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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Katies Kisses Stamps

The owner of the Stamping Studio, a local scrapbook store in Springhill, Florida, has just designed her own range of rubber stamps called Katies Kisses, and I have been making some samples for her. They are red rubber, mounted on cling, and stamp beautifully. Here's a couple of the cards I made, she doesn't have paypal set up on her blog yet, but all the contact and ordering details are on there.

Aren't they cute? I love the way they all have a little signature heart on their cheeks.

Good luck with your new venture Susan

I went shopping with Mike today, and after 20 minutes remembered why I like to shop alone, he is such a MAN when it comes to shops. Imagine the scenario, pull up outside a store, 'what are we looking for' he asks suspiciously. New luggage. Righto, so we march into the store and head for the luggage department, oh look, there is the handbag department, and they have this really cute little bag, which I hang over my shoulder, and look for a mirror to see if it suits me, yes, looks okay, let me just check all the little pockets to see if it has room for all my stuff, hmmm, maybe not. Repeat the procedure with another style, nope, decide against it I'll just look at the first one again to make sure............... , so off we trail to the luggage department again...............right past the sweaters, bad luck Mike. Do you know, there were ten different departments on the way to the luggage department, by which time my dear husband had left, and was sitting forlornly by the door, with that look on his face that men have when they have been forced into a living nightmare. So I finally get to the luggage, the suitcase we wanted was out of stock. Hey ho. 'Never mind' I say cheerfully, 'they are having a delivery on monday'. You should have seen the look of horror on his face, poor chap. I'll leave him at home with his book and footy next time.


  1. LOL. Poor hubby. Yes, you had better leave him home when you go back. Those little stamps are too cute.

  2. The stamps are really nice, I think they are going to be a big success.
    Greetz Kim

  3. First, Katie's Kisses Stamps are so adorable, or maybe it's just that you made them into such delightful cards, as you do with all you create ... I suspect it may be a combination of both! =)

    Second, Congrats Shirley on your BBTB Blog hop win!

    Third, I feel your pain as you attempt to shop with a "man"! My DH must be Mike's twin! Men seem to confuse the word SHOP with the word BUY. They expect us to march straight to the item of interest, ignoringing everything else, pick it up, make the purchase, and leave. Huh? Do they even know what the word shopping means? To shop is to examine goods or services or to hunt thru a market place in search of the best buy. How will we know what to buy if we don't properly shop first? When we say we are going "shopping", they should know what to expect by now. I can just imagine the look of total shock and fear on my DH's face if I were to inform him that I am going out "buying" instead of going out "shopping". The thought alone makes me laugh. (sorry for the long comment Enfys, I couldn't help myself *wink*)


  4. Wow, I like the cards again extremely good. Beautiful colors you've chosen again.

  5. I love the images, and your borders are SWEET!! I hope she does very well in her new venture!!! Great way to showcase her stamps Enfys!

    I had to laugh about your poor Husband, mine does the same LOL!

    I also love your sketch challenge, the pinked circle is so cute, and different from the usual scallops. Did you use a die or pinking shears?

    Have a great weekend!!!
    Lisa Sturgill

    P.S. Decided not to comment on your garage area, as I have the same scene in my craft room! hehehe

  6. rofl sounds just like my hubby Enfys
    Great cards, cute stamps too, I'll pop over for a look see
    Anne x

  7. Wow Enfys youve done a brilliant job of showing your friends stamps of, two fabulous cards. I want to wish her lots of good luck with her new range Im sure they will be a big hit. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  8. Oh En you do make me giggle! I hate to go shopping with Don too. I think men are born with an anti-shopping gene! It only kicks in when they go in a shop with their wives. :) I love your cards. The stamps are adorable! I am going to put those edge punches from M. Stewart on my Christmas list! Thanks for sharing, Jess

  9. Very cute stamps En and your coloring just brings them to life. Got a big kick out of Mike shopping - you're are so correct - mine is just the same. Hugs...Kris

  10. typical man out shopping eh!
    Lovely card En

  11. ROTFLMAO! Boy does that sound familiar! My DH says he likes to shop just doesn't want to "dwell" which means stopping even for a second to eye the price tag and HEAVEN FORBID you want to try something on! Worse yet I asked HIM to try something on when we were in the city. Of course the answer was NO! Darling stamps and great samples En! Love the gingham! xxD

  12. Heheheheh!!! Great little stamps though - shame about the suitcase but there is always Monday!

  13. Oh yes Ens, your story is so familiar. Love your cutie cards. I drove through Hudson on Thursday night and thought of you. (Hate driving on 19 as sit is ALWAYS busy no matter the time of year. Really the longest route to Crystal River, don't know what I was thinking, guess I wasn't.

  14. Lovely cards you made sweet stamps.
    bey bye,Lean.

  15. Loved your post, I should just put some ditto marks by Carol's comment! Yup, my DH is also a "Buyer" NOT a "Shopper", unless he's in Lowes or Home Depot! He's learned though, he stays home!

  16. Ohh wowww ,what beautiful Enfys,i love your images and colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.x

  17. sounds like my hubby too! gotta love them for putting up with us! lol!! great cards too! just love the little images! so cute! hugs!

  18. The new stamps are darling and you've done a beautiful job with making samples. I also love the little signature heart - too cute.
    I'm still tee-heeing over your man shopping scenario, sounds just like my husband. Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless!

  19. Hello En!

    Thanks so much for making those beautiful cards for Katie's Kisses. Your whole blog is a treat! You are one talented lady.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x