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Friday, 3 July 2015

Painting - and packing

Some boxes have arrived - the removal men are packing up the house for us, but I asked for a few boxes so that I can pack up my craft stuff - they bought two dozen large boxes. Surely I won't need all those.............or will I?

Then, as if I haven't got enough to do, I clambered up into the attic again and found this old chair that we have had for years. I know just the spot for it in the new house, so down it came, and the first coat of grey chalk paint is done, just a second coat then a wax and it will be ready to be used again after years of neglect

The problem is, that at an age when some of our friends are downsizing, we are upsizing a bit, the number of times over the past few days that I have thought 'why on earth did we get rid of that'............the truth is of course that this house has been perfect while we needed to lock-up-and-go during our years of owning a second home, but now that we are here in the UK full time it seems a bit cramped  - and I love moving! I love the planning, seeing rooms coming together, hunting down the perfect paint/blinds/accessories

See you tomorrow x


  1. Yes, you probably need all the boxes ;) I love that old chair.
    I have moved once since we got married in 1969. We moved here in 1982 and I hope and pray I never have to move again until it is time for me to get to go be with my sweetheart. I am a person that does not like change. My Son wanted me to sell my house and move in an apartment. LOL....No way!!

  2. I hope you will share some photos of your new home. It sounds fabulous!

  3. What a super chair Enfys. This is my 3rd home since I got married and like Andrea, I don't want to have to contemplate another move.
    Toni xx

  4. I love moving house too and find it strange that some find it stressful as I don't understand why. It's good exercise, you get rid of junk and find things you lost long ago or re-use them, as you've done. I get to use my planning and organisational skills and I love change, so living somewhere new is great for finding new places etc. Enjoy your move.

  5. Maryellen WebberFriday, July 03, 2015

    I am glad to hear that you are looking forward to your move. It is a huge undertaking but it will be worth it in the end. I like how you painted your chair. You have inspired me to purge and spruce up my own home! Thanks Enfys!!

  6. Moving is my least favorite thing to do! But I suspect that is because cause I can't do much of the work. And sitting around doing nothing, while every one else does the work. I, too, am hoping for pix of the new space! Hugs, Jess

  7. I think you might need a few more boxes Enfys lol. Loving that gorgeous chair.

  8. Hope your new home brings you a lot of happiness Enfys. I detest moving, we did it so often when I was young as my dad was in the army I think it put me off for life! Pat x

  9. I like to move too Enfys, except that for me ... it's the "already moved in" part that I like ... the part when you can sit back and relax and enjoy your new home. Hope you get to that part where you can sit back and relax and enjoy your new home soon. Have a lovely week-end.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x