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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Ice Cream - for Spellbinders

A 'sweet' card today using the versatile Chill set of Die D Lites by Spellbinders
I piled the ice cream scoops up high and made sure my favourite flavours were there - pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, and do I spy a scoop of cookie dough ice cream..........I cut the sundae dish and spoon out of silver card, it all looks quite authentic!

Here is a peek at the set, I just love it, and I haven't even used the ice lollies yet (or popsicles, depending where in the world you are living....)

What else is going on in my world? A very painful frozen shoulder for one thing which has made life a bit difficult for a few weeks now, but a cortisone shot seems to be helping - a bit!

It is now only two months until the wedding and I have a huge list of things to do. The current boring repetitive job is making the Order of Ceremony cards, still to go are the place cards, table plan, wedding sign.....I can't wait to  show you everything, but of course I can't until after the big day

Does anyone else have a problem with those hand held electronic signature things that delivery drivers thrust at you when delivering a parcel? I don't know if it's because I am left handed, or because I have a built in suspicion of being asked to sign for anything, without having first looked inside the parcel to see what exactly I am signing for, but the squiggle that I produce looks nothing at all like my normal signature - just a long scrawl across the screen. I could put the stylus in seven month old Molly's hand and she would do a better job! I don't really see what exactly the squiggle achieves. If there was a dispute over delivery,  I guess it would show that the family dog/cat/hamster/infant child were at home to receive the parcel and scribble on the screen. But show the signature to an expert handwriting analyst, and I am quite confident that they would never match it to my normal flourish. One of the mysteries of modern life that makes me ponder.........


  1. LOVE your ice cream card. Happy to say I have ice cream sundae dies too (free with a mag long ago) but have yet to use them. You've reminded me and inspired me, thanks.
    I know what you mean about those electronic devices. A bone of contention as they say with me too. I've supposedly signed for items before that never arrived and I suspect this is how they simply do it. Let's have a return to paper and pen.

  2. Oooh this is so lovely and yummy too l could just eat it....lol yes l do have trouble with the signitures on those machines and how they can read it is beyound my wildest dreams....lol take care sending lots of love x

  3. Such a YUMMY card! Now I want ice cream at 7:30 AM! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Maryellen WebberTuesday, July 11, 2017

    Love these cool I've cream cards!!! So sorry about your frozen shoulder, my good friend suffered from that. I think it's common for paper crafters. I can't imagine how you will finish the wedding place cards etc. I wish I lived near you to give you a hand. Sending you hugs!!!

    1. I wish you did as well Maryellen ooxoo

  5. Brilliant card, Enfys. I love the design, but I would have put a scoop of caramel ice cream in there - my favourite. I have some in the freezer, my mouth is starting to water already!

    I agree with you about the electronic signature things, impossible to do more than a squiggle. Am I the only one who apologises every time they do a squiggle, when it's not their fault??

  6. I sympathize with your frozen shoulder! I had manipulation under anesthesia earlier this year to correct mine, then a cortisone shot to treat the underlying condition that injured it in the first place. I need to have a bone spur removed but that is currently on hold. I needed a break from the torture specialists at physical therapy! The frozen side was my non-dominant. 10 years earlier I had full rotator cuff on my dominant side. Piece of cake compared to this frozen shoulder business! Maybe perhaps because it is the non-dominant side and weak to begin with, but ouch! I'm fighting through the bone spur pain every day to keep full range of motion cause nothing is worse that coming back from a shoulder that's been frozen for months!!! Good luck Enfys! And if the delivery people and their squiggly signatures aren't bad enough... its a package after all... the hospital is bonkers! They take the squiggly for surgical consent nowadays too!!! Crazy, I tell you.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x