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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Teen Boy Birthday

Here's a little card I made with a boy image - I thought it would do for a teenage boy (not that I know any!), or be a good one for a boy to send to a friend. The papers are by American Crafts and I don't know who made the image - I got it in a image swap. The black 'brads' and sentiment are by Craftwork Cards. Colouring done with Promarkers  

I cut away the front, and used the image like a panel

I am working on a couple of tutorials for you, the problem being that I keep forgetting to take photos of various stages. A memory stick in the camera helps as well....

I am always amused by the TV advertisments for various drugs when I am here in the USA - they aren't allowed to advertise drugs in the UK apart from over the counter stuff for colds, headaches etc. Here they show happy smiling people, always doing interesting things like hang gliding or skiing, with happy smiling good-looking spouses and children looking adoringly at them. Then they start to list the side effects of this drug - liver damage, kidney failure, constipation or death seem to be common. No wonder the handsome spouse looks so smiley and happy, he probably knows he will get the life insurance check very soon. I mean, who would go to their doctor and say 'can you prescribe that drug for me, the one on TV with the pretty blonde having a good time on the beach, you know, the one that may make me blind/deaf/dead'

See you tomorrow


  1. I like the paper you chose on this card. Perfect for a teen boy!

  2. I love this! I have a young man I'm making a card for tomorrow and you gave me a great idea!

    Have a blessed week, Enfys!

    Blessings, Donna

  3. Love your boy card, I have that image somewhere but not sure where I got it either. Scary drugs, they will probably be doing that over here soon too lol.

  4. oh this is one super image hun and just love those papers perfect for the teenageer love cherylxxxx

  5. Very cute card! I have a teenage boy grandson. They're hard to make for.
    I often think the same thing about our commercials. Do they think we are stupid? Appearantly so.
    Hugs, Jess

  6. Once again a lovely card and one that I can definately appreciate being the mom of a teen boy with dozens of teen friends. I'm always amazed at the side effects of the drugs too, to the point I think "I'll just live with the chronic pain, thank you! Why add all the other things to what I already have?" Hehehe

  7. Really cute card. :) I think it is perfect for a boy also. I always have a hard time figuring out what to make for a boy. You did a great job on this, as usual.:)

    You are right about the TV commercials. I am offended with about half of them, and I have to take one of the very scary drugs twice a day. I do not like being constantly reminded about what it could be doing to me! God bless you, HUGS...Smoochie

  8. Wow Enfys thats one fabulous Teen card, and I also love that image its just fantastic.
    Yes well you can never work out who they are selling those drugs to can you or why. hugs Shirleyx

  9. I have two grandsons, late teens and early 20's and they look just like your card. They are always hungry! Love your card and papers. They talk so fast on commercials all I ever hear is the ending part where I'm going to have liver damage then die. Fun!

  10. What a gorgeous card Enfys.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  11. I love this card!!! I have no teen boy images...not that many out there it seems. Always little boys & girls which are extremely cute, but not that great if you want to send one to a teenage boy.

    So funny you mentioned the commercials here in the US. They crack me up to....explaining all the side effects! I'm thinking....no thanks!..I'll just suffer with the side effects of the illness I have!!! Guess you have to decide which would be worse!!


  12. Really Who would do that? Some of the commercial are down right embarrassing to watch with children in the room. LOL
    Love your card. Really a fun fold.

  13. great teen card...and luv the design of the card...
    yes...these commericals are to much....so don't worry if the disease don't get you the drugs WILL....

  14. Great male card! Interesting design....I'll have to remember this one.
    I don't understand why we need advertisements for drugs. Obviously, if there's something we need, you would think our doctor would let us know, not the other way around. Next thing you know, we'll be calling to order our own prescription pads and we can write the script ourselves. Those commercials irritate me to no end.


I love reading your comments, thank you for taking the time
Enfys x