Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Rain rain go away......

Sharing a couple of recent makes for the Facebook Fiskarettes page today, both quite clean and simple which seems to be my default option for cards these days......

And a recent photo of Max and Milo taken when they came for Sunday lunch last week, they are growing so quickly, and are very entertaining company.

In the meantime the monsoon continues, the weeds in the garden flourish and it is too soggy to do anything but sit back and dream of sunny days. Plus, I have a painful frozen shoulder again, so until I get a steroid injection next week, gardening and crafting are distant memories, thank heavens for Netflix 😂


  1. I love these cards, clean and simple is sometimes the very best.

  2. I think your cards are excellent! Love the picture of Max and Milo, they are such handsome boys!

  3. I think your "simple and clean" cards are fabulous. After all, our crafts don't always have to be over the top, do they. The cards are bright, happy and cheerful, which is so perfect for a birthday or other celebration.

    OMGoodness, Max and Milo are growing up so quickly and have turned into handsome young lads. How wonderful it must have been to be to have them with you for the day.

    Sorry you are having difficulties with your shoulder, I hope that steroid shot puts you back in tip top shape soon. I hope the weather gets a little more cooperative too. Although we are not having a monsoon, we are having our typical tropical summer weather here in Florida, with extremely hot days (mid 90's), high humidity and lots of rain, and thunder & lightening storms. I actually love the storms, they bring a welcomed break from the heat and humidity, even if only for an hour or two. Take care Enfys. Hugz to you my friend.


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