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Thursday, 16 July 2015


Who doesn't like free stuff! On one of my many recent visits to B & Q (DIY store for those of you who don't live in the UK) I found these sample sheets of woodgrain card in the laminate flooring aisle ......cut into strips, they made a realistic little fence on my card....

and to pretty it up a little, I punched flowers from some paint chips....

layered them up a bit, and cut a few petals from the green punched flowers to look like leaves...

Ta Da! one almost free card....

Max and Milo came up with a couple of corkers yesterday. Milo (6) had to be picked up from school yesterday morning because, as he announced to his mum, he had 'vominated'
Then Max (8) was anxious to explain to his mum on the way home from school how important 'profiterole vision' was when you play basketball....


See you tomorrow x 


  1. Priceless..............So cute................................

  2. Love that little fence Enfys!!! Very cute card!!
    The little one can come up with the cutest things. Love it :)
    They are growing up so fast.

  3. What a pretty card Enfys and how fabulous that it hardly cost anything - proof that it is possible to make lovely things on a tight budget.
    The comments by the boys did make me chuckle.
    Toni xx

  4. I love how you think Enfys ... some people see flooring samples and paint chips ... and you see a lovely card. BRILLIANT! Gotta love Max and Milo too ... as they say, "Out of the mouths of babes, oft times come gems." ... and Max and Milo are two bright sparkling jewels!

  5. I love your card, and never thought to look in the big Home Depot for craft supplies! What fun that will be, when I can't pry my husband out of the power tool section! LOL. Are the UK kids still in school in July?

    1. Break up mid July and go back start of September. Usually 6 weeks off for summer.

  6. LOL, kids say the cutest things. These little stories make me think of the things my boys said when they were young. (Some 40 yrs ago!) I've been meaning to get some paint chips to use for my punches too. Now I know to look for the wood sample too. Thanks En. Very sweet card.Hugs, Jess

  7. LOL at the things they say.

    Fabulous card!!

  8. Maryellen WebberThursday, July 16, 2015

    How very clever! I like how your freebie card turned out. Max and Milo say the cutest things.

  9. What a great card! And your grandchildren are pretty cute too :)

  10. Aww so lovely!! great idea too

  11. Fab card! And what a nice bonus to get some materials for free for a change! Ah, have to love the little ones - we've just been teaching our son what to do in case of fire (he's 4,5) and today when we came home from the park he did an apartment-check and exclaimed: "Hey, no fire here today! Goody!" I was trying hard not to laugh, like we have fires most days, eh?

  12. I never knew they had wood grain card samples...mmmmm, thanks for a great tip!

  13. Luv your "almost free" card!!! just luv the way little ones think how a word should be pronounced!!
    times like that a tape recorder should be around lol

  14. Nice card! We all love those freebies... As for Max and Milo, you gotta love those words they come up with. But then again, my mom makes up words all the time too - lol. Too cute!

  15. Brilliant card, must remember that one! Your grandkids are a sketch Enfys lol.

  16. Lovely card !!! Such a great story from your grandkids ! Brought a smile to my face !
    Anna N.

  17. This is so fantastic! Love the great ideas you had, the card is so pretty!

  18. Brilliant card. I love to use resources like this too. I scored some paint test sheets last time I was at Bunnings (our B&Q), so this is great inspiration, thanks! xxx


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Enfys x