Friday, 22 June 2018

What a Wonderful World.......

This week on Daring Cardmakers, the theme is the song 'What aWonderful World' by Louis Armstrong. I picked up the line about rainbows, and made this card using MFT dies....I used the cloud die to sponge a sky background, then die cut the rainbow in white and coloured with Promarkers

Talking of rainbows.....did I tell you that my name is the Welsh word for rainbow? Quite uncommon even in Wales, and I have never quite understood my parents rationale when choosing it, but as I grew older I sort of grew into the name and quite like having an unusual name. Last week a friend from the USA who is a Star Wars fan had been to see the new film (called Solo I believe), and there is a new character who plays quite an important role in the film. Her name? Enfys Nest! I am quite blown away by the thought that after all these years of spelling my name out and telling people how to pronounce it, instead of people saying 'Envis? Like Elvis with an N?' Star Wars fans will look at me with respect saying 'Enfys? Like Enfys Nest? Wow! Cool name.........'
It's just a pity that apparently she is a baddie............


  1. Love, love, love this fun card ... there are so many wonderful lines in the song, "it's a wonderful world" to use for card inspiration ... and the rainbow is an excellent one!

    Enfys, that is such a great story about your name. I love that your parents were so creative in thinking of it. Your personality fits it beautifully. I really don't believe that the "baddie" character applies, although now I definitely want to see the new film, SOLO I BELIEVE. I just know that hearing your name in it will make me smile. (*wink*)

    1. You know, of course, that the song, IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD, will now be in my head all day!

  2. Gorgeous happy card, love it! Love the song too so love having it in my head, thank you. So interesting hearing about your name and very cool that it is so unique and now famous! Maybe there will be more little Enfys's appearing after the film? xxx

  3. But surely baddies have more fun?! Love your sponged cloudy background and the sentiment is fab!

  4. Fabulous card, and now you will have a famous name!

  5. Beautiful card, that song played at our wedding reception and everyone was in a circle dancing, a memorable moment!!! I love the story behind your name. The character in Solo is actually not a real bad character FYI!!! :)


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Enfys x