Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Deck the Halls......

I have a stall in the craft fair being held at our local village hall this year, so I have been having fun making ornaments. These first ones were made with half of one of those clear plastic baubles you can buy, I built up a little scene using Memory Box dies, and added some fake snow and glitter....

Then some of my favourite paper pinecone ornaments, I haven't made any of these for years, I forgot how much I love them!

I also made these fabric quilted ornaments, Definitely to be given away to the family rather than the craft stall - if I worked out the cost and time, people would need to take out a second mortgage to buy one 😂

But I enjoyed making these gift tags. a bit of texture paste, some funky handcut trees.....

 So many absorbing ideas for Christmas makes....I enjoy making this type of stuff more than cards at this time of year. But I am a grasshopper and leap from project to project! 

Carol gave me a gentle nudge that the photos on my sidebar are a little outdated....I had an email from my daughter in law the same day with these new photos of Kiki and Monty

Right, back to the hohoho craft cavern......

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Back in a colouring mood....

After months of hardly doing any colouring at all, I have been getting back in the swing - I forgot how relaxing it can be. This first card used the Splashing Puddles die by MFT and the sweet little girl from Rain or Shine stamp set. I have a thing about kids in shiny raincoats and little wellies, and I am on the hunt for some for Molly, so the boots and coat were given a coat of glossy accents

I'm really digging out my old stamps with this one, a Penny Black stamp, and a bit of paper piecing, I've always found it a useful stamp for a guy card

 I went with three friends to see A Star is Born. One of my friends had been and booked our seats for the 7.45 showing, we had been out for dinner, so were about five minutes late, but quite relaxed as those ads and trailers go on for ages before the film starts. But we walked in to a hushed cinema and the film had clearly started (big clue was Lady Gaga up there on the screen). The four of us slunk into our seats, and sat there for a couple of minutes before a penny dropped and we started whispering to each other 'this isn't the start of the film I don't think' one of us went off to investigate, she was gone ages, by which time the remaining three had sat through the saddest part of the film, without having a clue what was going on (we knew it was sad because lots of people were crying). In tiptoed our investigator, it turned out that despite asking for the 7.45 tickets when she booked, they had given her tickets for the 5.15 show, which we turned up for right at the end. So (probably to the intense annoyance of everyone else in the place) we shuffled out, went and had a coffee and returned for the start of the next show.
The downside of this was that after we had seen the film from the start, when it got to the really sad bit that we had seen before, we were consumed with hysteria at the ridiculousness of the whole evening, so when the rest of the theatre were sobbing and dabbing their eyes, we were sitting there with shoulders shaking with mirth.
The film was very good by the way. Look out for a really sad bit towards the end

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

So many Candles............

I have quite a few close friends who are hitting milestone birthdays in the next few months, so I decided to build up a little stock of cards, and pulled out some of my Art Impressions stamps and settled down to a bit of colouring.
They are quite hard to find here in the UK, but I found a good selection HERE on Amazon

Since I am a bit of a 'matchy matchy' dresser, and feel a bit uncomfortable wearing colours that don't 'go', I unleash my inner rebel with these stamps, and really enjoy giving the ladies wild coloured clothes and hair - all the cards have a liberal dose of sparkle on the clothes as well (Wink of Stella pen), and if I knew how to draw leopard skin patterns, these ladies would definitely be up for that! How about you? Do you match, or don't you care as long as you feel good?

Monday, 24 September 2018

Spellbinder Wine Snippets Ideas......Cheers!

I love this set by Spellbinders, called Wine Snippets, I am finding it really versatile, especially for male cards. I am not implying that all men do nothing but sit around drinking wine, but if a chap has no hobbies, can't be let loose in the garden because he thinks any yellow flower is a weed and pulls it up....falling back on a bottle of plonk to wish him a happy birthday seems like a safe route to follow!

For this first one, I cut out all the elements out of black cardstock, stuck onto white card base, then lightly coloured in some details with Polychromos pencils

The second card had the snippets cut out of
white card, which I just inked with
 distress inks 
 I can't make up my mind which look I like best, but I have a few more ideas I can't wait to try

I am on a bit of a mission at the moment to stock up on cards that I never seem to have on hand when I need them - usually male cards and kids cards. I have also made a start on Christmas which
I feel a bit smug about. But for now,
it's back to those Wine Snippets ......

Thursday, 13 September 2018

A new type of embossing.....

Those clever people at Spellbinders have come up with a clever idea - an embossing folder that embosses and cuts small details in one pass. For the first card, I inked the embossing folder with distress inks before running it through my machine, embossing it onto white card...I love the white lacy look, and the delicate little cut out centers of the flowers

 This next card was also embossed onto a white base, but this time I used a stencil brush to swirl a light layer of colour on top of the embossing, and added some black gems to the small flowers....

The last card was left white, but I cut diagonally across the blank space, and backed the whole piece with a gold foil - perfect for a golden wedding card. I like the way the gold shows off the delicate cut outs in the flowers 

So the children are all back at school for the new academic year - including a special first day for our family as Max has moved up to his secondary school

Good luck Max! His cousin Kiki is getting excited about her half term school trip - to New York! When did this upgrade in school trips start? When I was a kid I seem to remember getting excited about going on a bus to Tintern Abbey (which disappointingly was just a ruined heap of old stones when we got there). But these days, not only do they hop on transatlantic flights, they also have enticing offers of ski trips to the French Alps. I feel for the parents, it must be a lot of pressure for them, I'm rather thankful that the fashion for exotic trips hadn't really started when mine were at school. If any teachers are reading this, I don't really recommend Tintern Abbey as an alternative by the way (although it may have disintegrated altogether by now, it's a long time since I was at school!)

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

I'm Back!

Well this has been a bit of an extended hiatus, a break from blogging all the years of writing this blog, I have never neglected it for this long before.
As I mentioned, Mike has had a lot of health problems over the past fifteen months, many hospital admissions and endless outpatient appointments at various hospitals. It has been a bit relentless, and something had to give, so I made an executive decision with the board of Going Buggy (me and the wall 😂) that I would be kind to myself and have a break over the summer, so I stepped down temporarily from a couple of design teams, and gave blogging a break.

I am happy to say that things are on a bit more of an even keel now, Mike is doing well, I am more relaxed and have developed a passion for gardening. I am grateful for many things, the wisdom and expertise of all the cardiac teams at various hospitals, having a husband who is uncomplaining, easygoing and stoic in very difficult circumstances, grateful for the gorgeous long sunny days we have had here this summer, and very grateful for all those of you who have been in touch with me when you were concerned by my silence. Thank you

But here I am, back again all set to go.....

I am just sharing a couple of cards made for Fiskars over the summer, but it has been a busy week in 'En's Den' and I have quite a few projects on the go to share with you now that I am getting back into the swing of things....

I hope you have all had a great summer - it's good to be back! xx

Friday, 6 July 2018

Elemental Inspiration - for Daring Cardmakers

My turn to set the challenge over on the Daring Cardmakers blog today, I chose this mood board of lovely sunshine yellow

My take was quite simple, for my three elements, I chose the window, shutters, and some fresh looking yellow flowers. I went backwards and forwards about a sentiment, but in the end decided to leave the front of the card without one, that way I can use it for pretty much any occasion by adding a sentiment to the inside

The window is the Shuttered Window die by Spellbinders, and the flowers are also by Spellbinders, from a past small die of the month set

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Notecard - Nordic Floral Spellbinders

I just love this little die, from the Nordic Floral set by Lene Lok for Spellbinders, it is such a striking little graphic, and perfect for notecards for a clean and simple card

I often wonder how 'fashions' in cardmaking come about, all of a sudden, out of the blue, designers everywhere start using llamas, or peacocks, or yeti .....I mean, do they go to some designer's conference when they all decide what the next big thing would be, 'I know, let's start a craze for unicorns' 

So, for all my friends from overseas, (because my friends from the UK all know about this...) we have a rare heatwave here in the UK. This usually gives rise to headline news, train tracks are buckling in the heat, roads are melting into puddles of tar, (allegedly,  the roads I'm driving on seem just fine), and because of some gas problem, beer is in short supply, but it's impact is a bit diminished this year because it has to compete with a) football b) what the footballers wives are wearing c) the fore mentioned shortage of beer to celebrate football d) Brexit...... so despite the dire warnings on heatstroke, I am off to enjoy the sunshine in my garden, long may it last........ 

Friday, 22 June 2018

What a Wonderful World.......

This week on Daring Cardmakers, the theme is the song 'What aWonderful World' by Louis Armstrong. I picked up the line about rainbows, and made this card using MFT dies....I used the cloud die to sponge a sky background, then die cut the rainbow in white and coloured with Promarkers

Talking of rainbows.....did I tell you that my name is the Welsh word for rainbow? Quite uncommon even in Wales, and I have never quite understood my parents rationale when choosing it, but as I grew older I sort of grew into the name and quite like having an unusual name. Last week a friend from the USA who is a Star Wars fan had been to see the new film (called Solo I believe), and there is a new character who plays quite an important role in the film. Her name? Enfys Nest! I am quite blown away by the thought that after all these years of spelling my name out and telling people how to pronounce it, instead of people saying 'Envis? Like Elvis with an N?' Star Wars fans will look at me with respect saying 'Enfys? Like Enfys Nest? Wow! Cool name.........'
It's just a pity that apparently she is a baddie............

Friday, 15 June 2018

Anything but White - for Daring Cardmakers

This week on Daring Cardmakers, the challenge is to use anything but white - I took the easy route and went for a pretty pattern paper, and the brand new Posies and Pennies die set by Tammy Tutterow for Spellbinders. I also used the new Nestability circle dies, and the Sew Sweet Trims dies (these are lovely, everything from rick-rack to eyelet embroidery) 

I had a lovely afternoon at the Gardeners World show - snapped these photos to show you, but I hope nobody asks me a question as I have no clue what most of them are, apart from being very beautiful. I do know this first photo is Fuschia.........

and lilies in every colour under the sun.....

I bought some of these Allium - I have discovered that I am rather attracted to slightly off the wall plants......... this one

but I do love the look of an English country garden 

and yes, I spent far too much, and am a bit hazy about where I should plant most of them, it's a bit confusing,....... shade, semi shade, full sun, partial sun, dry arid soil, loamy soil, protect from frost................who knows, I will dig a hole, stick them in where there is a space and hope for the best

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Basic Shapes for Spellblogger/Spellbinders

One of the new sets that Spellbinders sent me this month is a new variation on their original nesting circles - this time the circles are scored and pierced. Find them HERE in the Spellbinders store.  I was determined not to use them simply as another element on a card, but to make them the star of the show, and this is what I came up with.........

I really like the look of the overlapping circles against the black background, do you?

Today I am breaking away from work for a couple of hours to go to a gardening show at the NEC. I already know that this means I will get totally carried away and come home laden with exotic plants that need specialist care, which means that the poor things don't have a chance.......But last week we had two large conifers that shaded our patio taken down, what a great decision that was, they were close to the house, and the light now floods in, and on a sunny day I no longer have to shift chairs around to find a sunny spot. So I am in full gardening mode, the enthusiasm won't last long, it never does. Have a great day whatever you have planned......

Friday, 8 June 2018

Tropical - for Daring Cardmakers

This week, Shabneez set the challenge 'Go Tropical' over on the Daring Cardmakers blog - I have a feeling my card will be lost among all the hot tropical colours over there. I chose to use the adorable baby flamingos by Clearly Besotted stamps, happily playing in pools of water - Splashing Puddles die by MFT. I kept the colours fairly subtle, I tried colouring them in a vivid pink, but somehow, that took away from their baby cuteness, so here they are.......

Do go over to Daring Cardmakers to see what the rest of the team have come up with, and please join in if you like a challenge.....

Friday, 1 June 2018

For Daring Cardmakers

This week it's an elemental inspiration challenge, which means we get to choose at least three elements from these pictures.......

I chose stripes, a frame and the pink flower. What would you choose? To see what the team came up with, and to join in go HERE 

Gosh, what a great reaction to my little mini house, thank you all so much for the encouraging comments and emails. You made my day....x

Monday, 28 May 2018

it's a small world........

So I have been doing a dolls house. Why? Miniature things have always fascinated me, and on a whim one day I ordered a dolls house kit, not having much of a clue how much work it involved......

I learnt as I went along. Who knew that it was best to paint walls and do floors before the house was put together. I used cheap laminate floor tiles from Poundland for the floor, carefully cut into 2cm wide strips, and then whitewashed after laying to give a limed oak look. The furniture was picked up from Ebay or online selling groups, I resprayed everything with antique white chalk paint......

The knitting was done on cocktail sticks with embroidery thread.......

I made some of the tiny bits out of Fimo clay

 The dining room is set up for dinner - you are staying for dinner aren't you? The 'silver' napkin rings are from a bracelet I picked up in a charity shop......

Still waiting for a little armchair for the study, but I made a cork notice board....

and made some pencils out of cocktail sticks.....and some tiny glasses out of wire and glossy accents....

The 'sitting room' furniture was a Ebay bargain, but I stripped it down and recovered it and made some tiny cushions. I 'painted' the blue art work on the wall. The copper vase was in a string of beads from Poundland

 I shrunk down some family photos and framed them......

I found making the bedding quite challenging - it's so tiny that the bedding just stuck out straight and didn't drape at all, but a quick Google taught me the trick of lining the layers with some kitchen foil so that you can manipulate the fabric...

All ready for breakfast in bed? The throw was made out of a Poundland dish cloth, I soaked it in glue and draped it how I wanted until it dried in the correct folds

 The bathroom is still a work in progress - I cut the towels out of baby washcloths......The floor was a free sample of tile wallpaper from a DIY store

So there you have it. What have I learnt?
1. I thought I had perfectly normal sized hands. In reality it seems that I have giant hands with sausages for fingers..
2. It seems I have a mild case of OCD - who knew that I could obsess about the size of a toilet roll
3. I have learnt that it is possible to spend huge sums of money on tiny things - some artisan dolls house furniture can cost more than the full sized article. Who knew! I hasten to add that mine has been done on a budget......
4. I find the idea of dolls in my dolls house quite creepy. The thought of tiny dolls sitting on chairs in the dark waiting for someone to open up the house and take a look is a bit odd for my vivid imagination. 
5, My aim was to build and decorate a house I could live in (if I was 5" tall), and I have done this - it looks cosy
6. One major design flaw really bothers me - there is no stairway or door into the bathroom. Since it is all imaginary, no real person will ever be caught short in desperate need of the loo, it shouldn't matter....but it niggles!
7. Will I ever do another one. ........NO! The bug is well and truly out of my system, but it is still ongoing and I am enjoying it, so I hope you enjoyed your tour of my new place xx