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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Poppies and Asters - for Spellbinders

Three new cards today, all made with the Asters and Poppies Spellbinders die - it's on sale, check it out.......

and my favourite, using the lovely A2 Scalloped Borders Three...... I thought this would make a lovely wedding, or wedding anniversary card

Which one do you like best?

So now I am a bit addicted to the TV programme 'Say Yes To The Dress'. I am astonished how many brides want to dress as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - before she was rescued by the rich guy.   Also how many of them say that the dress is the most important part of the day. Hello......how about those promises you are going to make?
 But I did have a joyous moment when a forty-something bride had a (rather unhealthy) obsession with the late Princess Diana. Apparently they shared a birthday, and she 'talked with her' every night. So the dress had to be regal, fit for a princess, etc etc.  The dress she ended up with showed rather a lot of flesh, masses of it in fact, especially around the chest area. However, the bride was satisfied, popped a diamante tiara on top of her head and declared 'I look just like Princess Diana on her wedding day'
No, not quite, (although that might have something to do with the fact that the princess lookalike was African-American) the amount of flesh on show would surely have given the Archbishop of  Canterbury a heart attack, poor chap, he would never survive the ceremony, and although I reckon Prince Phillip would enjoy the latest royal fashion, the Queen would NOT be amused.....


  1. All lovely creations but I do love the black and red version. I have watched a few episodes of say yes to the dress and I find the bridesmaids are the worst. Especially making it difficult for the bride to pick her dress. X

  2. I love them all, but my favourite is the first one. I have a penchant for the black, white and red combo.
    Never watched that programme, sounds a bit of a hoot!

  3. I like the silver one, CAS. I'm finding they are best, if I put too much on a card it gets too fussy and everything is dwarfed x

  4. I don't watch reality tv at all, so no comment there.
    The middle card is also my favourite. It's so sweet.

  5. Enfys ... as always, you've done a fabulous job with these lovely cards. And which one is my favorite? I like them all, but perhaps the first card the most. The black and white with just a little pop of red for color looks so elegant.

    I enjoy watching "Say Yes to the Dress" too. Like you, I am a bit shocked at some of the bride choices ... like bright red or black, and the exposed flesh makes me wonder if they really want a wedding gown or to put on a bit of a peep show. However, what bothers me the most, is the entourage they bring with them for support as they select their dress. All too often, they are horribly cruel and insulting and tell the bride-to-be that they look fat as they model their favorite gown, or throw their noses up at everything the bride likes. Hello! Whose wedding is it anyway? Be a little supportive people!

  6. Enfys I love ❤️ all the cards especially the the yellow asters, so delicate. I don't really watch that show, too much bickering. These days I'm hooked on an Australian series on Netflix called Offspring.

  7. Love the cards Enfys, especially the black white and red one. I've never watched "Say yes to the dress" but I think I will now after reading your story - sounds hilarious. xx#

  8. I love the middle one! The edge cut is lovely next to the flowers. Tfs En, hugs, Jess


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x