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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another Embellished Floral......

Here's another card made with Embellished Florals, a bit brighter this time. The cuts are amazingly detailed - they remind me of those stamps you can get where you cut away the layers and stack them up - medallion stamps I think they are called. Of course, using the Cricut means that you don't have the faff of cutting out

The base card is by Craftwork Cards, border punch by Martha Stewart and the sentiment is by Stampin Up
I had a coffee experience yesterday, one that will be familiar to everyone. I was sitting in the sun sipping my latte when a woman asked if she could join me. An hour later I was still there, itching to get away, but we had only got up to Chapter Ten of her life history, and still had five chapters (including another divorce....) to go. Is it me? Do I look like some sort of sympathetic agony aunt who will sort out their messy lives? Or will they bare their souls like this to any captive coffee drinker? I think I need to stop making eye contact - or maybe stop drinking coffee in public!
See you tomorrow


  1. Beautiful card! The bird is gorgeous & I love the way you used the punched border.

  2. Yes, I do think it's all in the color combos for this cart. This is beautiful! xxD

  3. what a beautiful card ! lovely colors, greetings, martina

  4. So beautiful card Enfys,I love the image and the colours.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Thats a real beauty of a card Enfys, beautiful colours and lots of cutwork. Have missed a few posts, been missing in action with gallstones:( Oh if only I could get together with you and some coffee lol. Get some dark dark glasses lol.

  6. Love this card, Enfys! I love all the color combination and even the color coordinated ribbons!

    Funny coffee story too!

  7. Pretty card. LOVE the colors you used!!! -Sam :-)

  8. Ha, I thought you just had funny coffee stories from here in the US at Dunkin' Doughnuts. Glad to hear we don't have the only nutters around! Amazes me what people will tell a total stranger! (or in this case force on a sympathetic looking soul! ha) You need to learn to scowl Enfys! Maybe you should start practicing for a min or two every morning in the bathroom mirror, lol

  9. Such a pretty card. I love the color combination and the way you used the punch.

  10. Lovely card, Enfys.
    you should just create a sign so you're ready when someone asks if they may sit down you just whip this out as you say yes. The sign would be similar to the one used in the Peanut's cartoon "Psychiatric help 5 cents' The Doctor is IN. You may just change the fee to a cup of coffee or a donut. You'd have a booming business and lots of great stories to tell us!

  11. Hello love. Great card and love the color combo with the punch accent. No, it's not just you, Tom has always said I have a blinking sign on my forehead that attracts these people. LOL Cheers Joan

  12. Oh, I forgot to tell you I stole the card from yesterday for Kaitlin's birthday. Joan

  13. You are too funny! I've not had that particular experience.I must scare people away. Love your card.

  14. Oh wow, how big Miss Kiki has gotten! She's so pretty! And the boys too, such handsome lads.
    I too, am the one everyone comes to for advice or a shoulder to cry on, or to fix what ever's broken in their lives. People have often taken me for am employee, and ask me to help them with whatever. My sweetie is the same way. I think it's something in our faces, and or the way we carry ourselves. But you're deffinately not alone.
    I love the card Enfys, I really need to get some of the new cartridges!

  15. Oh Dear Enfys you do seem to attract some strange people dont you? Stunning card design to. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  16. Love the card.
    My advice would be to keep your nose in a book or news paper and give very short answers. If someone still finds you to have a sympathetic ear, once you can't take it any more, look up and across the way and say. "Oh there's my friend, guess she doesn't see me, I've got to go. Sorry" and take off on a run. lol

  17. Oh En, you have no idea how thrilled I was to see you had visited my blog. I laughed at your Coffee Experience.... well, didn't laugh exactly, just related. I have a high school friend who never stops talking, and she can change the subject matter 14 times in 5 minutes to where you have no idea what she is talking about or who. Hugs...thanks for the visit and sweet comment. As always your creations make me smile.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x