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Monday 8 November 2021

It's been a while..........

I have so neglected my blog lately......down to a variety of reasons,  I had a period of being unwell, had all sorts of unpleasant tests, luckily all is well and I am fine again now. Somehow I haven't got back into the swing of things since lockdown, it's strange really, during those difficult times, friends were saying 'well at least you have your crafts to keep you occupied', but I hardly made anything, with everything going on in the world, it all seemed a bit pointless to play with paper! But here we are...triple jabbed and crafting again 

Trimcraft sent me a box full of their delightful Christmas goodies, I particularly liked the Winter Wonderland pack and made these box cards. The santa sleigh is a die cut, the little trees were cut with my Cricut. They turned out just as I hoped 

and a couple of regular cards made with elements from the matching decoupage stack. Branch from Winter Woodland in Cricut design space

These photos are pretty bad, I took them at night, but wanted to give you an idea of the pads. They are available from Craft Label

Don't we live in a divided world these days? There seems to be no grey areas, just angry people who wear masks, and angry people mad at those who do. Angry people who believe in the vaccine programme, and angry people who don't. Angry people who believe so strongly about climate change they superglue themselves to roads, and angry motorists who believe they are nuts. It's quite difficult to tread the middle ground I find - but humour helps. It quite made my day when I saw someone wearing an Extinction Rebellion T shirt tucking into a plastic wrapped sandwich with coffee in a unrecyclable cup. Or see someone faithfully,  wearing a mask as a sort of chin strap with nose and mouth uncovered. It was funny as things started to get back to some sort of normality how, when you bump into friends unexpectedly, there was a sort of hesitation...oops, no, can't hug you and those elbow bumps are ridiculous, let's just stand awkwardly a good distance away from each other and hope that's allowed 

So here I am again, still pondering about the realities of life, and with a very messy craftroom once more. I promise to be back very soon (is it too late to make a new year resolution? No, it's only November.......)


  1. So good to see you back Enfys. I have been very productive during our lockdown and I think we are going to be allowed out this week. It will be very strange!

    1. It will be Glennis! Hope it all goes well

  2. Good go see you backing blogging again Enfys with these beautiful creations. xx

  3. I'm glad to see you back. I enjoy reading your blog with my coffee in the morning. I know just how you feel, my crafting has also been set aside. I need to get out of this mood and craft again too. Stay healthy and hope to see you again real soon.

  4. Hi Enfys, you have been missed! I have been crafting throughout the pandemic, it's been a form of therapy for me. Hope to see more posts from you with pictures of your grandchildren. Take care!

  5. So happy to see you back! I agree, many angry people out there, Hubby and I are also triple jabbed. Crafting keeps me sane, I think.

  6. So very happy to see your post. I have missed your wonderful sense of humor and your quirky view of the world. Your cards are beautiful. You definitely haven't lost your touch!

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x