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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Notecard - Nordic Floral Spellbinders

I just love this little die, from the Nordic Floral set by Lene Lok for Spellbinders, it is such a striking little graphic, and perfect for notecards for a clean and simple card

I often wonder how 'fashions' in cardmaking come about, all of a sudden, out of the blue, designers everywhere start using llamas, or peacocks, or yeti .....I mean, do they go to some designer's conference when they all decide what the next big thing would be, 'I know, let's start a craze for unicorns' 

So, for all my friends from overseas, (because my friends from the UK all know about this...) we have a rare heatwave here in the UK. This usually gives rise to headline news, train tracks are buckling in the heat, roads are melting into puddles of tar, (allegedly,  the roads I'm driving on seem just fine), and because of some gas problem, beer is in short supply, but it's impact is a bit diminished this year because it has to compete with a) football b) what the footballers wives are wearing c) the fore mentioned shortage of beer to celebrate football d) Brexit...... so despite the dire warnings on heatstroke, I am off to enjoy the sunshine in my garden, long may it last........ 


  1. Enjoy your lovely weather
    I wish we had some sunshine here - it is mid winter for us.

  2. Enfys, this is such an adorable note card. Love that little bird, to me it somewhat resembles a quail, without the top feather of course. Love the wonderful colors you've given him/her too.

    Enjoy the sun in your garden. Here in the US, we are having a bit of a heat wave across the entire country (or near most of it), with temps reaching the triple digits in some areas. In Florida, we are having our usual hot and humid weather, which seems to be lot hotter than normal to me. Or maybe the heat just bothers me more as my years advance (strong possibility on that one) ... either way, I don't like it much!

  3. Striking graphic on a striking card. Looks great!

  4. That die is gorgeous and so is your fabulous card! Your description of the weather etc here had me laughing, it's all so true! xxx

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I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x