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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Easy Pop Up Card....

Here's how to make an easy card with a bit of a wow when you open it......

Punch or die cut some shapes - I used the Fiskars intricate shape butterfly punch, you could use hearts, flowers, stars.....

Fold your shapes in half.....

add just a tiny dab of strong glue to a wing tip

now stack them, wing tip to wing tip, glueing each wing as you go. I used a clothes peg to hold them together while they dried...

Now you have a little line of shapes, all stuck together. Carefully stretch them out on the inside of the card, and attach with a dab of glue to the underside of the wings on each end...

 Now when you open your card, the butterflies will hang suspended across the card....

Decorate the front of your card.....

So I had a bit of a retail experience. I wandered into M & S to look at the shoes (for American friends, M & S is a store which would probably relate most to Target in the USA). I had bought some brown ankle boots from another store, which looked great, but are quite heavy to wear, so although they looked good, I feel a bit like Frankensteins monster clomping around. Time to look and try a few pairs on, feeling a bit guilty, because the brown clompers were expensive, and very new......I've only worn them a couple of times
So I wandered around trying stuff on, getting up to see the effect in the mirror, wandering off to get another pair off the shelf. I was in shoe heaven for about 30 minutes, until common sense kicked in and I thought 'I really don't need these when I have an almost new pair of brown ankle boots already.....
So I ambled back to the chair where I had left my brown clompers. They were nowhere to be seen. Bemused, I looked all around all the chairs, even looked on the shelves in case someone had put them there. 
After standing in my socks, without any staff around to ask, I decided to head to the tills (registers) to ask...................???? what? What could I ask? 'Excuse me, has anybody handed in a pair of brown boots, I seem to have lost them' How was I going to get home? I would have to walk across town to get to the car park, in my socks....
Panic set in
Then I spotted a woman browsing some sweaters - she was clutching my boots to her bosom! 'Excuse me, can I have my boots please?' I asked politely.....
She clutched them a little tighter, protectively shielding them with her body
'What! I am buying these!' she replied 
I wish I could say that we both had a merry little laugh about it, and went chuckling on our way, but I really did have quite a job persuading her that they were indeed my boots and that I wasn't in the habit of going shopping wearing socks and no shoes. She didn't take the news well. She had bonded with my boots, I half expected her to burst into tears as she had to hand them over...and human nature being what it is, now that I know I am the owner of such desirable footwear, I am looking at them in a totally new light


  1. OMG!!! the funniest story ever!!!! luv luv it!

  2. Guess she didn't care what the price would be - since there certainly was no tag on them. Sheesh! Can't believe you had to "convince" her that they were your boots.

  3. OMG! That is hilarious! I just about sprayed my mouth of coffee all over my computer screen! Enjoy your boots!

  4. WHOA! What a shopping experience that must have been. I can't stop laughing (with you, not at you). One has to wonder how that lady thought she was going to purchase those boots, obviously they wouldn't have had a store tag on them, or had a shoe box either, and I'm sure that your expensive boots would have had an inside label identifying them as a brand that your discount store didn't even carry. But you have to giggle just a little about the woman that thought she had found a great bargain, only to find out she was clutching the personal shoes of another customer. Poor thing.

    BTW ... I love, love, love your butterfly pop-up card. That is so creative and a design I will definitely be trying myself. Perhaps I'll try it with hearts for a Valentine card. Thanx for the idea!

    Hugz, Carolxx

  5. Great story about your boots, which proves you never know what you have till it's gone...........LOL

  6. I love your butterfly card! Another great idea! And your boot story is so funny! Maybe she would have paid YOU the price you paid for your boots - then you could get a new pair without feeling guilty! (Of course you'd still have the small problem of how to get home...)

  7. I loved the idea for this card, and now, I have to give it a try! I have missed your shopping adventure stories, and this is a great one! Imagine someone taking another's shoes, with no box, price tag, etc., just believing that they were left for them to find!

  8. OMG!.......... I too cannot believe you had to convince the lady they where your boots surely seeing you in your socks......lol should of convinced the lady they was really yours ooh a lesson to be learnt here Enfys and keep a tighter grip on them sending lots of love x

  9. I can't believe that woman was giving you a hard time about your boots!!! I needed a laugh this morning!!! Thanks also for the instructions on making a pop up card. I will definitely try to make a butterfly card with this technique.

  10. Gorgeous Card!!! but definitely luv your story!!! sooo funny! I've read it on FB and re-read it here on your blog 3 times and I laugh each time.....

  11. Beautiful card & hilarious story. I can spend hours selecting shoes & will surely remember to keep an eye on my footwear now on.

  12. Shopping with you must be quite a treat!

  13. Love the idea of being able to add the pop-up element to the inside of the cards. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Enfys, I would have paid big money to stand and watch your boots story unfold ... :-)
    I would have tried to sell the boots to the woman, get the money and buy new boots, since I didn't like them to begin with :-)
    Have a great weekend,


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