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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Candy Store

Something new today, these stamps are by Art Impressions, you buy a door, and a window, then there are sets of stamps that go to make up the scene. So on this one, all the candy stuff, the name on the window, the bubble gum machine are from the candy store set. I also got a couple more storefronts. Such a novel idea. I kept the base card plain, just stamped the awning onto some striped paper and at the last minute sewed and inked around the edges.
The lantern and bubble gum machine are popped up with foam pads
I have been busy making a start on my christmas shopping, I love finding things for the children. Kiki's wish list includes a real live big dog, which for practical reasons she will not be getting this year. So I found an interactive dog that obeys voice commands - sit, sleep, roll over etc. It will play tug of war, and rather irritatingly bark along to the tune of 'how much is that doggie in the window'
So I went on Amazon to see if there were any reviews, and to my utter delight there was an indignant review from a woman who had bought one for her child and discovered a hidden feature, not advertised on the box. In her words the puppy 'passes gas' (it then woofs apologetically afterwards) She was really annoyed about this. Personally I think that I would have bought the toy JUST for that feature, and Kiki, who at the age of five has a school playground fascination with jokes about 'bottoms and poo' will love it.

I was chatting to Jenny Dixon, the editor of Papercraft Inspirations yesterday about future commissions, and she whispered that there are some exciting new ideas in the pipeline - more of that at another time. The next issue is out on the 23rd, and the christmas free gift is some acrylic stamps, so be sure to hotfoot it over to Tesco's or Smith's before it sells out like this months did, they didn't even have any left in the office, so my copy didn't arrive and I have had friends trawling the shops trying to get me a copy. I suppose I will see it in Joannes here in the US in December (it's a month late here).


  1. YUMMIE great store!!!
    bye bye,Lean.

  2. What an idea, I like your card.

  3. Thats a brilliant set of stamps, definitely one I would love to have. Will check them out. Love your card. Your Granddaughter will love that dog. I remember getting one a few years back for one of mine, loved it myself, though don't think it passed gas!! lol.

  4. I like that Candy Store. You find the cutest things for me to add to my wish list. I think that little doggy sounds fun and a great Grandma present. Hee!

  5. Great card En! I love that new stamp set. I'm going to have to investigate that one.

    Also a great call on the toy dog. I have a real one who doesn't do half that and when he passes gas he moves so that everyone would think it was me! hugs, eileen

  6. The candy store card is darling. Love the puppy dog story. :)

  7. Yum, yum, yum! Great stamps, Enfys!

  8. Enfys:
    Love the stamps, but even more I love the DOGGIE story! I, too, would buy the dog for the same reason since I have all boys for DGSs they are really into that stuff too! In fact, I got my 4 yo DGS a Tag Reader for his birthday in Nov. and one of the books is "Wilbur the Farting Dog" (honest, that's the title!!) He will love it - TFS!

  9. I like the candy store, yummy {smiles}

  10. You crack me up sometimes. :) The thought of Kiki laughing and clapping at her tooting puppy is so funny! My kids and grandkids would all have loved that too! Some folks just worry too much! lol. I love the candy shop too. TFS

  11. Very cool stamps sets, I love how you stamped the awnings on PP and then popped up some stuff!
    Hugs, Nikki


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Enfys x