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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

It's creeping up.....

Christmas is coming....rather more quickly than I thought, time to get a bit serious now about these Christmas cards

Here is one I made using simple punched circles, some punched stars and the Fiskars bird lever punch that I punched in kraft card, then dabbed with a bit of red ink to turn him into a robin - I really like this little bird, expect to see more...

 We have been down in Surrey looking after Max and Milo for a few days while their parents flew out to Rome for a break. After two days, the running total was a scraped elbow, bruised forehead, grazed knee, shredded nerves (mine), then Milo decided to go for the big time. He took a spectacular tumble from a hoverboard, taking a chunk out of his knee in the process. 'I'm damaged' he howled as I failed to find any more plasters (band aids) having used them up on the less dramatic injuries. So Mike and Max were despatched to the chemist to buy industrial quantities of wound dressings, and arrived back in a scratched and dented car where some idiot had pulled out as they were passing!

So I cuddled the wounded soldier, mopped up the tears, dirt and blood, and settled him down on the sofa covered with a cuddly blanket. After ten minutes I went to check on my patient. He announced that he felt fine, but was feeling very left out because the other kids were playing, could he join them please? So out he bounced, leaving me shattered and shaken and with about a dozen grey hairs that hadn't been there an hour earlier

Boys will be boys I guess...we are back home now, it seems very dull here! xx


  1. Lovely card! Also great story....but glad you made it through the boo-boos and grays!

  2. Love the card Enfys.
    Oh dear, you have had a lot of 'excitement' to deal with. Sounds like you need a bit of R&R.
    Toni xx

  3. This is gorgeous l love all the detail added and your so right Enfys the time is going so fast it will arrive and gone before we have time to enjoy it! sending lots of love x

  4. Don't you just love it when life interupts normal? LOL. I have cards left over from last year, so don't have to make more. Yippie! Thanks for sharing. I hope the car isn't too badly damaged. Big hugs, Jess!

  5. Oh My!!! why does time fly by but everyday drama lingers and leaves you worn and tattered?? lol never a dull moment with the grandsons...Lovely Card! I was so captivated with your life story I almost forgot to mention the card

  6. Cute card Enfys. Yes Christmas is coming fast. I am working on my little glitter houses hoping to get enough done to make some what of a village.

    Today completes a whole year since I have taken care of babies since I was ten year old.

    Can you believe at one time that I took care of 13 kids a day. 2 were mine 2 was my neighbors little girls and the rest was my nieces and nephews. I had a lot of those boo boo's over the years. The worse was when I picked my 9 month old niece by her arms and popped her elbow out of socket. I felt horrible.....this little baby girl running around with a sling on her arm . I cried every time that I saw her. But she never held it against me as I watched my two great nephews until they were old enough to stay all alone. :)

  7. Cute card, I just might borrow this idea, thanks for sharing.

  8. Great card Enfys ... that little bird is adorable, already my mind is swimming with possible ways I could use it. I can't believe how quickly this year has past. No doubt about it, I need to be working on Christmas cards. I started 2 months ago, but am moving way too slowly at it.

    Ohhh YES! Boys will be boys for sure. I had a son and daughter. My daughter was never injured, nor did she ever miss a day from school for illness, except when she had the chicken pox in preschool. However, my son was the total opposite, and some of his injuries were pretty major. He fell while at a roller skating party that left his knee cap floating 3 inches above his due due the huge bruise and blood and water that built up under the knee cap. Then he was helping his friend mow his lawn and somehow got a tiny fleck of metal pierced through his eye which required a series of 3 microscopic surgeries to remove. Broke his shoulder in a biking accident ... fell riding where he shouldn't have been and ended up with 24 stitches on his head. Another time he was riding his bike on a bike ramp that our neighbor had built, and when he got to the top and tried to turn to go down, the "friendship" bracelet (a knotted yarn thing that all the kids had at the time) that he was wearing tangled onto his handlebars, he could not control the bike and ended up going over the ramp onto the asphalt face first scraping his left side, including his foot, leg, torso arm and entire face. When I took him to the doctor, I truly feared that they would think I was abusing him because it seemed he was having some major injury every month. Instead, the doctor took one look and said ... "skateboard or bike?" Did any of that slow him down? NOPE! At the age of 43, he is still as active as ever ... and STILL giving me gray hairs!!! Luckily, these young heal quickly and we all live to tell the stories.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x