Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Just for you.......'

I found this little stamp by Peachy Keen lurking forgotten in a drawer - it's amazing how craft stuff lurks isn't it. She was due for an inking, and coloured with ProMarkers of course. The papers are from an oldish stack by Martha Stewart. I 'grounded' the image (so that she didn't look as if she was floating mid air) with a bit of green and drew in some little spikes of grass....

Thanks to those of you who have asked how Mike is doing. Not very well I'm afraid, no real improvement and the tests continue. Backs are stubborn things to heal!

I am struggling with the after effects of a terrible haircut. Last time I was at my ridiculously expensive salon,  a woman fell dramatically down a step and cut her leg quite badly. I sat, hair dripping and half trimmed watching the furore in the mirror; waiting for some competent member of staff to leap into action crying 'I am a qualified first aider' I waited, and dripped, and waited (my hairdresser had abandoned the cutting, thrown in the towel, literally, not to help but to stand with the rest of the staff dabbing ineffectually at the poor woman's leg with a cloth). In the end, the (retired) nurse in me couldn't stand it any longer and I got up to help. First Aid box please!
Well, we haven't got one but we do have a lot of eye washing stuff they muttered. Yes, washing the poor woman's eyes will make her feel a lot better while she bleeds profusely, fetch another towel please.....
So I dispatched a young apprentice to a pharmacy to get some supplies, sent another one to make a cup of hot sweet tea for the shaken woman, and  asked my hairdresser to call the patients daughter. I was so bossy! Well, someone had to be..
So drama over, I took myself and half cut head of hair back for the overexcited hairdresser to finish. I think she forgot that she had already cut some, total confusion. Result: hedgehog hair and a search for a new hairdresser. I will just check when I find one that they have plenty of eye washing stuff in the salon


  1. What a cute card.... I have to tell you I enjoyed the story too. Probably tonight more than the beautiful card. You and those promarkers are so great together. I am going to have to learn how to do the skin. My skin looks so bad when I color it... Great job and here I go being the first comment again... One is just not my lucky number but that is fine..

  2. What a cute image! So glad you found it and put it to good use ona card. So kind of you to help the poor lady who fell.

  3. Your card is so cute. I have a ton of crafty items lurking about . So many crafts so little time.

  4. lol! oh En! your stories do cheer me up so much, I hope the lady isn't too sore and that your hair grows real quick!! :)
    gorgeous card too hunny
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  5. Such a pretty card! I love that dotty paper you used. Hugs! xx

  6. Hi En, sorry to hear Mikes having such problems with his back! Me too, so I know just how he feels.
    I love the card. Cute little image.
    Oh my gosh, what a lather at the salon! (I couldn't help myself.)
    I can't imagine why they didn't think to ask if anyone could help!But I guess noone was thinking.
    I'll bet she was glad you were there to help. You attract the most unusual occurances! hugs, Jess

  7. Such a cute card. Love your story, my sister is an ex-nurse and she's very bossy too!! Pat x

  8. Enfys, I love your stories. You should put them in book form, "Enfys' Involvements". Sorry about the haircut. It's so hard to "train" a new hairdresser. BTW, your card is adorable.

  9. The card you made is so cute,
    love that adorable image. Sorry
    to hear about your distressing
    haircut story. I have the same trouble finding a decent hairstylist. Sending well wishes
    to your husband, hope his back issue gets resolved soon!


  10. Your outlook on life is amazing. Taking the leg incident in stride like you did was enjoyable to read. Love the cutie kid in this card. Some of your stamp choices are so adorable.

  11. You are my hero when coloring in images and as a rescuer also. I feel your pain with Mike. My husband suffers from chronic back pain also. Why is it people don't think they need first aid training. I am a medical lab tech and have had to jump in myself a few times. It comes in handy with grandchildren too. My littlest recently fell off his scateboard. As I tended to his face he asks me "Nannie, Do you doctor on people like this all day long".

  12. Your card is adorable, Enfys! What an ordeal at the hairdresser! You were very kind to help the poor woman that fell. Hope you find a great new hairdresser!

  13. What an adventure! Why do these things only happen when you're around? HaHa! I think after saving the salon from a big fat lawsuit they'd be grateful enough to you to give you a beautiful haircut, and any other salon services they offer on the house!

  14. Hi Enfys, This is just so cute xx

  15. I just love your sweet card and funny story. I hope that your hair grows out quickly, in the meantime, it's still hat season.

  16. Hilarious story! Yay to you for taking charge & helping her out! Sorry it cost you your bad haircut!

    This is an adorable little image! Love the soft blue & green colors used!

  17. Adorable card En! I love how you color..and the grounding is perfect. A great reminder.
    So sorry about your hair! But huzzah for you taking charge of the incident. Glad you are changing places....a salon without a first aid kit is pretty scarey!
    I really think you should write a ability to absorb scenes and recreate them is amazing!!
    Sue Brailey

  18. Soooooooooooooo cute. Love the hair salon tale.

  19. So sorry about your hubby's back. Sending prayers your way.

    Love the card and that stamp is so cute. I really do need to practice with my ProMarkers. Also enjoyed the story. It was very nice of you to help that poor woman.

  20. What an adorable stamp - cute card! Love your story -- you keep us in stitches. Hope you find a competent hairdresser soon...although I can say I can relate to the hedgehog look since I've had a couple of those cuts as well.
    TK Watson

  21. OMG!!! Your hair cutting story was too funny. Talk about a bad hair day...Love the card and I hope your husband starts doing better.

  22. Your card is so cute. I have to tell you though, it makes my day to come from work, see a message from you and know that you have some great tale to share. Sorry to read Mike is not recovering as hoped. I feel his pain. I had back issues for many years and I don't think there is anything worse.

  23. Love your card. The colors are Great. Sorry that your Hubby's back isn't doing very well.
    There is quite a few in our family with bad backs. Ours is an inherited thing though, starting with my Dad right on through all my siblings, and then our kids.
    I hope his pain lets up soon.
    glad you was there to take care of the poor lady's leg, at least it got taken care of. Hope you find a new Hairdresser.

  24. Cute Card!! darling little face..
    Soooo Sorry hubby is not doing any better..... hopefully they find some kind of relief soon.....

  25. What a nightmare of a visit to the hairdressers. The lady must have been so glad you were there! Your card is gorgeous xx

  26. What a sweet card! Love the colors that you used!
    Honestly, don't you wonder how a place with so many sharp instruments doesn't have a first aid kit? You're right, sometimes someone has to take the bull by the horns and get a little bossy. Kudos to you for taking control.


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