though. xxD

  11. these are both wonderful, love those shoes but the Christmas card is so very sweet also. Great colors. Hugs

  12. Loving these cards - they are fab - loving the killer heels
    love tasha xx

  13. well, tho you didn't "sell" me on it (i'll stick with my big shot - lol), you have done an absolutely fabulous job with it. and i just LOVE those shoes!!!!


  14. What's the phrase.... "You can face anything with the right shoes"
    I love that card. I always love your creations.
    I think I agree with you about the Gypsy. That said, I do think it's perfect for you. Not having to transport all your carts with you, would make your travel so much easier.
    I don't have DS, for the same reason you don't use yours.
    I'm sure you'll learn how to use your Gypsy as you travel back home. And by the time you come back to the states you'll be a pro!
    Enjoy and happy creating!

  15. Oh, AI love the shoes. That looks like the perfect card for my daughter. Thank you also for your review of the Gypsy. Lots of things to think about though I don't have the $$$$ for another crafting toy right now.

  16. En, I appreciate your opinion of the Gypsy. I don't think that I will ever buy it. I have played around with Design Studio only a handful of time and like you I find loading a mat and making a cut much easier. Plus I don't have an extra $300 bucks lyin' around for that little gizmo. That's a lot of carts...LOL Anyway I love your cards. Pop over and see my wreaths.

  17. Gorgeous cards!!! I like the colors you used on both. They really pop. The fancy shoes are awesome!

  18. Love your card and the texture you used is perfect for shoes. Thanks for your review on the Gypsy. I would love to see the Gypsy with the capability to hook to the computer like the Jukebox and be able to have the option of manually selecting the images, speed, pressure and being able to cut on the cricut.

    Partyoffive Cricut MB

  19. I've always liked that Cuttlebug texture on the shoes. Very nice!

    My story is exactly the same with the gypsy. I have DS, but never used it, I have no room for a computer in my crafting area, I don't scrapbook, & I like to flip the shapes to make cards, but it's nice to have all the carts there & portable. I just need to find time to upload them all. I'm also glad they still work in the cricut once they're uploaded, so I don't HAVE to use the gypsy if I don't want to.

  20. LOVE those red shoes! and your assessment of DS AND the gypsy is word for word my thoughts on both of them. i am trying to get a little more into DS but i agree - i am going to stick them together with glue right......

  21. Love your creations, Enfys. Do drop by my little blog some time. :-)



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Enfys x